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Hi my name is Raylene I'm a child care teacher, I'm married and 31 years old, I gave birth last week by cesa to my third child Jye, I have two daughters also both born by cesa Kayla 5 1/2 she has just started school last week while i was in hospital, she is coping well with the transition and Shaylee who is 3 1/2. Both my girls are always full of energy and keep me on my toes. Jye at this stage is a very good baby he is feeding every 3-4 hours and sleeping really well in between. He is coping being loved to death by both his sisters well.

I am open to suggestions or comments, i am still really uncomfortable from my cesa, I also had a tubaligation done at the same time, i'm experiencing alot of pain and finding moving around still a little difficult. This is adding to the baby blues and i am very teary, the girls are finding it hard to see me cry and want to know what is happening.


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Meredith - posted on 02/10/2009




Hi Raylene, congrats on your new baby! Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. I've never had a c-sec, so can't give any advice, except talk to your health visitor about pain relief and other ways to help you cope. One of the best bits of advice I've had (I suffer with serious depression and am on medication) is NEVER BE AFRAID TO CRY IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN. It's normal to be emotional when you've had a life changing event, so just try to explain in terms they'll understand. Hell, during this pregnancy I've cried so much that my 22 month old daughter fetches me the tissues! You can't keep the emotions in, it's not healthy. Do seek help for baby blues - it's nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about.

Hope you feel better soon xxx

Rebekah - posted on 02/09/2009




I had a csec with my first son and on Friday I'm having one for my daughter. With my csec I too got a bad case of the baby blues as your emotions are at the height and your hormones are doing their best to regroup . After a baby your hormones do a number on you but to add a tubal on top of this will have your hormones out of whack for sometime and probably is why you are so weepy. NOt to mention you now have three children and are overwhelmed. If the crying continues and feelings get sadder you may want to talk to your Ob about post pardum depression. As with the pain I suffered terrible pain with my csec for almost the entire six week recovery period. hang in there you are not alone, and keep a track of your depression just in case it is beyond the normal baby blues. Feel better soon. * Hugs *

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