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Amy - posted on 09/04/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




My daughter will soon be 19 months old. If we're lucky, she might weigh 18 lbs. At her 18 month checkup, she weighed 17lbs 5ozs. Needless to say, she is still in a rear-facing car seat. The doctor has said that she is as healthy as she can be but still wants me to add butter to her diet. I am uncomfortable doing this because if she's healthy, why risk making her unhealthy? I personally think that she is just a small person. She weighed 6lbs 15ozs at birth & just hasn't ever taken off. She has her own steady growth's just below the doctor's recommended growth chart. She eats what we eat, she plays all day, walks, runs, climbs. Everything she should be doing, she is. I guess I am just curious to see if anyone else is dealing with this issue & how you are handling it? I know that my child is healthy but I get tired of being told she's too small. Any suggestions??


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Fabiola - posted on 10/08/2010




that sounds ridiculous. if she is healthy overalll there is no need for that. my little girl weighed 6 pounds at birth now she is 19 months as well and weighs 3 pounds more than your daughter and my doctor has never said anything like this. he has always said she is healthy and she is just going to be petite. im not big myself im barley 5 2 . i think your daughter is fine.

Brandy - posted on 10/05/2010




jenna was 2lbs 6oz when she was born because she was 3mths early i tried to pump while she was in the nicu but my milk hadnt really come in and she was in a hospital for three months and it was several towns away, by the time she came home my milk was completely dried up we had to put her on a high cal formula and vitamins when she went off of the formula and onto whole milk at 12mths she was still very much under weight so the dr recommended pediasure, but it gave her diareha so we put her on carnation instant breakfast, but she didnt like the taste and wouldnt drink it, so we were told to increase her calorie intake with butter and cream etc... but i didnt want her to develop bad eating habits because im diabetic and so is my dad and i dont want her to end up that way so i incorperated more cheese and vegtables that are higher in carbohydrates like carrots, peas, potatoes and corn. shes 19months now and last time she was weighed she was 19lbs and shes perfectly healthy, shes just gaining really slow. i would try the pediasure or the carnation instant breakfast if i were you. but i really think you should talk to your dr about vitamins because if a child already has a high amount of say vitamin c and you give them a multivitamin to boost iron then you might overdose them in vitamin c. its just one of those things that people dont think about but you dont want to accidently make your kid sick.

oh and btw ketchup is not good for you just because it has tomato as an ingredient lol its actually bad for you its really high in sugar.

Bethany - posted on 09/18/2010




you are absolutely right, if she's healthy and thriving on her own scale, then why fatten up her diet, just so she can get up on the 'normal' chart. I think mostly, people want to fatten em up so if they do get sick, they have some weight they can afford to lose. Fortunately my pocket sized daughter has never been sick. She had her first runny nose/cough last week and it lasted about 4 days and is already gone.

So, I add good fats to her diet whenever I can, like avocado, cream cheese, peanut paste, raw olive oil, olives, grapeseed oil for cooking, you know, as if I was holidaying in the Mediteranian. I think balance is much more important for her health than alot of fat.

My health nurse, well, a health nurse, not my health nurse, but another one at the clinic, has also pushed butter for Charlotte, saying latest studies have suggested that it is ok for toddlers to have extra butter, but I just nod and say "oh really, well we'll have to try that" and that keeps her happy.

Charlotte is just like your daughter, still facing backwards in the car (safer anyway), tiny little shoes, cute as a bug and healthy as a horse. You just keep doing what you're doing.

Nydia - posted on 09/18/2010




My daughter was born 7lbs 12 ounces and was 21lbs at her 18mth check up. The doctor says she's doing very well with everything except for her weight. I'm not too worried though because she eats. He told me to buy her baby vitamins. You may want to do the same just to make sure your child is getting all the correct nutrients.

Ann - posted on 09/15/2010




I think the concern over too little baby fat, is because a toddler without a little cushion has no weight he can then "afford" to lose should they get sick. One illness can get a toddler in trouble if they are already underweight.

Linsey - posted on 09/11/2010




I too am in the same boat. My daughter has fallen off the doctors growth chart and just gave me a referral to a toddler nutritionist. She has been tested for every food allergy and GI problem out there but always stays around 19 pounds and 27 inches long. My doctor suggested adding higher caloric foods to her diet, like cheese and full fat yogurt and butter. My daughter sounds a lot like yours. She is very active plays all day and is very bright for her age. I am told every day that she is very small, but also very smart. I have just realized that she is going to be petite and thats that. I love her being small, she wears clothes longer then everybody else. (we are still wearing 9-12 dresses). As long as you know she is healthy then everythng will be fine. She is just going to be small. And I always say there wouldn't be tall people in the world if there wasn't short people to stand next to them!!

Debra - posted on 09/10/2010




then just dont listen to or not. if she seems like her normal everyday self and isnt LOSING weight then i would not be too concerned. she will grow just like she wants and one day you will be surprised at how she will just shoot up out of nowhere. good luck

Crystal - posted on 09/08/2010




I think that if she is healthy and get a good variety of foods then its silly to "fatten" her up. I would make sure she still gets a good amount of milk and maybe add a daily vitamin to her diet. Other then that I think a mother knows what is best for her child also considering her Dr. said she is healthy I wouldnt worry about it.
I would shoot for hearty foods like oatmeal, thick soups, grilled cheese, mashed potatoes and meatloaf to give her good substance but it sounds like your doing just fine mama!

Dawn - posted on 09/07/2010




It's true what Kayla said...real butter is not really a bad fat for children (as long as there are no obesity issues) and obviously we know oil is healthy for even adults. Actually fries are not that bad either (although homemade oven fries are most healthy) since all fastfood places are not allowed to use trans fat....and ketchup (as long as it doesn't have a bunch of additives) is a great for's tomatoes!!

Kayla - posted on 09/07/2010




Butter is actually a good fat, if it's real butter. Margarine isn't. It'll help her gain weight, and so will lots of proteins. I give my son the chicken nugget happy meals every once in a while, they aren't unhealthy if you change out the fries to apples. Try gummy vitamins, also. Hopefully she's just a slow bloomer, or will just be a petite girl. It's okay as long as she's healthy and developing properly.

Dawn - posted on 09/05/2010




My son was born 7 lbs, 1 oz and now weighs 21.5 lbs, He has always been on the small end of the charts, even dipping slightly on his own curve. The doctor would also like for him to gain weight, but he is a classic and picky!! When my son was 5 months we were referred to a GI specialist for his reflux; when my son turned 10 months he was eating table foods already and had outgrown the reflux so the doctor recommended a few things to add to his diet to add calories. I too thought adding butter and oil to everything was odd but really, putting butter and jelly on toast and cooking his eggs in a 1/4 tsp of olive oil isn't much different than how I would serve him breakfast anyways. I serve eggs with cheese about 3 times a week. Most days we either have lunch or a snack with peanut butter; another recommended item. Everyday I divide one packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast into his two servings of milk (always whole milk). Another food I offer often is avocado; super food for good fats and nutrients!! Even though I try to "fatten" my guy up, I am not worried about his health related to his weight.....he too is active and happy!! I also don't push him to eat when he doesn't want to or things he doesn't want to eat. I always offer a small variety of healthy foods as an option; usually he just wants the fruit....and I am not about to tell him "No, eat the cheeseburger instead". Of course I do allow him to enjoy french fries and chicken nuggets from McDonalds still, but it is never too early to teach eating healthy....just for the sake of adding calories, you don't have to push junk. Find what makes you feel comfortable with and stick with it no matter what others, including health professionals, have to say. Good luck!!

Aleks - posted on 09/05/2010




Same, my lo was 6lbs 8oz at birth, gained weight well but mine suffers food intollerances and that is what has lead to her weight being kept low, ie. ingestion of these foods meant her tummy got inflamed and didn't absorb as many nutrients as needed. Currently at 18mths she is a little over 18lbs. She too is healthy (now that the foods she is intollerant to have been eliminated from her diet) meets all the developmental milestones, etc.,
I don't do anything, as my lo is fussy eater so I am happy when she does eat! Her pedi constantly saying I should fatten her up, but frankly, I just want her to eat and prefer she eats healthy food rather than "fat" food. I don't necessarily restrict her diet to just healthy foods - hey, she loves her hot chips (fries) like any other kid...LOL
Mine too is still rear facing and I am glad cos its the safest way to be (in Sweden and Norway, and I think 2 other scandinavian countries it is mandatory to have a child facing rearward until they are 4!!! for the safety reason). I choose to ignore comments re her being too small. Actually I prefer it that way, its easier on the arms! :-) I can still happily carry her around without problems :-) Its great ....
Oh, and I did see a nutritionist and all she kept to telling me was that I was bf her too much and I should cut down so that she eats "real food". Whatever!!! Like its that easy to cut out. Besides, she only has 2-3 feed during the day, other feeds are at night.....
I am now looking at the positives - I spend less money on clothes :-)
She is safer in my car :-)
I can carry her around in my arms without too much problems :-)

I am happy my LO is still so small that she still feels like a baby :-)
I am glad that my girl is a LITTLE ONE :-)

Carly - posted on 09/05/2010




I think butter is a weird suggestion for a doctor to make. It's like saying, ahhh give her a couple Happy Meals and she'll be fine! I know that some fats are good for kids (like the fats in whole milk) but butter? I don't know about that one. Maybe consult with a nutritionist? Most insurance companys pay for at least a few nutritionist visits.

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