Is dad the favourite in your house?

Rebecca - posted on 03/03/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I spent the first year of Leah's life with her 100% while my husband was at work. Now we've swapped - I'm back teaching (Secondary school) full time while he's the stay at home parent. I'm finding it difficult in that my husband is now the clear favourite. It's incredibly hard to watch our little girl cry over something, eg teething, but when he holds she's instantly soothed and quiet. I hold her, she squirms and cries for dad. It's one of those things where I know it's absolutely fine, but I still feel bad. Then I feel bad about feeling bad because I know I shouldn't take it personally. *sigh* Anyone else going through something similar?


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Nicole - posted on 04/05/2010




me and my partner are home about the same amount, i dont work and he has work when evere there is work.....but she is a complet daddys girl! atm its when he goes outside to do somthing she sits at the back door and screams at him through the door or bangs on the side of the oven untill he comes back inside!!! kinda annoying.....but once we are out its all mummy mummy mummy! rofl gotta love kids

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Depends on who you're asking. My oldest (11), no. He's a mama's guy and always has been. The other 3, I don't exist when daddy's home. Well, unless my 13 month old is hungry and wants to nurse. When my husband left for work this morning, Christiano spent 20 minutes walking from room to room to the sliding glass door yelling, da! da! He wasn't crying, just hollering his name. Everyone wants daddy.

Khadijah - posted on 04/05/2010




Both my girls are totally in love with their Dad. Its like a Madi Gras celebration everytime he comes home from work. Although I have to say they can be clingy to me a lot of times also.

Cassandra - posted on 03/30/2010




My son adores his Daddy, but he's a Momma's boy. Then again I am a SAHM. I know it bothers my husband, so I always make a big deal of it when he gets home. My husband loves the way he'll squeel when our son sees that Daddy is home.

I think it's perfectly natural to feel the way you do. If you haven't already talk to your husband and see if there are small things you guys can do to help you feel better

Tarah - posted on 03/29/2010




I know just how you feel... I was the one taking care of my son for well over the first year of his life.. he even went to work with me everyday. No that he is older i am still the one thaat gets him up in the morning and takes him to daycare and cook edinner and feeds him but his father isnt around as much since he works till 8 at night but he has to stare at his father's pic during dinner. as soon as he hears his father he wakes up and wont stop till he has his father... also on sunday mornings he climbs the staris and straight for his dad until he gets up.. then i am the one that hears it... what is it with him only wanting dad now....

Jaime - posted on 03/29/2010




my boyfriend i are not currently living together, although we spend a lot of time doing family things. I have my son 4 days and he has him 3. I feel like no matter what he loves his dad more.... and I honestly dont believe he does, I think im just insecure because I dont have him with me 7 days a week. It can be tricky because although we love our significant others we love our children more, therefore we feel like they should love us more than them.... as they grow and more bonds appear you will see that he has love for both of u!!

Martha - posted on 03/29/2010




When I was a stay at home mom ( for 9 months) my son would go to my husband first thing when he came home from work. The first day of my new job we took him to day care and he was happy and went right off to play.. I cried...I was so excited to get my son home and play with him, but when we got him out of his car seat all he wanted was daddy...So I cried again...but now it is about even. He usually comes to me when he is upset. But he goes to daddy a lot too.

Rebecca - posted on 03/28/2010




My son is always looking for daddy when he is at work, he stands at the gate blocking the stairs and screams up the stairs for him (I think he thinks daddys in bed all day!) When that doesn't work he bangs on the front door yelling "DADA!!" he does this all day every day and then when he does finally come home he clings to me and becomes mummys boy!!

Melissa - posted on 03/25/2010




Yes, we have two little girls and whenever there father is home; they only want daddy and so I just sit in the chair by myself while the girls are curled up on the couch with him.

Amber - posted on 03/03/2010




Dad use to be the favorite even when I did stay home. He tickles her, and just is goofy. But now she is 1 and is very clingy to mama :)

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