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I am a teacher who is certified in special education and PreK-3. I have a lot of experience and have studied Autisim in children quite a bit in during my career, in undergrad, and grad school. I have read and read about the MMR shot and the concerns with it and its connection to Autisum and am VERY reluctant to give my child the shot. I do know both sides, that the study was only done on 12 children, and the doctor was paid by the lawyers in a lawsuit, as well as the fact that it is disproved my many studies, too. I still can't help but wonder, worry, etc. about this. Is there anyone else out there with this concern? Is anyone else thinking about not giving the shot to thier child and/or as the study recommended, having them given seperate? If anyone has questions about this I am open to answer!


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my son had his vaccinations at birth, 2 months, and 4 months, but then i started to do a lot of research and have decided not to vaccinate him anymore for a lot of reasons. i dont think its just the mmr shot, it can be any or all of the vaccines that are harmful according to a book called "preventing and healing autism," along with other toxins from the environment. my son does not go to daycare and is breastfed. he has an autistic uncle, and his other uncle and dad have adhd. i do not want to take any chances of making the possibility higher of my son developing these disorders.

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the MMR shots no longer have mercury in them which is what is thought to have caused autism. the flu shots are the only vaccines left with mercury in them. i don't vaccinate not because of autism but because i think that my son is too young to get so much foreign bodies in his body. I also don't believe that he is at risk for a most of the things they vaccinate against because he stays home with me and doesn't go to day care. not that i think daycare if the only place germs spread but its easier to get something there. i also breastfeed and thus he is getting my immunities. at one point we will vaccinate him against certain things but not everything.

as for people saying to you that you should be worried about your child catching whatever it is that you aren't going to vaccinate against....well when i was a kid they didn't vaccinate for everything they do now. I got chicken pox as well as my neighbors and friends and family and yet they vaccinate for that now. My mother never had the MMR because it wasn't around when she was young. She got mumps and measles and she is just fine. A lot of people aren't aware of the fact that you need to get booster shots for a lot of the vaccines you receive as a kid and so getting those diseases is still possible after vaccines.

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my child doesnt have any of his shots i am convinced shots do more harm than good.

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i share your concerns. when my child is due for his MMR, i plan to vaccinate but will be breaking the shots up separately. thimerosal (which contains mercury) is a preservative still found in flu shots and is also suspect as an autism trigger. we go to a pediatrician that allows us to opt for a thimerosal-free flu shot. lastly, i would recommend avoiding high fructose corn syrup at all costs. in order for the high fructose corn syrup to be extracted from corn, it must undergo a chemical process that involves heavy metals. that's right, there is MERCURY in high fructose corn syrup! and if you think about all of the foods and beverages marketed to children that are full of high fructose corn syrup, you can't help but wonder if maybe THAT is the biggest suspect as an autism trigger. see the following link for more info:

best wishes to you and your family.

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I have a close friend whose child will have life long seizures(sp?) due to the MMR shot. My childrent have not had nor will ever get that particular shot due to watching this little girl suffer from this life long disorder. She has a hard time in school because she can't concentrate due to the damage from the seizures. They do have a way to give the shorts separately at different times but you have to order and pay for the shots and they are quite expensive. As far as school goes you can get a waiver from the health department so you child can attend school without having the MMR (or any vacinations). Thimerosol is a primary link to autism (though they will never admit it) and is in a lot of vacines. I have chosen a pediatrician that only uses the Thimerosol free vacines and if one isn't available they tell you and you choose whether or not to get that shot.

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What I was told by my health visitor is that autism itself only shows in a child around the approx ages of 12-12months.. when the jab is given. Therefore people assumed the MMR jab was the cause of Autism. She said tests in America prooved autism was not linked to the MMR jab. I was really concerned too but too be honest its alot more dangerous for a child to get mumps and measles xxx

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield is the only physician who ever had a published study showing a link between autism and the MMR vaccine. He was later found to been funded by the families who were trying to get money from vaccine companies. All of a sudden it was blown out of proportion. There is no cure for autism. Your child can be treated with behavior therapy, but just look at the evidence. Many people state that "I know someone who got this other therapy...IV , chelation , etc"...but where is the evidence? I am all about the facts!
Applied behavior analysis is the only evidenced based practice proven effective in the treatment for children with autism.
As a provider for children with autism, I firmly disagree with the vaccine cause. I will get my daughter vaccinated on schedule with no second thoughts. Thermasil was taken out of vaccines in 2001, yet we still have autism! Also look at the evidence of diagnostic replacement of mentally retarded and autistic. As MR diagnoses have decreased...autism has increased. People who used to be diagnosed MR are now labeled autistic, so I do not see an increase in autism in this regards. Just take a look at it.

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