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help me please!!

Katie - posted on 05/18/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




My baby is very cranky and i having a hard time pooping.. i stopped feeding him rice cerial, i also am currently giving him gripe water, and sometimes a bottle with sugar in it. these dont seem to be working. i dont think he is constipated because he does go every other day or so but he is very gassy and fussy in between and is always pushing like he wants to go..
any natural suggestions would be nice, other then a suppository


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Sara - posted on 11/04/2015




Constipation, gas, colic, and other tummy troubles could be solved with babies magic tea. It's natural and healthy tea.

Casey - posted on 05/20/2009




Hi there,

My son tends to be very gassy, even though he has many bowel movements per day. Keep trying the gripe water and the mylicon. At first the gripe water worked for my son and the mylicon didnt. I just kept trying it a few times per week as the gripe water didnt always work and finally about a month ago the mylicon started working. Also, along with what another poster mentioned about pushing the legs up towards the belly, picture it like riding a bike. I also place my baby over my legs with one knee putting pressure on the belly. Then I rub his back counter clockwise...this almost always helps him. But, if you havent already done so, you should try cutting dairy out of your diet, or at least cut it way down. You have to do this for at least two weeks to see if there is a difference. Believe me, it was hard for me because I am a dairy freak. I couldnt completely cut it out but cutting way down helped alot. I feel your pain, I am sorry that you are going through that!

Beth - posted on 05/20/2009




He might not be tolerating milk! My son couldn't digest the cow milk proteins so I couldn't have dairy for a while- or get the soy formula! This did the trick for my son!! Try this!

[deleted account]

When he is gassing or straining, you can bend both legs and push them up toward his chest or move his legs like in a bicycling motion. Both help to move the intestinal tract and physically push things through.

We had to do this with my daughter b/c she was constantly having belly pains from gas. Now at 3 months if she is gassing, she automatically pulls her knees toward her chest to help push it out.

Jessica - posted on 05/19/2009




my son was experiencing the same thing... i had to start him on rice cereal for reflux.

for the gas we definitely use the mylicon drops. he didn't necessarily have constipation, he was just straining and his stool was rather hard... when i talked to my ped she suggested half water-half juice (prune or pear) so like 2 oz juice, 2 oz water. but my son didn't necessarily like the consistency of the juice, so i called them back and they suggested karo syrup.. and that worked. we put like a teaspoon of karo into a bottle once a day and he no longer strains at all.

Diana - posted on 05/19/2009




you can try carrying your baby around in the "football carry" so that your arm runs lengthwise along his belly. The pressure sometimes helps with gas.

Joy - posted on 05/18/2009




4 oz water, 1 oz prune, pear or apple juice. Prune works for my boy! For the gas, Mylicon drops! I've also heard of Karo syrup for constipation.....:/

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