pain in upper abdomen....

Danielle - posted on 12/16/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm due on the 23rd. so i'm 30 weeks, this is my second pregnancy and i'm HUGEEEE this time.

I got pretty big with my first, I actually gained 70lbs, lovely! This time I havnt actually gained any weight, but my belly is as big now(or bigger) then I was at 42 weeks with my daughter (18 months old now)

my concern is this pain in my upper abdomen. like from above my belly button up, it feels like i'm actually going to split open! I cant even lift the milk jug without getting pain in my belly. My daughter is 32lbs. Pretty big girl, but she wont go down the stairs on her own.... and we live in a 4 level split, LOTS of stairs! so i'm constanty carrying her down the stairs.

I really dont know how i'm going to make it to february 1st, never mind february 23rd.

has anyone else had this pain in their upper abdomen?


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Hanna - posted on 01/09/2009




Hi Danielle, i can't tell you exactly why you're having pains in your stomach -- it could be from stretching or could be from your muscles being more tense & working harder having to support you carrying the extra wait in your tummy. However, if it hurts you to lift things, you shouldn't be lifting them (that could induce labor). I understand that you have an 18month old daughter that needs mommy time and likes to be lifted up and carried, but at this stage, you really shouldn't be lifting her at all (she can come sit on your lap while you're sitting down, u can cuddle with her, but you shouldn't be lifting her and carrying her around, especially not up & down the stairs -- your balance is off as it is and you carrying a child on top of it is not the safest thing to do). I would advise you to try teaching her how to climb up and down the stairs -- my brother learned how to do it when he was a little over a year old (pretty much as soon as he started crawling). we lived in a 3 story town-house and the playroom was on the 3rd floor, kitchen was on the first & his bedroom was on the second. my dad caught him trying to go down the stairs head first and taught him right away to turn around and slide down feeling with his foot for the next step, he made a game out of it so it was fun for my brother to learn. he learned it in one day and after that, there was no need for child gates since he was in no danger to fall down. it also gave us an opportunity to sleep in some on weekends since my brother would wake up, go downstairs turn the tv on and watch cartoons for a few hours (got one of his yogurts from the fridge if he was hungry) while the rest of us could sleep till 9am instead of waking up at 7 to babysit. i think teaching her to go up and down the stairs would eliminate a few problems right now and would definitely be a big help once the new baby comes (since you won't have to carry around both of them). good luck to you!

Christiane - posted on 01/08/2009




Yes, I think I have. Mine is a sharp pain to the right of my belly button and up. I asked the doctor about it and she said it was likely stretching pain - possibly even just my belly button stretching as it went from an innie to an outtie. I kept thinking the baby was trying to tunnel her way out through my belly button though. Anyway, it has gotten better (still a little sensitive if I touch it, but not bad). I hope yours is feeling better as well - though I am sure the doctor can give advice if it's not.

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