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Samantha - posted on 05/12/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




my little man has had a pretty bad stuffy nose for a while. I've been using the saline drops and asperator but the boogs are further back and i cant suck them out. It gets pretty bad at night when hes sleeping he starts gaging. Just wondering if anyone had any other ideas that might help out. thanks


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Lisa - posted on 05/14/2009




We have had such an issue with this as well. Our little girl has reflux, and I think that's why she's always so stuffy at night. We also use a humidifier, have the window open, have her mattress on an angle, and nothing really seems to help. There was a while there when my husband was holding her on his chest most of the night, so exhausting! She seems to be able to handle it a bit better now, as she's getting a bit older. I can't wait until that tiny nose of hers grows!!

User - posted on 05/13/2009




My little one has this problem as well. :( We use a humidifier constantly and she sleeps up at an angle. We put a pillow under her mattress or you can use a crib wedge. Also, when she gets really stuffy we let her sleep in her swing or papasan chair. Other than that her pedi says the best thing is to use the saline and the nasal asperator. Hope that helps.

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