Vomiting tooo much. Concerned!!?

Ingrid - posted on 04/14/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Lucas was born Feb 20, 10 weeks early. Now almost 14 months old. Around 3-4 months old he started projectile vomiting; asked the pediatrician and she explains "is a premie thing" something to do with a muscle that is not develop yet. So I let it go til I change his formula from Emfamil Lipil to Emfamil Spits. The frequent vomiting stopped a little bit. Lets say I got "used" to cleaning the mess at least 3-5 per week. At his 1year old check up (now diff doctor) I told my concern and he said it was just an "attitude" problem. Since Lucas will vomit when gets really upset or cried to much. Changed his formula to NIDO (spanish formula cow milk base, same or more nutrients than Enfamil). He stopped vomiting for a month maybe. NOW is all back, for the past week is at least once per day. Dont know what to do or think. He weights 18lbs (checked yesterday at doc office) I dont know if I should change doctor or as for special test or what ... Any advice


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I would definitely be changing doctors. Keep going until you find someone who will listen to your concerns. You are your child's advocate, and if you feel that something is wrong you have every right to ask the questions. The doctor who dismissed your worries and palmed it off as an attitude problem sounds like a doozy. I don't think you're overreacting at all, especially since your son is a premie. Good luck in finding some answers.


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Brenda - posted on 05/23/2010




Hi, my youngest twin was like this, right from the start I have done both breast and formula, at first she was vomitting heaps after every feed then I heard about reflux formula (S26-AR for babies with reflux) once I started her on this the vomitting stopped almost straight away. When she turned one I took her off the formula onto ordinary cows milk however I had to put her back onto the formula last month (at 14 months) as she started vomitting all over again and again straight away it stopped. This formula is more gentle on the stomach as it is thicker than most other formulas.

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Wow this sounds exactly like what I was going through with one of my twin girls when she was born (she is now almost 16mths). She had the projectil vomiting ALL the time. I was told the same thing about the muscle in her stomach needing to develope. It wasn't until one day I went to a routine visit with their Pedi and she actually got to see my little girl in action that I really started to see some results!! My daughter threw up like 5 times in front of her and it was all over the floor and EVERYWHERE!!! I was then sent to a radiologist with her for a Barrium Scan. Before the scan your child has to drink a white chalky mixture in his bottle/cup (they will ask you to bring 2 empty bottles with you) and then will scan the entire digestive system to make sure its in tact and there aren't any tears, irregular functions, etc. As soon as the scan was in progress the techs responded "Wooow!" Or course this raised my curiosity. He said that he could see my daughter has severe Reflux. Her Pedi immediately put her on Prevecid. It worked for a week but then it was back to the throwing up. Then she was switched to Zantac (liquid for babies) and that worked for almost 2 weeks then it was back to the throwing up.

We switched her formula at least 10x's but nothing seemed to work. We tried almost all the Enfamils even Nutamigen. Then we switched to Similac and the only one that came close was Similac Sensitive.

Does your little one cry after feedings or vomiting? Does he always seem to be hungry? These are signs that it could be severe reflux. The Pedi told me that pretty much...we just had to wait for her to out grow it and that some baby's can have it as old as 3-4 years old. She said that boys and twins are prone to get it and some kids respond to the medication while others do not.

I hope this helps. I got so frustrated (so I know exactly how you feel) because it hurt me to see my little girl constantly vomiting. I did whatever I could to make her comfortable. That's really all I could do. I'm happy to say she has FINALLY grown out of it!! Best of luck with your little Lucas. But remember not to settle if you are not satisfied with the doctors answer and/or response to your little one's condition.

Helen - posted on 04/15/2010




If you are worried about your son, then you need to keep pushing until you are heard and taken seriously.

A friend of mine had this when her lo was tiny, the hv just kept saying that all babies are sick, until he threw up in the baby clinic, at whcih point they started to listen to his mum, and he was diagnosed with reflux and put on gaviscon, which helped.

Bascially YOU are the person who knows your child best, and if others won't listen, then shout until they do - even if it means going to the docs everyday, or bypassing them and going to the hospital, just keep going.

It's hard work and frustrating enough being a parent, you don't need this, but uf you don't do something the problem won't be solved.

Good luck and lots of patience being sent your way!

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