Toilet training @ 18mo

SooNie - posted on 08/30/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




Has anyone toilet trained an 18 mo (who doesn't walk yet) successfully? If so how? please describe your steps and nature of your child.


Karen - posted on 09/01/2010




I just want to say 18 months is NOT too early. I'm not sure why everyone says it is. Toddlers are very smart, they understand more than we give them credit for. They can understand the concept of peeing in the toilet.

My son started a few months ago. He knows when he has to pee and poop, he runs to the potty himself. He will ask me to pull his undies down by tugging on them and saying pee pee. He dumps out the potty chair into the toilet himself.

I see nothing wrong with starting at this age as long as you aren't pushing it. You can come up with a way for them to let you know they need to go other than pee pee. You can teach them the sign if need be.

We wonder why kids take years to be potty trained, 3 & 4 years old is the norm now. I wouldn't expect them to be fully trained with no accidents at this age but my son does pretty well and has for a couple months now. My middle child potty trained herself at almost 2. They still wear diapers at night but I think that is a whole other learning process and some kids just won't be able to hold it all night. I especially know not to expect it with my kids since I was a bed wetter lol. Praise goes a long way, they see you're excited and it makes them want to do it more. If I see he's having accidents more, I start asking him more if he needs to pee. I keep the potty chair where we spend the most time, usually the living room.

If he fights it then back off and try again in a couple months.

Good luck.


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SooNie - posted on 11/30/2010




Hey everybody! I didn't realize that you had all posted on my question until today Dec 1st! I guess i don't know how to retrieve this post for responses.

Anyway, I'm extremely happy to say that my 20 month is potty trained (except for night)!! Yahoo!!! We may have 1 accident in 2wk period. No incentives used. I put him on the toilet (that has attached child's seat-Kohler) on a scheduled basis, making a daily routine; sit longer after meals, on toilet in b/w and has been going 'on demand,' & now verbalizes his need. Since he sits on adult toilet at home (keep in mind he wears 12m clothes), he can sit on any public toilets- no worry about falling in. I love it! I firmly believe starting potty training as early as 12 mo, it's very much possible. I've trained my other 2 kids at 2.5 yo, & it was difficult. I believe if start at a late age, it's difficult to reverse an old habit of poop/peeing in diaper in addition to tackling 'terrible 2' age. The two can't mix well for a easy successful training. So now my 20 mo doesn't know any difference if I put him in diaper or underwear. He has no concept diaper is for elimination.

I must say that I have a potty chair too and he takes himself there when he needs to go. I started placing the potty chair in the living rm where he is most of the time (making is visible), then after 2 days of initially playing w/ it, then using it, the chair was placed in the kitchen (towards the bathroom), then finally in the bathroom. During all this time, he was naked from the waist down so he'd feel/see his pee/poo- recognizing how his body is working. Works great!

Kasey - posted on 10/05/2010




My son is 19 mths old & he is very interested in using the potty! I says pee pee & runs to the potty!! lol He hasn't successfully went, it usually ends up on the floor, but at least he knows he wants to go! :)

Jemma - posted on 09/25/2010




my daughter turned 19 months yesterday and she is fully potty trained at home after a week and a half! Next step is when we go out, dreading that! We just let her run around with no nappy on or knickers and and after a very messy first few days, she now either go and sits on the potty herself to go or will tell me wee wee and race to the potty! Good Luck!

Annie - posted on 09/24/2010




my 18 month old has completely potty trained HERSELF!
One day she said "pee" when she had to go, I put her on the potty and BAM - she's done it ever since.. I know right? L U C K Y
I mean, she will Never do it when we're not home, or if we're at a public place - so, I do still keep her on the diapers for now; and during nights, obviously.. It just takes time, best of luck!

Amanda - posted on 09/08/2010




My son is 18 Months and he tells me when he has to go so we have been using the potty. It is nice to not have to change a poopy butt.

Shanna - posted on 09/08/2010




introducing the potty is great. my daughter will poop in the toilet and tell me when she needs to, but will not pee in the toilet but it will take time. my oldest was potty trained before 2 and that was awesome!!!

Andrea - posted on 09/02/2010




I was thinking of trying with my daughter as well...she always tells me when she goes. She is 18 mths!

Vicki - posted on 09/01/2010




My 18mo is definitely ready. I'm not sure I am! She tells me poopoo or peepee right before she goes. So its a run to the nearest potty and then she goes. We make it about half the time. She did not like the potty chair at all, only wants the big potty. So she will still need help for quite awhile. But on days like today when she pooped on the toilet both times I am positive she gets it. Just lots of praise and if they fight it, back off awhile. Good luck!

Jennifer - posted on 09/01/2010




I think its too early for my son, because every child is different. He isn't able to vocalize yet when he needs to go, when he is i will likely start. Probable just after his 2nd birthday.
If you are confident that your 18 month can do it, go ahead i think thats great.

Crystal - posted on 09/01/2010




I think 18 months is a bit early my girl is 18 months i wuldnt start now, i dun thnk u shuld du it wen ur ready its wen thea ready!.. and i defnli know my girl is not ready!

Ciera - posted on 09/01/2010




My twins are 18months and I am ready to start potty training both of them. They both already recognize when they "potty". My boy will say "Shooo!" when he has to poop and sure enough, every time within minutes of him saying that, he does. Because he has already come to recognize when he has to poop, I think he will be a little easier. My girl only notices it AFTER she poops. She always will start trying to pull her diaper off and only when it is dirty so I know she also recognizes it but it may be a little harder to get her to the potty BEFORE she poops because I will have to watch a lot closer but I really know the main times when she goes because it usually is about the same time each day. I would just wait a little longer except that I just had another baby 2 weeks ago so I would really like to get the twins out of diapers since everything is getting sooooooo expensive! We are just starting the potty training though so I can't tell you for sure if it is going to work but Iwill let you know as soon as I can tell what works and what doesnt. Also, I am a little nervous since I have a boy and a girl and figuring out what to do the same and what differences I will need to make between their training.

Lora - posted on 08/31/2010




i am starting to train my 18 month old the same way i trained my now 11 yr old (she was special though she had a medical problem so it we didnt keep diapers on her all the time) Iput the potty chair next to the changing table and throughout the day we take her diaper off and sit on it for a sec and say p p on the potty or poopy on the potty depending on if she did poopy yet. she gets happy and then when i change her diaper i tell her eww we do that on the potty and she looks at it and then looks at the diaper and says eww. My 11 yr was potty trained by 2 that means wanting to do it all her self.

Dawn - posted on 08/31/2010




Being fully toilet trained means the child can go to the potty by themselves, take down their pants themselves, sit on the potty themselves, attempt to wipe themselves, and pullup their pants no, I don't think many 18 month olds can be fully potty trained. However, it does not hurt to introduce the potty at this time. You can have success in getting your child to use the potty if you are diligent in foreseeing when they need to use it and place them on the potty, but that just seems like a lot of work in my opinion. Of course many people have different views, so I don't expect everyone to wait, but I choose to. At this time, we have a potty my son sits on and plays with, we use pull-up training pants to track wet diapers (and so he doesn't pull off all his slightly peed in diapers!!) and he watches Daddy pee alot!! Everyday he seems more interested and understanding of the process, so I think he may be almost fully trained by two, but at this time he still doesn't know when he has to pee, just when he has. :) Good luck with whatever you do.....this is going to be an exciting milestone!!

Tabitha - posted on 08/30/2010




oh wow. you are bold! =) i want to toilet train my son but i think if he can't say he has to pee, then he is not ready yet. let me know how this goes because i am very interested in throwing out the diapers!!

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