What kind of schedule is your 10 month old on?

Nerissa - posted on 12/20/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




Just wondering as I go back to work next month and my daughter is not really on a set schedule right now. I will have to be out of the house by 9:30 to start and eventually 8:30. Also, should I be nursing (or giving milk once I've weaned) and solids at the same time, which one first? Right now I nurse and then a couple hours later feed her solids as she won't eat right after nursing, either from being full or cuz she wants to play...lol. I nurse first b/c this is what the "experts" say to do, but what do you do?

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Hanna - posted on 12/20/2009




hi, my son will be 10 months on the 27th. he's mostly on solids and gets milk only in the morning and in the evening before bed, the rest is solids and yogurt + cheese to make up the calcium. he is on a schedule in a sense that he gets up at 7am every morning to go to the nanny (i went back to work about 6 weeks ago), the rest of the day is kind of he does what he wants -- eats when he's hungry, sleeps when he's tired and it works great for us. the only thing i do try to do is i keep him up later on days when we're home the next day so that we don't have to get up at 6:30-7am to feed him (it's usually a bottle and then back to sleep, but sometimes he wants to play and wakes us up). i've always alternated when it came to nursing & solids, i know they say that your baby needs 24-30 oz of milk a day but THAT'S A LOT OF MILK!!!! when we grew up, we were exclusively breastfed as well, but by the time we were 1, we'd be fully on adult food & ate yogurt, cheese, cottage/farmer's cheese and milk for calcium (and not 24-30 oz of milk, that's 3 big glasses a day). that's what i do with my son. if you want to follow a more strict routine, you can if it works for you, just keep in mind your future schedule and work from there. as long as your son gets enough food and enough sleep, it doesn't really matter how you decide to do it. in the old days, by the time your baby is 9-10 months old, breast milk was a supplement rather than the primary source of food -- it was there to add nutrition in case something was missing from solids because the goal is to teach your baby how to eat balanced and get enough nutrition from regular food. hope this helps. good luck!


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Randi - posted on 01/03/2010




Michael wakes 730-8 and eats breakfast about half hour later. About two hours later takes a bottle and a two hour nap. Wakes and has lunch between 12 and 1. Most days he has another bottle 330 ish and a cat nap. Dinner is between 5 and 6. Bath bottle and bed 730-8 ish. He still wakes 1-2 times for a bottle at night. All this happened pretty naturally, and he is pretty flexible too!

Dawn - posted on 01/03/2010




I have you all beat...my son wakes up every morning between 5 and 6 am!! I base his mood on whether he gets a bottle right away or if we wait about an hour. Either way, in the morning he will have 4-6 oz of formula and followed by breakfast 1-2 hours later. He will take his first nap 3-4 hours after he awakes and will sleep for 1-2 hours. When he wakes from his nap he will get a 6 oz formula bottle or a snack followed by the bottle, then 1-2 hours later is lunch. He usually takes another nap anywhere between 2 and 4 for 1/2 - 2 hours followed by a snack and 6 oz bottle. Dinner follows 1-2 hours later then an 8 oz bottle at bedtime, which is between 7 and 8 depending on his afternoon nap. I stay home all day still so I can be more fluid with his schedule but I find he likes to have a bottle every 4 hours with solids in between. When he turns a year, I plan to serve him a 6oz sippy cup of milk with lunch and dinner to eliminate 2 of the 4 seperate bottles we give him now.....I will then have to work on those morning and nighttime bottles, which I am already dreading!

Mustika - posted on 01/03/2010




My girl is an early riser, she wakes up at 6 - 6.30 to 300ml formula followed by breakfast of baby cereal and fruit or toast and yoghurt. Goes down for a nap at 9 to 10.30. Morning tea, usually some dried fruit or breadstick at 11. Lunch at 12. Play time, 210ml of formula at 1. Down for a nap at 2. Afternoon tea at 4.15. Dinner at 5. Bath at 6. Bed time story and last bottle (270-300ml) and down at 7. But it's really flexible, 30 mins give and take. Every baby is different. Some baby like to have more naps during the day some don't. I kept a log book when Melita was 8 months old to look at her sleep pattern for 2 weeks and base this routine according to that.

Shelley - posted on 01/03/2010




We're on a 4 hour eatting schedule. She wakes at 7am and has 6 oz bottle, oatmeal cereal, fruit, and a few Cherrios. Naps from 9-11. Wakes to 6 oz bottle, some soild veggies and solid fruit. Naps from 1-3. Wakes to 6 oz bottle, oatmeal cereal, soild veggies, soild fruit, and some protein (chicken) or dairy (cheese). She's then up until her final 6 oz bottle at 6:30/7:00 and sleeps through the night till 7:00 the next morning. I always nursed (now formula) before feeding her food, but would have her eat her food right after so she wouldn't be "snacking" every couple of hours.

Ashley - posted on 01/03/2010




I personally have my daughter a bath at 8- 8:30 at night, and I am also trying to go back to work this is why I got this scedule and I pretty much stick to it... she wakes up between 7 & 8 Feed her 6 oz bottle and try to get her to eat some cereal. between 8 & noon I try to get her to take a nap if she dont thats cool too, at noon I try to feed her regular food and a juice bottle or 4 oz of formula since her doctor said she needed more formula throughout the day than I was giving her, snack time she gets Juice Sippy Cup and something to snack on could be green beans or Corn or Cheetos lol she loves cheetos, Between 3 & 6 I try to get her to take a nap, Dinner Time she eats whatever we eat and a Juice Sippy Cup or 4 Oz. of Formula as well. and at 8:30 or whenever she gets out of the bath she wants a 6 oz bottle and go night night. and I also give her apple juice in sippy cup throughout the day..

Kristin-marie - posted on 12/27/2009




Daniel wakes up at 7:30 am everyday, stays up until 9 or 10, sleeps for an hour, eats, plays for 4-5 hrs, takes a 30-45 min rest, stays up til 8 or 9 goes to bed, and sleeps all night...

Ashlea - posted on 12/22/2009




My daughter is 10 months old. She wakes up at 7 am every morning. We change her diaper and let her fully wake up. Then she eats at 730 and she has her milk at around 9. She takes a nap from 915 to 11. She wakes up gets her diaper changed and she eats at 12. She then has milk at 1 and is back down for a nap from 2-4 pm. She wakes up and eats at 430 and has her last milk at 6 pm. She is down for bed at 8 pm. My daughter has been on this schedule since she was very little though.

Jennifer - posted on 12/21/2009




My little guy is up at 9, nurses and then has his solids for breakfast. He goes down for his first nap at 11. Up again around 1, nurses and eats lunch. Down for a 2nd nap at 4, up at 5:30. Nurses again and dinner. He nurses again right before bed at about 9pm. I got lucky with a good sleeper! At breakfast and lunchtime he pretty much nurses and then goes right to solids, at dinnertime it's spaced out a bit more.

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My 10-mon-old is usually up 8 or 9 and I nurse her then. Then she eats her breakfast (baby yogurt or ceral mixed with fruit) and watches seasme street. Her first nap is around 11 and usually one or two hrs. Approx. 1 or 2 pm she eats her lunch when she is up. Here is where I switch it up. She eats first then nurses. Around 4 and 5pm she nurses again. 6pm is dinner. Bath time is at 9 and 930 bedtime. She nurses before bed.

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