food ideas for 15 month old

Melissa - posted on 04/22/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




hello moms!

i need ideas for good healthy food ideas to feed my 15 month old. He has only 2 bottom teeth. any ideas or recipes would be wonderful or websites to check out.


Bethany - posted on 04/24/2010




He can eat whatever you eat, but smaller, and no added extra salt and sugar.

Use the rule, if you can squash it between your fingers, he can crush it with his gums. Think finger foods.

Steamed squares of sweet potato, potato, carot, peas, any vege.

Cut up soft fruits, like stone fruits, pear, steamed apple cubes, banana, avocado, peeled, seeded tomato (cut the skin with a knife right around, then drop in boiling water for a minute or less, skin comes right off)

Boiled egg, scrambled egg/omlette cut up, hash brown, mix peas and cut up steamed vege into egg and make an omlette to cut up.

Cubes of mild/edam cheese. Bread with peanut paste, cheese spread, avocado, etc cut into 4 x 4 , tortilla bread torn up, with something on it, or plain, as a stop-gap until her meal is ready, or for a snack.

Pasta shapes like penne, or bow ties or spirals boiled until soft. These are nice and sticky and easy to pick up. If you sprinkle grated cheese over it when it's hot, that's good too.

Make little balls of chicken or beef or lamb or pork mince mixed with finely grated onion and carrot and parmisan and an egg and some breadcrumbs. Make tiny little balls and poach them in simmering coconut milk or milk or pasta sauce or water. (Stock is a little high in salt, so avoid that for now unless you've made it yourself) Poaching makes them easier to chew, rather than frying them.

Fruit cake, I make one that is just dried raisins soaked in milk over night then mixed with flour then baked, so no extra sugar other than what is in the fruit.

Full fat greek yoghurt with bits of banana to dip in (messy) or just spoon fed. This helps them with digestion.

Don't worry about how many teeth he has, he can still chomp down nice and hard I'm sure. Just avoid things that need to be ground up by teeth, like steak, hard veges, crackers, etc, (though they can be sucked to death)

A month or so ago, I would just put a couple of pieces of whatever infront of Charlotte and if she's hungry, she eats it, and I would replenish her tray as she ate. She would get a bit overwhelmed if I put too much infront of her and wouldn't eat anything. But now I can just put a plate of bits in front of her and she eats it up.

Remember, it's ok for a kid to gag, they need to learn how big something needs to be before swallowing it. You wouldn't stop a kid walking just because he stumbled a bit. Stay with him all the time he's eating, and if he gags on something (noisy, coughing, etc) just say "Good boy, chew it up", and stay upbeat and positive, don't panic or look scared. Children rarely actually choke on food, and that looks alot different to gagging, more quiet and panicky, and that needs first aid (whatever you've been taught)

Another "remember", we decide what, they decide how much. Never force or coerce a child to second guess his own body.

Elsa - posted on 04/23/2010




My 14 month old daughter eats just about everything I do. Having 7 teeth helps! I keep the food really simple. Breakfasts are homemade oatmeal with raisins, or cream of wheat, or whole grain cheerios, with a 7 oz bottle. Lunch has one protein (fried egg, or roasted chicken, pork loin, or beans), 2 types of steamed veggies (cauliflower, broc, carrots, asparagus, peas, green beans, sweet potato), and a carb (usually some pasta or bread). Dinner is also one protein (fish once a week), 2 types of steamed veggies, and a carb (rice is often at dinner only because it's too messy for her and ends up everywhere-I bathe her right after). Two snacks a day: morning is usually two types of fresh fruit, and mums/Gerber star puffs/ or graham crackers; afternoon is either yogurt, cottage cheese, or cheese with crackers, and a bit of one fresh fruit. She has been eating fresh, natural foods since 6 months and I can honestly she eats everything! I will admit, once I started working, making simple healthy meals became challenging and once a week for dinner we will have Kraft Dinner-which she loves!

Casey - posted on 04/22/2010




I gave my 14 month old a whole pear, but he also has 8 teeth (YIKES). I still think it may b ok w your little one. Pears are very very soft, and the gums had hard enough to smash them. We don't give their jaws enough credit. our babies can mash more food with their jaws than we give them credit for lol. I know mash potoates and foods like that have to get old especially for him. My son also eats grill cheese. Cheese is healthy but can also cause "poop" problems. So I suggest if your child has constipation issues not to give him cheese. you can grind just about anything up. I don't know if he will eat "greens'' but I'd try to mash some brussell sprouts up. Banannas are always good also. My son eats those like a monkey. Good luck, I'm sure you will figure something out


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Renee - posted on 04/24/2010




I like most every one else above have found just about anything I eat my son can eat. As long as its cut into the appropriate size and is soft enough to chew. I agree with Bethany on the gaging part. My son did alot of that starting out on table foods, but now that he's use to the change from pureed food to solid he's fine. Besides as my Husband the Emt says if they are crying they are breathing.

Casey - posted on 04/23/2010




Both. He will break off a bit of bananna eat it like a monkey & he will also he the granola bars w the fruit mixed in.

Alyssa - posted on 04/23/2010




I buy frozen mixed veggies and sweet potato fries for my son. The veggies get steamed and i bake the rise so there's no added fat. He also loves sliced grapes, cooked penne pasta he can pick up himself, eggs and toast, chopped strawberries, etc. All it really needs to be is soft enough that his gums and saliva with break it down.

Sarah - posted on 04/23/2010




bananas granola bars ( the ones filled with fruit) fruit cups string cheese

Stephanie - posted on 04/22/2010




Hello :-)

Our son is a very healthy eater (we're lucky.) Kevin loves whole wheat tortillas. I'm sure you've tried many things, but these are so simple. I'll heat one a little (stove stop or microwave), tear it into very small pieces, and he'll mash it! He also loves hummus with the tortilla. There are great 'cook book for babies/tots' at most libraries; gotta love the library :-)

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