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Michelle - posted on 01/01/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




Hey Im Michelle, My sons name is Carson, he was born on February 5, 2009. Want some suggestions on a good carseat.


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Shannon - posted on 03/10/2010




Allyson was born February 23, 2009. We purchased the Britax Boulevard carseat for her. We love it. It seems very comfortable for her, it's easy to adjust, as well as get in and out of the car. It's a little bigger than some, so we leave it in my car most of the time, and have a smaller one that gets used at the sitter's or if Dad is picking her up. She seems to ride better in the Britax though.

Sarah - posted on 03/09/2010




My sons name is Carson too!! we had all Baby Trend when he was little and just got a cosco carseat for him... he likes it.. :)

Kate - posted on 03/09/2010




If you go to they have a list of seats and ratings. This may be one step ahead of where you are, but if you're considering a convertible seat that grows with your child it might be worth considering booster seat ratings. They even include a list of "not recommended" booster seats.

Yinni - posted on 03/09/2010




i have an evenflo convertible titan elite in our main car and a cosco 2 in 1 booster in our secondary. both work with no problems for our son, he even likes them! i think i paid around $60 for the evenflo seat (it was on sale) and around $40 for the cosco seat.

Shanna - posted on 03/08/2010




my 3 1/2 yr old has the Intera convertable carseat 4 in 1 and i just ordered my 1 yr old the same one i love it. it is 5-35# rear 19-36 in and than 22-40lbs and 34-43 inches forward facing 5 point harness and 40-100lbs 43-57" high back booster and backless booster.

Chelsey - posted on 01/05/2010




hey my name is chelsey, my daughters name is libertie and has the same birthday as carson and me and my husband got libertie then infant seat and toddler car seat so that she can still recline when she turns one and it has worked wonders so far we will be turning it toward the front when she turns one and she seems to like it better then the pumpkin seat.. we got rid of that one and got this new one and alot of moms i know from school has told me that there is differant brands that make the carseats like that and i thinks its the best kind to get since i mean u could use it again if u wanted more kids and thats what me and my husbands going to do hope this helped u out

Kim - posted on 01/01/2010




I hated my graco infant carseat...but it's different for ever person. I got my daughter a Britax Marathon it goes from 5-65 lbs. We had to save up for this one because Britax are a little pricey. But they have such high safety ratings it was worth it for us. It should also be the only car seat we ever need. I got it off of it was the cheapest I could find it and they have a huge selection. It was the only place I could find Britax for less than $200. My daughter is on the small side so I don't think we'll have this issue but I have heard of children outgrowing the marathon before they hit 65 lbs becuase of their height. So that is also something to consider.
That probably didn't help at all but check out the website they run some great specials. We have been using the Marathon since she was 4 months and we still love it. It's heavy and on the large side so if you have a small car I wouldn't reccomend it, we have a small SUV and it almost touches the front seats while rear facing. It's easy to hook in and other than the weight of it pretty easy to transfer between cars though we don't move it often.

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