Does anyone else have trouble getting their 1 year old to wear shoes?

Jennifer - posted on 03/19/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




My daughter, Abby, does NOT like to wear shoes. She curls her toes up so that I can't get the shoes on her feet and when I finally get them on she kicks them off immediately or if she can't get them off she sits on the floor and cries, refusing to even try to walk in them and I feel sorry for her and take them off. It doesn't matter what style of shoe it is, she doesn't like them. For the longest time she didn't even want to wear socks and would keep pulling them off so I had to but tights on her just to keep her feet warm. Any ideas??? :o)


Karen - posted on 03/22/2010




Haha my son was the exact same way. I kept him barefoot as long as I could and always at home. It is better when they are first walking anyways. I just used socks when going out but once he was realy good at walking I decided he really needed shoes. I could NOT put hard soles on him. I got him some flexible rubbery bottom shoes and that seemed to work much better. I use Robeez, Stride Rite...I did see some at Target the other day thaat had the same type of sole but way cheaper.
Also to get the toes uncurled I still have to tickle him while putting them on. It makes their toes stretch out. Try it!

Madeleine - posted on 03/26/2010




Hi Jennifer,

Kieran didn't like it either, especially the feeling under his feet when walking. His dad got him a pair of crocs with colourful characters on form one of his over sea’s trips and he loved to play with them. Every time dad puts on his crocks we would make a whole game out of it and show him “Kieran as the same shoes as dad”. One day out of the blue he brought them to me from out of his cupboard placed them on his feet and then signal it to me literally asking me to put them on. I didn’t think he will really let me but tried and he patiently watched while I put them on. He immediately ran to John and when he got to him he took it of thinking Kieran probably came to him to take them off, but he immediately burst out in tears. John not understanding what is going on could not believe what I told him. He then put them on again and the tears instantly dried up. Needless to say Kieran wore them the whole day and could gave the little characters and friendly gaze every now and then. Now he's fine with any shoes and I can put anything on him.

Stephani - posted on 03/24/2010




Mine is the same way. She is about 13 months and HATES shoes. I just dont make it a big deal. I did find she will wear sandles, but not flip flops. I bought her soft little ankle boots that zip, she likes those. They are soft on the inside and out.
I say hang in there.

Amanda - posted on 03/19/2010




Is she walking alot yet? Or just toddling a little here and there?

My dr told me with my first one not to put shoes on him at all until he had been walking for awhile, somthing about the bottoms of their little feet being extremely sensitive and they need to be able to feel the ground to learn to walk properly. So that is what I have done with all three of mine, the oldest two did not wear shoes until they were walking and the youngest is not wearing shoes at all yet. It is quite fristerating that he takes off his socks every time we are in the car, but I just take them off [when I remember to] when I buckle him in and make sure the heater in the backseat is turned on.


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Tiffany - posted on 03/28/2010




yeah my son is 14 months old and its really hard to get shoes on him but i found if i put them on and give hime something , like a treat or toy he doesnt notice them for about 15mins, then i just kept doiin that over and over and its been 4 weekd later and now he wears shoes all the time, but im sure ur daughter will to, it just a matter of time,
good luck :)

Faith - posted on 03/26/2010




I didn't look to see where u live, but here in SC it's been gorgeous and she is OBSESSED with "outside". When she was younger she hated shoes and socks- even tried pulling off the feet of footed pjs (omg it was freakin hilarious too), and would curl her toes and the whole nine yards. Currently her most frequently used word is "shoes?" (it sounds like "sooze") because she's learned that I always say "lets go put on some shoes" before we go outside to play and explore! she also tries to put them on herself. I dk how one would go about trying to teach this behavior though! Guess I just lucked out this time, but maybe you'll find a useful application for this info. :) Good luck tho it's so frustrating!

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My little one doesn't like shoes either. I have not really put them on her a lot since she is not really walking on her own. During the winter I just put slippers on her since it was too cold with just socks on. I also have soft sole shoes for when she "walks" outside with me.

Lisa - posted on 03/25/2010




My son Dominic loves to wear his shoes. He is 13 months and has been walking for over three months. I still have him wearing soft-soled shoes but now that the weather is nice and we are playing outside i am going to switch him to a hard sole shoe to protect his feet. The hard part is his feet are little (size 3) so it is hard to find shoes to fit him. When we are home, he is always barefoot though. My sister is a PT specializing in kids and she says for most kids, barefoot is the best way to learn to walk.

Anne - posted on 03/23/2010




Yes I have to put soft cloth bootees on my little girl outside and in the wet weather I use Stonz boots but as people have said it is better for their feet and their walking to avoid hard soles.

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