My 11 month old son is gluten, dairy and sugar intolerant. Anybody else out there?

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I have seen a peadiatric dietician when he was 8 months old but now that we have to start real food I am running out of ideas having to incorporate all these limitations. Is there any other 11 month old out there on a gluten, dairy and sugar free diet and what do you feed him/her on a daily basis? I am worried he isn't eating enough and not getting enought variety.


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Here is a website that my friend recently passed on to me. I have not looked at it, since I am not glute free, but might be worth to look at:

Since your little one is 11 mo. you could make a lot of adult food, but just chop it up fine for your baby. There are specific site for glutenfree diets and if you have a Whole Foods around you they have a lot of gluten free foods. There are many substitutions you can use instead of flour-ask someone at the store. My friends also give her kids almond and/or rice milk, since they are aslo dairy free. She ended up getting a food dehyradtor (not sure exaclty what it is called) and dries a lot of fruit/veggies and give it to her kids. Beans are also a good source of protein.

I hope this is helpful. I look at my friends and gluten free diets seem expensive and time consuming. Wish you all the best.

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amazon has a bunch of gluten free stuff too. I just bought my son some mum mums- they are gluten egg and peanut free and he loves them. i'm sorry ... I hope your lo outgrows the allergies.

Katerra - posted on 03/09/2010




I also found this, its a lot of information but I think it can help. It does say other foods you can giver her also if you read the entire thing! Good luck! ~Katerra G.T.

From the gluten-free product list on the Beech-Nut website ( on 5/04/2008.
Refer to the ingredient listing on the label of each product for its specific ingredients, since the products available in the stores may have been produced after the period covered by this listing.


· Good Evening Whole Grain Brown Rice Cereal, 8 oz.
· Rice Cereal, 8 oz.
· Rice Cereal. 16 oz.

Gluten-Free BEECH-NUT® STAGE 1:

Fruits (2.5 oz.):

· Applesauce
· Chiquita Bananas
· Peaches
· Pears
· Prunes

Meats (2.5 oz.):

· Beef & Beef Broth
· Chicken & Chicken Broth
· Turkey and Turkey Broth

Vegetables (2.5 oz.):

· Butternut Squash
· Tender Golden Sweet Potatoes
· Tender Sweet Carrots
· Tender Sweat Peas
· Tender Young Green Beans

Fruits Vegetables Assorted:

· Beginner Basics Assorted Fruit & Vegetable 18 Pk., 2.5 oz.

Gluten-Free BEECH-NUT® STAGE 2:

Dinners (4 oz.):

· Apples & Chicken
· Chicken & Rice Dinner
· Chicken Noodle Dinner
· Four Delicious Dinner Varieties 18 Pack, 4 oz.
· Homestyle Chicken Soup
· Macaroni & Beef with Vegetables
· Pineapple Glazed Ham
· Sweet Potatoes & Chicken
· Turkey Rice Dinner
· Vegetables & Beef
· Vegetables & Chicken

Dinners Good Evening (4 oz.):

· Good Evening Creamy Chicken Noodle Dinner
· Good Evening Ham, Pineapple & Rice
· Good Evening Hearty Vegetable Stew
· Good Evening Sweet Potato & Turkey
· Good Evening Turkey Tetrazzini


· Apples & Bananas, 4 oz.
· Apples & Blueberries, 4 oz.
· Apples & Cherries, 4 oz.
· Apples & Pears, 4 oz.
· Apples, Mango & Kiwi, 4 oz.
· Apples, Pears & Bananas, 4 oz.
· Applesauce, 4 oz.
· Applesauce 4 Pack, 3.5 oz.
· Apricots with Pears & Apples, 4 oz.
· Chiquita Bananas, 4 oz.
· Chiquita Bananas & Strawberries, 4 oz.
· Chiquita Bananas 4 Pack, 3.5 oz.
· Chiquita Bananas with Pears & Apples, 4 oz.
· Four Delicious Fruit Varieties 18 Pack, 4 oz.
· Peaches, 4 oz.
· Peaches & Bananas, 4 oz.
· Pears, 4 oz.
· Pears & Pineapple, 4 oz.
· Pears & Raspberries, 4 oz.
· Pears 4 Pack, 3.5 oz.
· Plums with Apples & Pears, 4 oz.
· Prunes with Pears, 4 oz.

Fruits Desserts Dha Plus (4 oz.):

· DHA plus ™ Apple Delight
· DHA plus ™ Banana Supreme

Vegetables Dha Plus (4 oz.):

· DHA plus ™ Carrots 4 oz.
· DHA plus ™ Garden Vegetables, 4 oz.
· DHA plus ™ Sweet Potatoes, 4 oz.

Fruits Hispanic Variety (4 oz.):

· Guava
· Mango
· Papaya

Fruits Fruit Yogurt:

· Banana Apple Yogurt, 4 oz.

Fruits Vegetables:

· Sweet Potatoes & Apples, 4 oz.

Vegetables (4 oz.):

· Butternut Squash
· Carrots & Peas
· Corn & Sweet Potatoes
· Country Garden Vegetables
· Mixed Vegetables
· Sweet Corn Casserole
· Tender Golden Sweet Potatoes
· Tender Sweet Carrots
· Tender Sweet Peas
· Tender Young Green Beans

Vegetables Varieties 18 Pk.:

· Four Delicious Vegetable Varieties 18 Pack, 4 oz.


· Rice Cereal & Apples with Cinnamon, 4 oz.

Gluten-Free BEECH-NUT® STAGE 3:


· Apples & Bananas, 6 oz.
· Chiquinta Bananas, 6 oz.
· Pears, 6 oz.


· Banana Pudding, 6 oz.


· Country Vegetable & Chicken, 6 oz.
· Turkey Rice Dinner, 6 oz.

Dinners Good Evening:

· Good Evening Country Vegetables with Beef, 6 oz.
· Good Evening Vegetable Turkey Dinner, 6 oz.


· Green Beans, Corn & Rice, 6 oz.
· Sweet Potatoes, 6 oz.


· Rice Cereal & Pears, 6 oz.


Vegetable Toddler Foods:

· Carrot Dices, 4 oz.
· Green Bean Dices, 4 oz.

Fruits Toddler Foods:

· Apple Dices in White Grape Juice From Concentrate, 4 oz.
· Pear Dices in White Grape From Concentrate, 4 oz.


· Apple Juice, 32 fl. oz.
· Apple Juice, 4 fl. oz.
· DHA plus ™ Yogurt Blends with Juice-Mixed Berry, 6 fl. oz.
· DHA plus ™ Yogurt Blends with Juice Tropical Fruit, 6 fl. oz.
· Good Evening Veggie Delight Juice, 6 fl. oz.
· Good Morning Chiquita Banana Juice with Yogurt, 6 fl. oz.
· Spring Water with Added Fluoride, 1 gal.
· Spring Water with Added Fluoride, 1 liter
· Three Delicious Juice Varieties 18 Pack
· White Grape Juice, 4 fl. oz.
· White Grape Juice, 32 fl. oz.

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First of all I am SO sorry to hear that, My son is allergic to milk but thats it, If you have a Trader Joes near you they have tons of gluten free foods, sugar free foods and and soy foods so hopefully there is one near by you. If you do find one just go talk to the manager and explain your circumstances and they will shop around with you and give you good ideas to help you. Hope this helps, keep me posted! ~Katerra G.T.

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my daughter when we found out she had allergies was milk protien allergy(all dairy) eggs strawberries and cherries cats dogs no peanuts and than she outgrew her milk allergy when she was 2 1/2 and than became allergic to corn at 18 months. that is hard. but really if you just suppliment the ingredients and still maintain normal foods with her substituted ingredients she will be eating healthy.i would find a health food store by you . other wise rainbow foods has a healthfood isle and so does county market trader joes. you have to become a label reader always even if you know they can have it you always have to check it because it could change. alot of health food stores have gluten free and dairy free stuff. LOTS. should on the sugar free also but most of the stuff you make is going to be from scratch so you can substitute the sugar. where as i cannot substitute sugar because sugar substitites have corn in it . !! good luck

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