Gall Bladder problems!!

Mary - posted on 01/20/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am almost 37 weeks and 2 weeks ago I found out that Im having trouble with my gall bladder and the drx is thinking about removing it!! Im on a NO FAT diet and having trouble finding foods that fil me up and dont male me sick Ive had 2 attacks so far and was in the hospital with severe pain and at the time it was too early to deliver the baby and take the gall bladder out so we are waiting to see when I do go into Labor if I can tollerat it and if the gall bladder is actually coming out!! Im still in pain everyday but not as bad as the first time I found out its just a ache and I know its there and I have trouble breathing deeply or it hurts!! I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about this or has gone through it before so I know what to look for.Anyone have any advice for me on what to eat last week I went to the Dr and found out that I lost almost 10 lbs and Im worried that Ive lost more this week. The baby has not been affected by this at all but Im woundering of the weight loss is hurting the baby the dr doesnt seem too comserned and I feel her all the time so Im still worried but not as much as I should be I guess Im just worried of whats gonna happen with the gall bladder and the surgery if I need it most likly I will, Any thoughts or Ideas will be appreciated thenk you and I hope that I have made sense in all this.


Hanna - posted on 01/20/2009




Talk to your OB and see if after this week they can maybe deliver your baby. If it is medically necessary, after 37 weeks, the baby is technically fully developed and while it may be best to wait till the baby is full term, if it makes ur condition worse & potentially brings harm to the baby, it may be better to deliver early (whether it's induction or a C, will have to be determined by ur doctor).

however, if you feel that you can carry the pregnancy to term, then definitely go for it -- just make sure you do eat -- if you can't have fat, definitely substitute -- carbs, lean protein, fruits (maybe bananas, mangos & papayas) if those are not bad for you, they are a bit higher in calories. then there's honey which is good in nutritional content, so once again, if u're not alergic to it, it may be a viable option to eat something tasty & sweet.

as far as surgery, well if you need it, u need it. if it's something that's just been triggered by pregnancy, then maybe u'll recover afterwards, unfortunately, only a doctor can determine whether or not u really need one. i wish you all the best of luck! hang in there -- just a few more weeks.

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