Really Stinky Gas!?

Christina - posted on 07/10/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi Everyone,

For the last week to two weeks my baby girl has had the WORST smelling gas! I breast feed. exclusively I can't think of anything that I have changed excepts that I have started to give her a bit of water from a bottle (to try to get her to take a bottle since she wont). Not only is the gas super stinky but it is hurting her too. .. she is waking up from deep sleep screaming until she passes gas. She did this when she was first born and we found out she had acid reflux .. but she is still on med for that. AND she never had bad smelling gas. Could this be from teething? Bacteria from a bottle? Something I am eating? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for your help!


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It could be from any of the above things you mentioned. As long as you have a clean bottle I wouldn't think bacteria. My son had troubles at times while he was breastfed, with bad gas and would cry in pain. She could be sucking lots of air when you give her the bottle since she isn't sure how to do it yet...that can cause gas...try to use expressed milk not water if you can. The water could be upsetting her tummy and making her a bit constipated (stinky can come from that!). I never figured out if it was a certain thing I just seemed to come and go. He also had a bit runnier stinkier poop right before we noticed he was cutting his bottom teeth. That has seemed to go back to normal now.

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