how to break my daughter from breast feeding?

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my daughter is 10 months, she has four teeth, and its getting very painful to feed her. she has formula at daycare, but she will also take milk at daycare.


Rebecca - posted on 12/11/2009




i weaned my son when he was 7 months because he had teeth and bit me so i stopped breastfeeding during the day first and after like 4 days i stopped breastfeeding at night and that was the toughest he was up for hours the first 2 nights it broke my heart seeing him so upset but I'm so glad i did it. My advice is cut the least important feedings of the day and then go from there


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Chelse - posted on 06/25/2012




i really wish i could help! i am going through the same thing right now... my 8 month old has two teeth and she keeps bitting me it hurts bad. i have tried everything from breast milk in the bottle and sippy to having someone else feed and she just wont budge:( i breast feed my 2 older boys and they never had a problem it was rather easy. I guess no baby is the same as the next! good luck!

Jamillah - posted on 12/20/2009




None of my four children were really bottle babies'. I nursed & bottle fed when I had to leave them. When they got close to 1 years old, I started pushing the sippy cup. When they got closer to 2, which is when I stop, I started reducing the number of feedings. They will still try, but you have to be firm & not give in. My children still wanted to just hold on to the breast, or lay on it & I let them. They just couldn't drink from them anymore.

Christine - posted on 12/11/2009




Hey Brittany. I started weening my daughter at 8 months and it took about a month. I found subsituting 1 feeding a day for 1 week and then if that works move on to 2 a day the next week. I found at first she wouldnt take the bottle from me she wanted to nurse so my boyfriend often had to do those feedings. Slowly I started taking over half way through the feeding and now she drinks her bottles all by herself. If she's 10 months she could probably do the same. I would try sippy cups though because I ised bottles and now I am trying to ween her of those :) Hope that helps

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