IT's like a roller Coaster!MY 19 mo. old won't eat again!HELP

Sherrie - posted on 09/25/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




MY daughter has never been a good eater, but started being alot more
"normal" . Now she has stopped again, i know it has to do with teething
but she has NOT been eating for 2 weeks, litterally, about 3 tbls of food a day.Thats it!
But is thirsty always.I try eating always first and my husbands a cook so we make her anything she wants, but nothing. She'll eat the Gerber Graduated yogart snacks, and Gerber
fruit juicy snacks.But only a few.And she get those only if she's ate nothing all day!
I cried all day today, i feel i'm failing her, i called the Peds dr. and he said teething ,as long
as she's drinking and having BMS and peeing like 5-10 diapers a day, she's fine.It's temperary.But she looks sick,like not as active and brown circles under her eyes.We give her vitamins also.Hope they help! Please any suggestions on maybe diff. things i can try for her t6o eat? food? HELP, SIGNED, FRUSTRATED AND CRYING,MOM


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Aleks - posted on 09/30/2010




My daughter refuses to eat much food when her tummy is upset. She also is very picky eater, and also small eater. However:
She has dairy intollerance (ahe has to have no dairy in her diet, including "lactose free").
She has soy intollerance/allergy, as per dairy.

If she ingests any of these (even in small quanities) she sufferes tummy upsets, reflux, is cranky, loses appetite has disturbed sleep pattern, different poos that cause bad "nappy rashes" and at times her poos have mucous in them (as baby used to have blood in her poo - due to the dairy)
I breastfeed, so if I have any of the banned items they go thru breastmilk and upset her tummy. Sometimes these things happen as I cannot always know what goes into some foods I buy (not all have things labled properly and some use terms that arent always clear!)

Anyway, if your daughter has displayed any of the similarities I have mentioned here may be you should speak with your doctor regarding food allergies/intollerances. You never know...

Helen - posted on 09/27/2010




I have been really lucky with teething - our son has had hardly any problems with it.
But we still go through phases when he will only eat small amounts of food, not what I think is enough to keep body and soul together.

I've found (both through my own son and working in nursery/day care) that the less fuss parents/carers make about food the less fuss the child makes.
Give her her meal, if she doesn't want it, take it away and give her pudding, and leave it at that - no we'll try x or y or z. Offer snacks at appropriate times as well - but again, this is what you are getting and nothing else.
I know it sounds harsh, and when they aren't eating it is REALLY hard to do (I've had to walk into another part of the house to cry when doing this before now!) but they do not starve themselves!
I've seen a child refuse 6 or 7 different meals at one mealtime before now because parents have tried lots of different things to get the child to eat, and it's no joke - very frustrating for parents, child thinks its fun, and what a waste of food/money!
If there are things she'll eat offer them once or twice a day, so she's getting something inside her, try making smoothies or milkshakes for her, again she'll be getting some nutrition. If she'll eat really cold things try making smoothie or milkshake lollies - they may well help numb her gums a bit so she'll eat something a bit more substantial at the same time. Don't forget the calpol/teething gel etc!

Remember you are not a bad parent - you are doing your level best for your daughter! I hope you are less frustrated very soon.

Jennie - posted on 09/27/2010




I agree with what Dawn said, when my son gets super picky and refuses solids..I get out the pediasure or make yogurt smoothies and he drinks those... Don't beat yourself up over it. But you can always get a second opinion from a different doctor if you think there is something seriously wrong.

Dawn - posted on 09/26/2010




Don't beat yourself up so are a GREAT MOM!! Just keep offering foods, maybe try cold grapes or other chilled fruits?? Since you say she will drink, you can also try and get her to drink Pediasure or Carnation Instant Breakfast with her milk...these will both add calories, fat and vitamins. And, just to make you feel better, take her to the Dr so he can SEE her...but she is probrably just worn out from the teething process. Stay strong, this too shall pass!!!

Keene - posted on 09/25/2010




I had the same problem with my son. I thought he wasn't getting enough food. What helped is I started leaving a healthy snack out where he could get to it at all times. Some goldfish, grapes, cut up cheese, fruit, etc. Well when he would go and start eating the snack I would offer him more choices. It worked really well and he learned to express more when he was hungry. I know how frustrating it can be. I too felt like I was failing him.

Cpittaz - posted on 09/25/2010




My daughter is like that off and on. You've got to just keep trying. Something that I do is at the store is a pre-teether it's kind of like a mesh bag attached to a teething ring, anyways I put frozen fruit into it and give it to my daughter. She loves the icy cold fruit and I know she is at least getting some calories that are healthy. Also if they will only eat one or two things, quit giving them to her and then introduce different types of food with her.
Good luck

Dana - posted on 09/25/2010




my daughters getting all 4 eye teeth right now and isnt a fan off eating much right now, your not falling her as long as shes getting vitamins and drinking liquids and eating something it will pass in no time! My daughter is mostley eating fruit snacks, loves yogurt, i made her a fruit smoothie, crackers! stick to soft and cold foods...i also let her have frozen teething rings cause if her mouth is cold and sorta numb she will eat! best of luck to you!

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