Is anyone out there homeschooling?

Robin - posted on 04/30/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was thinking about homeschooling but am not sure where to start. My oldest is in the 3rd grade and continually gives her teachers problems so I thought maybe having the same teacher every year would help her learn better and keep better focused. Any suggestions?


Ciera - posted on 05/03/2010




homeschooling is becoming a better and better option these days. it seems with all the easily accessible curriculum, there is no problem with it and with all the homeschooling groups it is even easier to keep track of your kids records. Kids who are homeschooled on average place higher than public and most private school students on average. I intend to work full-time but i am seriously considering putting my twins on a homeschool schedule with my sister. She intends to homeschool all 4 of her children at least through primary school and it is a good way to get them a head start even if you do plan to switch them to public/private school. Homeschooled children learn to study and self-educate a lot easier and quicker than classroom-taught students because a lot of their curriculum is made easy-to-learn rather than sitting and listening to an instructor. Then, when they are placed in a classroom, they are better suited to handle homework and classwork a lot easier. Sometimes it might be a bit more difficult adjusting to tests as testing styles vary with teachers and they have only grown used to one teacher throughout their education but if you vary their test styles throughout your homeschooling, it will help them a lot. Also, it is a good idea to get sample SATs and ACTs and let them practice that style of testing at a young age (just change the criteria to meet their age requirements) bc really, those are the most important tests they will take ever throughout their schooling until college. I think the one-on-one interaction makes it easier to learn for students. I was homeschooled for several years, I went to public school for several years, I went to Christian school for a couple years and I went to a prep school for a couple of years. I like to think of myself as an impartial judge as I enjoyed all of my different schooling experiences but as far as education is concerned, I learned more and easier when I was homeschooled than anywhere else and had I not been homeschooled, I don't think I would have done so well through college and and everything. I developed great research skills bc there was no-one to "copy" from or to "co-work" with, it was all on me and me alone to get my good grade. well, that's a lot but hopefully this information helps at least a little.


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Bethany - posted on 05/01/2010




Charlotte is only 15 mths, but I'm considering home schooling her at least for primary, and, depending how I go, for lower high school also.

The public school system here is less than satisfactory in my books, and I'm not sure we will be able to afford private school. I know home schooling is not cheap, and not all public schools are crap, and not all private schools are great, but she is such a bright, sharp little kid, and I love spending time with her, I think we'd both enjoy homeschooling.

I'm already teaching her alot of things, so why stop when she's school age.

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