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my 8 month old son still wakes several times in the night. he is partially brestfed along with solid food. he is waking for me to comfort him with the breast although i dont think he is really hungry. ive tried having my partner settle him in the night but it only seems to work with me. usually the longest he will sleep at any one time in the night is 2 maybe 3 hours. as you can probably guess im exhausted. he has also recently started waking and screaming none stop for 30minutes. does anyone have any ideas????


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Dawn - posted on 10/22/2009




I was not able to breastfeed so I might not be too helpful, but I agree the 2nd post about trying water in a bottle at night, obviously if he isn't use to the bottle you will have to start during the day to get him use to it. Getting up at night can be so exhausting, but remember it will pass very quickly (just doesn't seem like it now!) I also do not believe in the cry to sleep method...I tried it for 2 nights a few weeks ago and it just extended the time we were up and made us both stessed out!!! Good luck and may sleep be with you one day soon :)

Carine - posted on 10/22/2009




My girl was using me as a pacifyer when we were doing partial breastfeeding in the first 4 mths. I introduced her the "real' pacifyer once i weened her off, & it works well. My 5 mths old niece used to cry & scream louder & louder easily for 30 mins anywhere anytime, she has reduced such cries tremendously since she's given pacifyer a mth ago. Maybe u wanna give it a try.

J - posted on 10/20/2009




I feel your pain! I went through the up 2-3 hours recently with his teething. But, the waking and screaming sounds like it might be more serious. My son also has allergy to milk. And he would scream and not sleep well when I ate any dairy. He also had blood in his stool. I would pay attention to what he eats. Maybe stick to only one or two foods for a couple days at a time. See if that helps. If he is still screaming...try taking dairy out of your diet for a week. Or it just could be gas. But, don't ignore him, he is in pain. Try giving him only water during the night, that trick works sometimes to get them off the midnight feedings. I started weening my son off this week.

I hope something I said helps. If you need any more info. I'd be glad to elaborate. Good Luck!

Kristin - posted on 10/20/2009




I breastfeed my 8 month old as well and she has nights like this as well! Very Tiring!!!!! Most nights she wakes up every 2-4 hours, but then she has nights where she will only wake up once. Every baby is different. If she is waking up and nursing...she must need it, whether for hunger or comfort. I don't believe in just letting baby cry it out. I figure it's just for a short time and eventually she will sleep through the night. You're douing a great job and hopefully you'll get through this! Hope this was somewhat helpful.

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