What shoe do you think have the best support???

Karmi - posted on 04/30/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son wears a size 7 and I have had a hard time finding shows with good support. Ever since he started to walk, 5 months ago, he tends to turn his feet in, which is making the side of his big toes dry and scabby. I'm a shoe freak when it comes to him, I love buying him shoes, but never seem to find something supportive enough. I want something that will help walk the right way so he doesn't walk on the side of his feet forever! Any suggestions?? THANKS!


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Melissa - posted on 04/30/2010




Pediped Flex, See Kai Run, Umi, Preschoolians, Stride Rite. I don't buy cheap crappy shoes for myself, so I wouldn't buy cheap shoes for my baby either. Those are some of the brands my DD has or did have :)

Tori - posted on 04/30/2010




I agree, it's hard to find soft soled shoes in bigger sizes. My son wears a 6 and I finally found a pair of pumas that have a really flexible sole. His other shoes he wears all the time are those water sock things. It's pretty hard for young kids to walk in hard soled shoes.

Dawn - posted on 04/30/2010




Until your son starts to walk well, it is recommended he be barefoot or socked unless outside. Soft soled shoes in a 7 will be hard to find....pardon me, but I thought my son's foot was big and he is in a 5 1/2!!! I would try to find a sneaker with a fairly flexible sole, bend it back to test. I just bought a pair of sneakers and sandals from Payless and feel happy about them. And, Katie....yes, I too would be hesitant about the advice about ankle support, I have read otherwise.

Katie - posted on 04/30/2010




I am finding shoes for my little one confusing as well. There seem to be several differing opinions.
From what I've read in US sources, the best for learning to walk and getting used to walking (as it sounds like your son already walks) is bare feet or socks with silicon anti-slip dots. I live in Germany, and here they pretty much agree with that, but commonly give their babies soft-soled shoes when inside, as people traditionally wear "house shoes" in the house, so apparently the baby also needs to wear at least some kind of shoes. Either way, the reasoning is that he needs to get used to balancing on his feet, and has a better sense of the relationship between his feet and the ground when there isn't anything solid between the two. However, when visiting my former host family in France earlier this month, I learned that there the general concensus is that a baby needs good, solid shoes that support his ankles so that he learns to walk holding his feet correctly; my host mom promptly gave my son a gift of a pair of French shoes, and predicted he would finally start walking soon.
Personally, I think that with or without the new shoes, he'll start walking soon (he really seems to be on the verge!), and in terms of supporting the ankles, I'm divided. On the one hand, if he relies on the support from the shoes, maybe his ankle muscles won't be given the chance to develop on their own? (This would be supported by what I've gleaned of US and German opinion.) On the other hand, maybe in a situation such as your's the extra ankle support would help train him to keep his feet straight. As for me, I put the shoes on when we go outside or practice walking on the balcony, and he is bare-foot indoors.
Good luck with your decision!

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