What is your toddler up to?

Jessica A. - posted on 05/14/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi All,

Just wanted to check in to find out what your 3 year old toddlers are up to these days?


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Brandy - posted on 09/22/2012




hello everyone, ive been offline for awhile but im back and trying to reconnect on COM, my little jenna is becoming not so little anymore :( she tells me everyday that shes a big girl now, she just started preschool a couple weeks ago and is loving it! she sings her abc's out of order, she counts out of order, she knows almost all of her colors but sometimes confuses red and green, she knows all of the basic shapes except she calls a rectangle the daddy square lol. she makes up songs and dances all the time, and just like bethany said my little girl thinks she can do everything by herself. which can be frustrating but im taking advantage of it as much as i can, for example she has to clean her room all by herself on saturdays, its not always organized like when i help her through the week and the bed doesnt get made but shes getting better at it and she has the whole day to do it and knows she cant go outside and play until its done. warning are different now yes ive become a mom who counts, i never thought i would be but all i have to do is start counting and she does exactly what she is supposed to i never have to get to two, because if i get to three she has to stand in the corner for a whole minute and we all know how much torture that is haha, she learned that after one time. over all she is just a happy rambunctious inquizative little kid and i am a proud and tired mommy!

Jessica A. - posted on 06/06/2012




Stephanie, I love the name Aliza! Puzzles and games are great for the advancement of the brain, makes them analyze things! Good luck and keep up posted as to how Aliza is doing in class. Of course how your holding up with the home schooling as well.

Jessica A. - posted on 05/29/2012




Bethany, your little one sounds like she's quite ahead! I hear girls are always ahead of boys, my son just began talking more and more, and he just won't be quiet.. LOL!

I think playing the tired card for Mommy's is a must! Otherwise we'd go nuts!!

Glad to hear your little one is just so advanced, girls are so smart! ;)

User - posted on 05/25/2012




My three year old (Aliza) is crazy about puzzles and games. She is not in school yet but she has twin older sisters that are in Pre-k and they teach her a lot of the stuff they learn.she is a quick learner. I'm starting a home school for the summer for my twins and I was told to teach her everything I teach them so we start next week. :)

Bethany - posted on 05/15/2012




Toddler? hehe, that's long gone. I'd say she's a pre-schooler, just about.

She started talking before 18 mths, so by now, she's a regular little chatterbox. Just like her Mum. Fave saying? "I can do it myself!" I heard a little girl say that in the shops the other day and I just had to smile.

Every reply starts with "No, ..." because , of course, she knows everything already, and who am I to tell her anything.

She's compassionate to other kids when they're down, she's brave when she's at home by herself and shy when she's in a crowd of kids.

She can count items up to 14, say her alphabet (mostly, those LMNOP's always get her), knows her primary, secondary, and probably tertiary colours. Her brain's a little sponge and she remembers just about any trivia she's told.

She knows songs but won't sing them out loud. Loves colouring in pictures, and painting with water on everything outside. Loves playing Fetch with a ball, she pretends she's a dog. We have a dog that won't fetch, so she does it instead.

She eats tiny meals, and will try everything once. I let her watch too much TV (I'll play the 'pregnant and tired' card there).

She's 91cm and 12.5kgs. I've never taken her temperature in her life, and never had her to the hospital for anything. She's not allergic to anything that I'm aware of. I'm a very llucky mummy.

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