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is it ok to give my 15 almost 16 month old vitamin water... my husband thinks it would be better for him than all these sugary juices.. help i give him fruitables which i read on the box only have like 60 percent juice.. i dont like him having so much sugar so soon. is vitamin water good for my son and if not what should i give him.


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I go with milk, water, and maybe once a day or less, about a centimetre of juice in her sippy and the rest water, as a treat. I do this with a meal so she has plenty of other food with it and her blood sugar doesn't spike. She gets her vitamins from the good food she eats, and her fruit vitamins from, um, fruit.

I cut up bits of apple, mandarin, banana, avocado, tomato, orange, whatever is in season and she eats that for snacks, and with meals sometimes, as sweets.

I never gave her juice, but now she's 16 mths, she gets a little bit in her water sometimes.

If you're concerned about vitamin intake, up the veges and the fruit and the beans and lentils, and the meat/chicken, wholewheat pasta, etc.

There is also a suppliment for babies called Pentavite that is like taking a vitamin pill, but it is a liquid. Charlotte has it with her breakfast, as she is a pretty light eater and the health nurse recommended it just to make sure she's getting enough of everything.

Steer clear of vitamin water until she's old enough to buy it for herself.


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Claire - posted on 05/29/2010




im not sure about the vitamin water but apart from milk,my little dude only has water and sugar free juices or fresh juices very watered down.
is vitamin water like a drinkable vitamin supplement????

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