First Birthday Invites that I design - what did you do for invites?

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I'm so excited that little Jemima is turning one, but sad at the same time -- the year has gone too fast!

Anyway, I've had so much fun making these and have had such lovely feedback I wanted to share the invites I made. We're having an afternoon garden tea party to celebrate Jemima's first Birthday - I instantly thought of the theme sugar and spice and all things nice!

I designed and made this rhyming invite for her and sent them out with these little cupcake magnets that I make so the invite can be stuck to the fridge as a reminder. It also serves as a neat party favor so guests can have a couple on the fridge after the party. I've had such great feedback I'm selling customisable ones on Etsy:

It's summer here in NZ and I just can't wait for a lovely sunny tea party, which reminds me, I'd better do some work in the garden!


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Nicole - posted on 01/26/2010




Oh, we are doing a tea party theme as well. That is what I wanted for my baby shower, but that turned into another theme. So this party, though it is for her, it is really for me! ha ha!

Anne - posted on 01/26/2010




I did Micky mouse store bought ones, the party is over at my moms since I'm in the states and there is snow here and bitterly cold.

Penelope - posted on 01/26/2010




Awww...cute! I love both ideas. I haven't gotten Jayna's ready yet, but I know they will be ladybug themed. I plan to do photo invitations with two or three pictures of her dressed up like a ladybug. For the verse, "This first year has been so much fun, so flutter on by to help celebrate our little ladybug turning one!".

Bethany - posted on 01/25/2010




That's really cute, and the magnet is a good idea. I sent out invites printed 4 to a page cut acrossways, so 4 long skinny invites. I put a cute photo of Charlotte sitting in the garden at the top and said "I'm having my first BBQ and you're invited. We'll be at Queens Park at 11, with cake at 1pm. Bring a chair if you like. Love Charlotte."

We have most parties in our garden, but I decided I didn't want my house hauled over again, so off to the park this time. There are as many people invited as to our wedding! I'm in Queensland, so lovely weather for a bbq in the shade of the big figs.

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