How do u sooothe a teething baby

Rose - posted on 05/02/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I just can't seem to soothe my son no matter what i do hold him, put oregel on his gums, or give him childrens tylenol it just seems to irritate him even more. i even give him teeething biscuits or something hard to chew on. I really feel sorry for the little fellow watching him go through being uncomfortable. please help me to soothe Donovan.


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Melinda - posted on 05/13/2010




well mine is cutting 4 at ince and gets really sick the best is to try distact him and lots of love goood luck!

Katherine - posted on 05/11/2010




My son has a really hard time with teething too. The medicine helps a little especially at night. But during the day he gets so fussy and whiny so I use a lot of distraction. I take him out to his favourite places, even just the toy store sometimes. Play with favourite toys, anything to cheer him up, We feed him his favourite foods to make meal times easier and we cuddle with him a lot.

Aleks - posted on 05/03/2010




I find that doing more breastfeeds helps - in fact breastmilk contains pain relieving properties, so any pain is soothed by extra feeds. Not to mention the sucking gives them comfort too.

And like another poster mentioned - cold things are good... it eases pain and discomfort. So a cool damp cloth, teething ring just out of the fridge, etc...

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my son started teething at 4 months and the doctor he was seeing at the time told me about teething pills. just put 3 in his mouth and they should knock out the pain. they do not make his tired either. at night time 3 of them and a small dose of tylenol will help him sleep just like he should. if this doesnt help try asking his doctor they are the best when it comes to teething. hope you find something that works soon. good luck

Dawn - posted on 05/02/2010




I feel your pain (and my son is feeling Donovans!), we are cutting our 4th tooth this month! :) I find Brian is very cranky for a few days when the tooth is making its way up, and all I can do is try everything to comfort him and have loads of patience and cuddles to offer!! Once it makes head, he seems to mellow. I never had much luck with Orajel, it seemed to go everywhere else but the gum, so I stopped trying it.I usually reserve the Tylenol for bedtime so I can't be sure of the real effect, but he does seem to sleep better. You can also try Childrens Motrin at this age. As far as other treatments, I offer him a lot of cold fruits at meals, cold beverages, and cold, wet washclothes, which seem to be a favorite. He also seems to prefer his hands to anything so I just let him go off and try not to worry about the insane amounts of drool! Good luck!

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