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MY daughter has been a poor eater since she has started eating baby food. I noticed it right away because my other 2 children ate really well.Where she eats bites a day. I am worried because she doesn't crave any food except cereal.She always says bite, but when i make it or get it ready she doesn't want it we have tried alot, alot of things.Vitamins,holding back on bottles(doesn't like the sippy cup yet either (,but at one time did)?? I love my daughter so much and her DR,(Ped.) says as long as she's drinking, she's ok. She's av. ht and weight, but i'm worried.She used to love yogart, bananas,eggs,all diff cereals, fruit, no meat yet no veggies? I tried a fruit shake in desperation today and she loved it and ate(drank) half a glass. Any meds or herbal things out there ,or i could ask my Ped. about to get her hungry? She has almost all of her teeth, but may be still teething a bit,but no fever ect.So i'm just looking for anyones SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOUR CHILD STOPPED EATING(almost totallY)???? She eats cereal,lunchables (now 1 bite each time maybe two of everything) bananas,anything cold(like ice cream) sometimes yougart, and cereal, fruit shakes. And thats it .Thanks for any help, i'm praying it's a phase, but not sure?Thanks,stumped in Il. ! Sher


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Hi Sherrie, I'll pick a couple of things out of your post for you to start with: "She's av. ht and weight", "may be still teething", "Her Ped says as long as she's drinking, she's ok"

So I'd first ask, is her weight still slowly climbing along the same percentile? I get my daughter weighed every month, as she's quite light, and lost a bit of weight when she stopped breastfeeding. I use that monthly weight as a guide as to how much more or less food I should be working on giving her.

If she's liking soft runny cold things, she may very well be teething, it takes a long time for some kids, days, weeks of almost constant pain just for one little tooth, especially those little pointy ones that come around about now.

If you don't trust your Ped, go to a public health clinic, and they'll tell it how it is, they are not paid to push any drugs or formulas or anything, they are there for child health and that's all.

If Charlotte will only take yoghurt, I make sure it's the good stuff, no added sugar, live cultures, pot-set, full fat. She'll have that, and I'll also put it in her milk for a shake.

She likes anything with cheese, so I make scrambled eggs with cheese and milk, and she likes bread with cream cheese and avocado on it, very good-fatty. She likes baked beans. I cut meat up into TINY little pieces that she doesn't have to chew much at all, and she likes sausage meat, chicken, pork or beef, doesn't matter. Bread and butter is a favourite, I put butter under all spreads. Real butter, not hydrogenised spread. I make cookies with raisins and mashed pumpkin or sweet potato or carrot in them, and she is none the wiser, so that's her orange veg sorted. I'm slowly perfecting that recipe. She loves brocolli and cauliflower and potato, thank goodness. She eats everything cold, any warmer than room temp. is "too hot" so that saves me having to heat anything up for her.

I give her Bellamy's Toddler formula, one cup a day, and also Pentavite infant vitamin drops with Iron once a day, just to cover all the bases. Sets my mind at ease.

But most importantly, I trust her body to demand what it needs. It's really hard to not want to cajole her or make her eat what others think is enough. Our meal times are happy and peaceful affairs. I decided long ago to trust her instincts, and just watch her energy and health and go with that. She's full of playful energy and alert and smart and never sick, so I must be doing something right.


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jenna goes through phases where she will eat things and then acts like she hates them. so i try to mix things for example she loves tomatoes so i make her scrambled eggs for breakfast and i cut up a bunch of cherry tomatoes and throw them in there and she eats it all up, she also loves to eat things she can dip so sometimes i put a variety of condiments on a plate and let her go to town with whatever food shes eating. sometimes we play with her food lol, for example i know she loves greenbeans but one day she wouldnt eat them, so i picked one up and made it walk around and talk and it looked in my mouth and i bit its head off and made it scream lol she thought it was so funny she started copying me and ate all of them and wanted more. but one thing i have noticed is if i dont sit at the table with her and eat with her she doesnt hardly eat at all so thats really something to think about to.

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Oh its just a phase. I have the pickiest eater of all time and one thing I have noticed is that of he thinks I am forcing it on him or hovering then he will not eat. No more sitting in the high chair, I have to put it down on a table in the living room and walk away. He'll pick at it for a long time. It might take him 45 minutes just to eat a grilled cheese sandwhich.
You'd also be suprised at how much calories they do actually get from snacking.
I posted awhile ago on my blog a way to sneak in extra vitamins and nutrients our kids!\

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Hi Sherrie,

My daughter went through a similar thing when she was very little. She would only eat spaghetti (canned) or 2 minute noodles. She came out it very well. Just remember that a healthy child won't starve itself. When she gets hungry, she'll eat. I'm not sure where you live, but, I live in Australia and we have a mixture over here called Incremin. It's an appetite booster that is available over the counter at any chemist store. I'm also not sure if your daughter can take this as I don't know how old she is but I'm sure if you talk to your pharmasist they should be able to help you. Hang in there. You'll get through.

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My son goes through periods of not wanting anything but fruit and snacks...I am ashamed to admit there days that he only eats fruit, yogurt drops and animal crackers!!! He is fairly good about drinking milk so I mix 1/2 a packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast into his 2 sippy cups of milk everyday to add vitamins, calories and fat!! I find he is either teething or practicing his control of me when he fights the most!! I say that this is a phase and "this too shall pass"!!! Keep up the good work, Mom!!

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