please help- having a hard time getting my three year old socialized-yes- we are behind schedule but we live in such a rural area and there has not been alot of opportunities-we went to three prescolls for visits and he was okay- shared alittle bit but would start screaming if he got overwhelmed- it rattles you eardrums and i can't stand it when he does it and the preschool teachers seemed happy to see us go- i need help with him and hisn socializing- instead i feel like im getting judged- then i wonder why i would want to leave him with them(preschool) if they are going to act that way! ggoing crazy, feeling isolated, help!


Bethany - posted on 05/22/2012




that's certainly no way for a preschool teacher to react. It's their job to help the children, not judge them.

I think at that age, even just one other kid once or twice a week is sufficient. They aren't sharers at this age anyway, it's just not in their programming. My daughter does alot better with individual playdates than crowds, she tends to retreat.

Are there any other mums about who you could start up conversations with? They're probably going though the same thing if you're in an isolated place. Can you go to a place even once a week to play with other kids? A library program, a kindergym in town, a playgroup in town? Can you play with him and take things from him, or ask for things from him and show him about sharing?

My friend who has a 1 yo and a nearly 3 yo, is isolated, her small community is 40 minutes drive from the nearest town, which is also small, but there's a curch there that has a playgroup each thursday. When I visited her, a mum walked past with a pram with a baby and a toddler, and if I had been my friend, I'd have been out there grabbing her and introducing myself and asking what there is to do with kids and offering her a play date, but she let her walk right by.


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Brandy - posted on 09/22/2012




i agree with bethany, playgroups are an excelent idea! we found one in our area at a local school after hours. it was really helpful for jenna because it gave her a preschool experience only it wasnt as long and we could be with her the whole time. when we first started we interacted with her alot and encouraged her to play with other kids or just on her own and after a few months she didnt even care if we were there, sometimes i would go tell her i was going to leave and then i would just watch her through a window in the door and she was totally fine. we did the playgroup for a year and now she just started preschool a couple weeks ago, there were no tears until we came to pick her up. i know its been months since youve posted this, so how are things going?

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