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Ivy - posted on 01/21/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have been reading many stories from different moms around the world and picked up that many have a schedule for playtime with their children. It has got me wondering as to how important this is. I do not have a specific daily playtime with my son because of my work. I'm normally awake at about 4H30 in the morning for my morning run (at this time he would still be asleep), thereafter I would get home have a bath and prepare for work. I leave for work at 07H15 and return home at 17H30. ( we do however spend a little time together in morning before I go to work). By the time I get home I'm exhausted and hardly have time to sit and play, However most of the time when I get home he would be out playing with his friends (the neighbours kids) which I normally don't like to interrupt. I normally just let him know that I'm back give him a kiss and a hug and let him get back to play.

I would like to know if there is anything I'm missing out on cause we dont have a playtime together. What are the advantages of playtime and anybody with ideas on how I can incorporate a playtime into my schedule.

I do however spend lots of time with him during the weekends.


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Tabitha - posted on 02/08/2011




I work 8-5pm, sometimes until 7pm M-F, so I understand what you mean. Plus, I am pregnant now and exhausted ALL the time. Once I get home I have to clean the house, prepare dinner, feed the family, and get my son ready for bed. Here are some things I do:
I interact with him WHILE he is playing with his toys.
I let him play with the pots and pans while I am making dinner.
Most importantly, after dinner we have a bedtime routine. We read some books he picks out, sing some short songs, take his medicine (allergies), pray and go to sleep.
That is the "playtime" that I can offer and he seems to do great! Playtime is what you make as long as you interact with them, they don't care what you do together. =) Good luck!

Bethany - posted on 02/05/2011




I stay at home with Charlotte and I probably only spend less than half an hour a day actually down playing one on one with her. Like sitting on the floor playing trains or blocks or what ever. She plays happily by her self all day. She just drops in on me once in a while , touches base. We play near each other, like I'll garden out side, and she'll be playing around with toys or sand or whatever near me, but I'm not actively playing with her. We hop in the paddle pool together, obviously.

I guess because I'm here all the time, she doesn't need to be in my pocket all day. I have to remind myself to go and sit with her more often. I bought a soft rug for her play area so I could get down and play with her. Hard wood floors are no good for cranky old knees.

We sit and read with her after dinner for half an hour or so, before bed too.

And being a vile hot summer, we hang out at the shops together alot, and that's one on one.

Go for quality, not quantity. They develop just fine with a happy safe environment, and their brains develop alot more laterally when left to their own devices, rather than having too much structure. That said, routine is important to their little psyches, too.

Karmi - posted on 01/27/2011




I think any sort of time in general is important. Play time is very important because it lets your child know that you are interested in what they are doing and like having fun and being silly with them. Other times such as sitting down for dinner or breakfast together is great as well, so you can talk to your son and get a sense of "who he is." My son is about to be two and we sit down for breakfast and dinner together and I shut the tv off and talk to him. Although he doesn't understand every single thing I am saying I still talk. Because it lets him know I am interested and will talk to him about anything. Plus I always try to fit play time in, beign silly with my son or doing something he loves is always fun for me as well because it gives me a sense of what my son likes. Talking to your son and sharing his interests with him will make him feel likey ou care and are interested in him and what he is doing. Maybe it will be easier for him to talk to you about things in the long run. good luck! :)

Brandy - posted on 01/26/2011




personally i believe quality time can be spent with children even if you dont have a playtime. i think its important to incorporate that time in other ways because eventually kids do grow up and want to spend time with friends etc... everybody is different and has different lifestyles, a stay at home mom might have the ability to manipulate her schedual for a set playtime but that doesnt mean that children who are in childcare dont spend as much quality time with parents. in my eyes as long as there is family routine such as eating at least one meal together having a bedtime routine or helping with homework then you are spending time that fits your life. i think the advantages of setting a playtime all depends on the age of your child, its nice to know how they play and what they know what is frustrating to them etc and i think for some children setting aside a time just for them makes them feel special, however it doesnt have to be a playtime everyday you could set aside time to do something special once a week, for example my daughter and i have a movie night once a week while my husband is a work sometimes we rent a movie or we watch one we already own if we have extra money we order food or i make her favorite food and we snuggle with pillows and blankets on the couch together and stay up late. my husband doesnt get to see my daughter much because of work so everyday at lunch time we sit at the kitchen table to eat and the two of them sing and dance to the radio while eating and while they clean up. i guess my point is i think that people worry alot about the do's and donts but really all that matters is that you love your child and you do the best you can if youre having fun things are good :)

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