Help! Constipation and in pain :(

Zeneida - posted on 05/24/2011 ( 10 moms have responded )




Help! My daughter is 2yrs old and is in so much pain!! My daughter holds her side or her lower stomach and say poop and cries! And she aches every other week as if she PMS?? Her bowel movement are hard and painful. She passed her bowel 3times yesterday and actually napped 3 times! She is exhausted and achy! She so tired of prune juice, prunes & plumes, I took her to the doctor and really didnt get any answers just that to give her veggies. But i do give her veggies and white meat!! Its what she loves!! i dont know what to do anymore :( Any more ideas please!!


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Angela - posted on 05/26/2017




I am adding toddler magic tea in my baby's formula which helps with his constipation and now he goes without any struggle.

Kristine - posted on 06/15/2011




MY little girl had a problem with constipation to. I gave her lots of fibre filled foods - corn, peas, celery (you make have to either dress it up with peanut butter or put it in soup so its "hidden"). Also oranges and pears helped. Lots of whole grains and try getting as much liquid in her as possible. My girls got really bad and the doctor told us to go buy this laxative called Lax a day and mix it with apple juice. That really helped a lot. Also, our doctor recommended we try glycerin suppositories (not fun, but it worked). If it doesn't improve though, I'd take her back in and see what your doctor recommends. Good luck! I know how awful it is to watch the poor little things suffer like that.

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My daughter has had problems with constipation since she was born but its due to her having a bad kidney that she was born with. When she gets tired of prunes you cantry pears they will do the same thing to clear her bowels if you give her enough, like two full pears in a day. BUT if you want something to help her quickly that is safe try Dark Caro Syrup. I have always put like two ounces in with her milk when she was younger, I've never put it in her juice but you can try it. You may have to try it in a couple of things if shes picky, maybe mix it in with oatmeal or something but it really works. id start her out with a couple doses spread out in one day and then I'd back it off to one dose every other day once she starts getting regular. Hope this helps you because I've been there and now how awful it is to see them in that pain.

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Fibre helps like bread and stuff. try cool boiled water and a heaped teaspoon of brown sugar. Or grapes. Or there is also z massage you can do on her tummy to help move large hard stools down the intestines massage quite firmly clockwise with your knuckles round the way the intestines go.. Hope that helps

Kathleen - posted on 05/30/2011




my daughter used to have the same problem with constipation. it was so bad that everytime she had to poop she would hold it in for fear that it would hurt which would make her constipation. the doctor had to prescribe a laxative for her to be mixed into her drinks. I have gone to nonfat milk and cut back on her milk intake and went to whole wheat grains. she only gets constipated once and awhile now.

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Hi Zeneida,

Has your daughter ever had and xray on her bowel?... It is worth gettting one done if you can. When I was a child I had a slight blockage in my bowel which caused food to be trapped and then caused my bowel to be inflammed and inturn caused pain when I went to the toilet. Go back and see the doctor and request an Xray and some blood test. It could just be constiaption but better to be safe than sorry :)

Carly - posted on 05/25/2011




apricot nectar, you buy it in cans at the store, add it in to juice, especially apple juice which is already a natural laxative.
stay away from "binding" foods like bananas and oats and pastas, those are very constipating. but try the apricot nectar and try to get lots of water (my son won't drink regular water, only ice water) in her.

Zeneida - posted on 05/25/2011




Thank You Katrina, Exactly what you mention since birth i have dealing with her bowels being so painful. And have been giving her water as well right down to giving her barely with water. However I will look into searching about lazy bowel and toddler laxative. I thank you very much.

Katrina - posted on 05/24/2011




My daughter is going through the exact same thing as you are . Since she was born she has had trouble with her bowels . I've tried everything you have mentioned . So now my doctor is giving her a laxative for toddlers everyday . Does she poop every day ? thats what toddlers are suppose to be doing . Mine didnt go after 3-4 days . Is she on whole milk ? if she is , put her down to 2% ( she is still getting her diary fat , just alittle less ) . Ask your doctor to check for a lazy bowel ( google the name Lazy Bowel ) . one other thing ...let her drink as moch water as you give her . her bowel is not soaking up the liquids thats why its soo hard in there.

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