Plays rough with other kids

Renae - posted on 12/10/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 22 months and she is extremely rough when we visit other children. It doesn't matter their age, she still pushes and pulls them around. She will even hit and throw things. I can put her in time-out or try to show her the correct way to play, but she just keeps at it. Anything I can do differently? I am tired of taking her out of the situation to protect the other kids.


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Stephanie - posted on 12/11/2010




Has someone else played roughly with her? she may think that's the way you play. or she may be tired when she is playing? I find if my son is tired he will become more aggressive.

Ciera - posted on 12/10/2010




i have 22 month old twins (boy and girl) my boy is very mild tempered until he gets upset then he is explosive while my girl is very busy, loud and outgoing but very tender-hearted. He is a brute and she is tiny and petite. They don't really play with other kids other than their cousins bc they kind of stick to themselves so I am not sure if this will help your situation or not, but my boy when he gets upset, he gets really rough with aubree. She is tough-spirited but she gets really upset when he is mean to her. He pulls her hair all the time and he bites her and pushes her and takes toys away from her and she gets absolutely heartbroken about it. I know a lot of people dont believe in spanking but we did try spanking and it didnt seem to work. he would just look at us like nothing happened. then we started trying timeout and that did start affecting him at least. he would cry bc he doesn't like isolation but he wasn't getting better-tempered. I have just recently started making him give her "gifts" when he is mean to her. If he takes a toy, he has to give it back, then he has to give her something else as well...either a toy or a hug (they both love giving hugs) and I explain to him that he has to protect his sissy and love on her. it has gotten easier in the sense that when he does somehting to her, all i have to do is look at him and he gives her a "gift". usually he hugs her and they both start laughing and playing together. He still messes with her a lot but it doesn't turn into fights anymore...well, not as much anyways...because he knows the procedure that when she screams that he has hurt her or taken something from her, he knows what he is supposed to do now. i know it is strange but he is such a stubborn little boy that i had to get creative. if they both fight with each other, they have to sit still and hug for one full minute. if they break the hug, they have to start over the minute. my girl is so easy, since she is tenderhearted, if i just say "no", she breaks down and lays her head on my shoulder crying then kisses me. too bad they can't all be that easy! :)

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