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Dawn - posted on 04/05/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I thought I would share my Easter with all you moms...maybe you will post about your day and we can see how different or similar our wonderful toddlers are!!!

The day started at 6 am when he went to his snack table for his juice. On the table was a small Easter basket with a stuffed bunny, a little book, a small toy, and an egg filled with a few treats. As with anything new, my cautious son spied it closely for a half hour, sometimes up close, sometimes from a same distance out of the corner of his eye. Finally assured it wouldn't jump and attack him and that it wasn't a trick, he took it to the ground and tore in!! The contents were spread across the livingroom floor in seconds!! I had put jellybeans in the egg so they would make a nice shaking sound. I was a little hesitant about him eating them, so I was right there to moderate; he took one in his mouth, sucked and spit it out. Did he not like it?? Oh no, he loved them....five more just like that!! He finally chewed one before I took them away. Next was a little chocolate bunny....he bit right into the ears then shared with his Mommy, who polished the rest off in one bite!!! After a much healthier breakfast (LOL!!) I attempted my egg hunt in the backyard. I wasn't really expecting much but was excited to see since he is walking around so well! Well, he wouldn't even step foot into the part of the yard where all the eges were laid out!!! And this is an area he instists on going any other day! Oh well! He did get them later, when Daddy took him out and I was napping! It was a fun day; I most enjoyed him shaking the eggs filled with different things to make fun sounds!!

These early memories are really just for me, but I am cherishing them. Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday!!!


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Ashley - posted on 04/06/2010




My daughter had a very good Easter, of course Sundays we sleep in, first thing she woke up and I changed her clothes and diaper and whatnot and we went to get some cereal and there was an Easter basket in front of the cabinet, the Easter Bunny must have dropped it off. Lol, then at like 2 or 3 My cousin showed up with his girlfriend, then grandpa showed up and grandpa showed up, we ended up going to my grandmothers parents house and Candice ate and then I hit some eggs in the yard and she went at it. Lol she was kinda tired but it was very amusing.

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My son was a little uneasy with his basket because any other basket he wants to play in we tell him he cannot. After he was reassured several times by his father and I he dug in and got his sidewalk chalk out, which I expected because he loves to scribble with it at his aunts house! Then he noticed the caterpillar sprinkler and tried taking it out of the box. His basket also had finger paints, a mini gardener set, a hopping bunny, a stuffed bunny, a ducky sippy cup, and a coloring book with crayons! Then we had Easter brunch with my family and he loved every second of meal time (as usual). Then we had lunch in St. Louis with his dad's family. When we got home he got his Easter basket from my Mom which had yogurt, cereal bars, a bubble mower, and a croquet set in it, he enjoys the croquet putter (I am unsure of the actual term) but it is certainly an outdoor toy because he tries to hit everything with it. A wonderful day for everyone. We had a small egg hunt in the house but the six eggs I "hid" were filled with change for his piggy bank and once he found one to shake he was not concerned with the other five!

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My daughter woke and was cuddling with me as I brought her to the living room, she then saw the basket sitting on the coffee table. Saw quickly got off my lap saying "what's that?" dug in to her basket and pulled out two chocolates and sat on the floor and played with them. She then went to the other side to the coffee table and continued to take chocolates in and out of her basket. I put Popcorn Twists at the bottom of her basket and she took a few bits of them and the she finally put a chocolate in the mouth with the tin foil on it, I got it out and took the foil off and she enjoyed a yummy chocolate egg and then the basket was then put up. She the took interest in the dress that she got and she carried it around hugging it. Then it was nap time after some breakfast of course.

It was a great morning, love it she had such a great day.

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