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How do you feel about your child's development? I for one know how I feel about what my baby can't do! What can your do?
Can s/he walk?
Can s/he feed himself with a spoon?
Can s/he drink by himself from the sippy cup?
Can s/he talk? What words?
Can s/he point? Clap?
Does s/he show interest in / play with other babies?
How many teeth does s/he have?
Does s/he understand simple comands? Bring me this? Take this there?

Anything else s/he does?

Thank you.


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Hi Oana!! First off, Maria sounds perfect and quite independant!! Second, I think her understanding you is more important at this stage then her verbalizing actual words. Here I go.....

Brian will be 14 months on the 24th.
He has been walking on his own since 10 months, 2 weeks.
He is an active guy and now is running around and climbing things.
He has a great personality; loving, sensitive and funny, but at the same time, pushy, demanding, and irritable!!! He has a smile that will melt and a pout that will have you giving in most times (yes, it is an act, and an adorable one at that!!)
He knows how to use a spoon but can not be trusted to use it properly most times, so he is limited to how often he is given foods requiring a spoon!! I will not even try with a bowl or plate yet!!
He is exlusively using the sippy cup; no bottles since 2 weeks ago!!
He loves to dance; mostly to Daddy's country music tape, but also to the music of some of his favorite TV shows and his exercise Care Bear doll!!!
He doesn't point, but will clap, bounce and stomp his foot on command (this has turned into his dance!!) He snaps his fingers although not hard enough for any sound to be made. And, he will most times kick his ball when I tell him to but still prefers to pick it up and bite it!!
He has started saying quite a few words the last week or so...his vocabulary consists of "Mumma", "Da-Da" (Daddy), "Da-deee" (doggy), "Brsss" (Brush), "Peesss", "Na" (NO!). These are the ones I can tell for sure, there are many other different sounds....he talks non-stop!!!!! He also know a few signs; he can sign "Eat", "Dog" and "More" and understands "Eat", "Drink", "Milk", and "No".
He has been good at following directions and learning associations for the last month or so. We can say: "Let's go outside" - he will head to the front door; "Time for your bath" or "Lets brush your teeth" - he will go to the bathroom door; and my favorite (according to Daddy): "Mommy's home" - he goes to the front window!! If I start singing a song, he will either go to the TV to see if the show is on or go get his stuffed animal character; he does the same with books....I will say "Be a good dinosaur!" or "Are you a hungry caterpiller?" and he comes back with the book most times! He loves to put hats on his head and strut around!!
He likes to interact with other children, and loves for me to read to him, although just this week he is less interested, and will cuddle with me or play at ramdom times, mostly in the mornings or evenings. With that said, he is quite independant, leaving me to do my thing while he plays or reads alone in his room! He has done very well at "Daycare" (childcare at my gym), except this past week when he showed his first true signs of separation anxiety!!
Most impressive to me lately is he has been putting his puzzles together (he has learned to clap when he gets one correct!), and matching objects, for example we have a plush caterpillar to go with the "The Very Hungery Caterpillar" book and he will hold them both up together and examine them!!

Wow, I didn't mean to write so much, but I am just so excited by my little man everyday, it is nice to share it!!! Finally, in response to your concern on your daughter not having an interest in learning; I am sure she is learning as much as any other child maybe she just doesn't like to show-off!!


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Monica - posted on 04/21/2010




Preston was 14 months on the 20th :)

He has been walking WELL since he was 9 1/2 months
now he is running and climbing

I recently started giving him forks and spoons and he will put things on with the opposite hand and then take them off and hand feed himself :)

He wont drink from a regular sippy cup ,only the ones with straws and he started that at 7 months and he will only drink water out of them no MILK
he still has a bottle for that :(

He has his 3 bottom teeth , his 2 top teeth and then 2 top MOLARS ... I know weird

He can climb up stairs , i have not let him climb down yet

He claps , points and dances all the time and has started to sing in jibberish of course . If I ask him to sing his ABC's he will start dancing and say AH , Bay and then EEEEEEEEEEEEE , its too cute!

LOVES LOVES books and can point things out in most of them ...hats, dogs, cats,ducks, dinosaurs, sun , birds, certain people such as DORA , Nihoa Kailan
He can also tell you what noises some of those animals make (dog,monkey,lion,dinosaur, car)
He loves to watch Yo GABBA GABBA , Dora and Diego

He can say
mama , dada , buba (brother) , go, tar (star), whats dat ,dun (done) , nak (snack)
he can wave hi and bye but wont say them ....

we are starting to teach him to clean up his toys and when instructed he will pick up certain thins and put away ..
He follows directions pretty well , my hubby does bath time every night , and they have their routine ...he tells him lets go upstairs and take a bath , he will climb up the stairs and head towards the tub . He then tells him to pick out 3 toys and they count together 1, 2 ,3 as he throws them in the tub (usually the same ones every time)
he then tells him lets take off your shirt , then pants , then diaper and he helps take them off....

He plays very well with other children , we are with my neighbor everyday who has a 16 month old little girl so that helps , he has been around other babies since he was born.
But he has a 10 year old brother who he HATES to share with

I think his sense of FEAR kicked in this month ..he never was afraid of anything and all of a sudden loud noises ( hair dryer, vaccum , drill ) all scare him . He used to love bath time and would stick his face in the water and blow bubbles and all , but now he is terrified of water in his face , so it is tough washing his hair!
Anyone else experiencing this ??

He is also starting to let me know when he has a dirty diaper he will usually grab at his butt and say ewww and if I ask if he has a stinky butt he will go get a diaper

Oh and he throws tons of tantrums through out the day especially when told no .....
He has no patience for his toys and they cause him to have a melt down sometimes too

He is so much fun and we love to see the new things he does everyday and his sweet smiles and laughs melt our hearts!
Loved reading everyone elses responses!

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Sounds like your daughter can do a lot I wouldnt worry about what she cant do every child reaches milestones at different times. When we all grow up no one says oh wow i bet you didnt walk till you were 2 haha.

My son Jonah is 13 months.
He is not walking on his own yet but can walk around furniture and push his car thing around or shopping cart. He wont hold on to our hands and walk he is lazy he can stand by him self but as soon as he realizes what he is doing he sits down with control haha he could clearly walk if he wanted but I think he is just lazy.
He can climb down the stairs.
He clibs up on everything he trys to climb in the dish washe or up into the fire place.
He has a toy bouncy horse and can climb up on it and off by himself.
He talks a bunch, hes always jabbering. He loves to talk on the phone he picks up the phone and says very clearly "Hello" if he sees someone on the phone he pretends he is on the phone too. If he doesnt have a phone near by he pretends anything around is a phone, his burp cloth is a phone, his hand, anything its cute.
He can say a few words. His first word was Hello at 10 months, he says mama, he says dada but thats more of just a sound for him since we dont call his father daddy we call him pop or pappa, he says bappa, he says dog, he says light, he say ba for baloon, he says nana for banana, he says du for duck, he trys to say Ali who is his dog.uum thats all I can think of right off. Im sure he says more but I cant understand it yet, a lot of jabber.
He claps his hands, he can play patty cake he can clap to it, pat it and he can roll the dough.
He can point he is really good at that.
He can find any button and push it, he loves to turn the computer on and off. He trys to be sneaky cuz he knows hes not suppose to.
He can turn the radio on and he likes messing with the volume. He knows how to work the remotes.
He is still nursing only once a day just for bed time. Although he wakes up all through the night still every hour to every 2 hours. yeah its crazy he demands to nurse when he wakes up so the last 3 weeks i havent let him i just let him cry till he goes back to sleep. 3 weeks later and hes still not sleeping through the night I am about to just give up.
He doesnt take bottles although the last few nights i have given him one each time he wakes up at night. I am just so tired and i figure its better then letting him just nurse. I know I am just creating a new problem. hhm.
He doesnt use a sippy cup he can drink from a cup or one of those straw cups.
He can feed himself with a spoon pretty good although i dont always let him cuz it can get a little messy. Hes not a pro at it yet.
He knows a few shapes. He knows what a circle is and a star.
He knows the color green. you ask him to show you where something green is and he can.
He loves cars everywhere we go he points. He has toy cars he pushes around and does the sound effects vroom vroom
He can blow bubles in the water by putting his face in the water and blowing and also threw my shampoo pumps so its like a straw. He also has leaned recentely how to gargle water and he thinks it is the greatest.
He knows some animals and their sounds he can moo like a cow, bark like a dog, roar like a lion and he purrs like a cat.
He love to play catch. He can throw a ball to you obviously not far at all but he throws it good he loves to throw the ball for his dog ali.
He does pretty good with other kids. He is really sweet with other kids. He is always trying to share handing toys to other kids and when he is eating a snack he trys to share. Its adorable I hope he stays this sweet.
He has 7 teeth and is getting his 8th tooth right now.
He can shake his head No and nod his head Yes
He dances to music
He trys to sing now that is cute
He understands a lot I think he understands almost everything i say. Some things I can think of right off that I know he understands for sure is talk of certain ppl of course, like me his pop his dog Ali etc, he understand NO, are you done, want to get out, bath, hungry, snack, cracker, chocolate, blueberries (his fav) Elmo, clean up, put away, go get your green tractor, go get your yellow truck, go get your fire truck, wheres the phone, where is the bird feeder, where are the keys, where is the mixer, milk, go pick a book, do you want to ride your pony, do you want to go out side, go get your passy, go get your burp cloth ( thats a must for us he has to have that burp cloth he cant sleep with out it or go anywhere without it. It must smell like mommy milk. hehe)
Thats everything I can think of right now. It Is so fun to watch your baby grow. They do something new everyday i love being a mommy!

Karen - posted on 04/14/2010




Isaiah is 14 months.

He runs, climbs everything now.

He can't feed himself with a spoon unless I scoop the food for him. He eats everything we eat though so a spoon is not usually needed.

Drinks from a sippy. But he is breastfed still so he only gets water sometimes in one.

Doesn't talk much but I guess it's normal since he has two older sisters lol. Says mama, dada, numnum, Coco (the dog), by by, thank you (not well tho, but says it every time he brings you something lol), and copies other words we say like a little parrot.

He claps, doesn't point. None of my kids ever pointed when they were "supposed to" Weird.

He waves by by sometimes. He just started shaking his head yes and no, it's too funny.

He loves playing with other kids. He loves attention so whenever he can get it lol. He loves when his sisters pay attention to him. The girls are really close and Isaiah is getting more fun for them so hopefully he will be included more in their activites soon. They are usually in their own worlds and will stop and say "a bousha bousha bousha" to him and try to tickle him lol.

He has 8 teeth and his top molars are partially out now. I think he is getting the bottom ones soon. Needless to say he is very cranky lately. Has been waking up at night and giving me a hard time going to bed.

He understands commands and will listen sometimes.

He dances whenever he hears music, so cute. There is a song by Lady Gaga I think called Alejandro. He starts sticking his tongue out like a lizard going la la la cause the song says ale ale jandro.

His big sisters take dance class and do tumbles at home. So Isaiah thinks he can flip. He puts his arms then his head down in tumble position. I give him a little push and he flips, he gets so proud of himself.

He will climb the couch and run across it and I tell him no and take him down, he just laughs at me and does it again and again lol. Climbs up furniture and has no fear.

He gives kisses when you go "mmmm" or gimme a kiss. He will come up and lay his head on my leg.

He is definitely a mama's boy and is very attached to me.

He is always on the move and doesn't like to sit still, never has. It would be nice to just sit with him like I see my niece do but he has never been that way. He's great though and always keeps me on my toes.

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Hi everyone!

Caleb will be 14 mo on the 17th.

He started walking at 10 mon 3 weeks. He loooves to walk and has a cast now and is even walking in the cast (sliding board accident)! He does not climb though(lucky for us!).
He eats fingerfoods, but we still feed him yogurt and applesauce from a spoon.
He has 8 teeth.
He drinks from a sippy cup, and a bottle 3 times a day, but is less interested in the bottle now, so I think I am going to start weaning him from it. He was breastfed for 12 months, so I don't think it will be a problem.
He talks a lot! He mainly babbles, but also says mama, dada, boo(balloon), ba(ball) du(Duck) bu (book), and bye.
He claps all the time but doesn't really point, he just reaches for things he wants. He also waves bye bye.
He doesn't really play with other babies, my niece is a few months younger and his version of playing with her is taking toys from her.
He understands a lot, when we ask where the ball is, he will find it and hold it up, same with elmo. He understands no, can i have that, can i have a kiss, etc. He is also a copy cat and will mimic whatever you do! Recently making kissy sounds! It is so funny!
He is not so interested in us reading to him anymore, when he wants to be read to, he will bring a book over to us.
He also loves music and loves to dance! He is a super silly kid and a blast ot be around!

Beth - posted on 04/13/2010




My little guy (14 months) is just walking.
We are working on the spoon but he is still very messy with it.
He drinks from a sippy cup (we introduced the sippy at 4 months and stopped the bottle by 6 months).
He is a talker...He never stops talking...
He points and can clap but doesn't clap much.
He will play with the little boy i babysit (8 years) but does not play with other babies. Mostly parallel play still.
He has 7 teeth and is working on a molar.
He understands some commands ~Sit down (when in his highchair) ~No
He loves climbing. He started the stairs the day after he started crawling (5-6months) He now climbs EVERYTHING.
He loves reading books especially ones that have textures/things to touch

Venessa - posted on 04/13/2010




Hi Oana, to start with I have tried not to focus on what Aisaia (feb 21) can't do, and celebrate the things he can, in saying that;
Aisaia started walking 1 week befor 11 months, was climbing before christmas and is currently trying to turn his walk into a run (Mama is going to have to get fit soon!!).

He can feed himself with a spoon but - due to mess and not being sure how much he actually get's in the mouth - I have a second spoon that I feed him with also. He love his sippy cups and straw cups, and will drink anything from them but when swapping between 2 types, he forget sometimes that with a straw the cup needs to stay down!!

Aisaia started his vocab awhile a go with, Mama, Dada (now Daddy), Grandad, dog, Lijah (uncle), then slowly over the last 5 months has added Aunty, Uncle, Lala (Cousin- Layla), Brena (Sister - Breanha), Na, was was (wash-shower-bath), pe pe a (pek pek ass - means poo), ready, nam nam (food), dink (milk), woa (water), Wimmin (swimming). Over the last few weeks I've been getting "Mama, Daddy Car" when his dad is at work and he wants to go visit. His favorite right now is "oh daddy" in a really judging tone like your in so much trouble dad. He has conversations with his grandparents and aunty & uncles on the phone (they all live in other states) and normally there are words in there with lots of sounds. He can mimick a statement - "come pick up" to his grandad when we were talking about getting him from the airport for Aisaia's birthday.

He has been able to clap for awhile now - started pointing 2 or 3 weeks ago and has been able to wave for 3 or so months but only the last week has been willing to do so when someone actually says goodbye.

Aisaia loves playing with his friends, his dad, me or his sister - pretty much anyone that wants to. He also has a very independent streak when he just wants to be left alone. He love reading his books (and being read to)

He only has 6 teeth - but didn't get his first 2 ,on the same day, until the last week of nov (9 months) . He then got 2 more the day after his first birthday and 2 more 8 days later - I think the next ones are on their way soon.

Aisaia understands me very well, and although he like to be cheeky and grin at me, he will normally - go to the internal garage door when I say let's go in the car; he brings me his shoes if i say do you want to go outside - then will sit and lift his feet; he will go to his room when I say I need to change your nappy, or it's time for a nap. He responds if I ask if he's hungry, and he will let me know if he wants a drink. If I ask for something he will bring it to me, will give something to someone else if asked - but refuses to put stuff away =(

Apart from that my gorgeous little man shows alot of love, and loves music, listening to, making, love dancing, I am so proud of my little miracle and all the things he does, and I can't wait to watch him learn new stuff !!!

Blessing - posted on 04/13/2010




I feel great about my baby's development as she can do almost all the things you listed.

she can now walk and even run, she can feed herself but not with a spoon. she can drink by herself. she makes some sounds like mama and papa. she points and clap.she plays with other babies a lot. Her teeth is upto ten now and she understands simple commands like lie down, stand up, give me that etc. I'm very much impressed with her rapid development.

Mrs. Blessing Igbokwe

Erin - posted on 04/12/2010




My son is 14 months old.

He says hi, mama, da da, daddy, doggy, diaper (he picked that up at daycare), elmo, apple, turk (turkey), shhhh (shoe), dis (this), dat (that), "all done", and "I do". He also babbles a lot in his own little language. So cute.

He knows the remote works the tv and when I say "wanna watch elmo?" He immediately goes to the tv and points.

When I tell him "daddy' is home" he goes over to the gate at the top of the stairs, smiling and laughing.

He understands a lot of what we say. Like if I ask him to get a book, he'll go over to his books and pick one out. He knows which stuffed animals are Piggy, Elmo, and Scout and will go hug each one as you call their name.

He waves at people and says "hi". Just the other day he was waving and saying hi to everyone he passed in the grocery store. It was so funny!

He points and claps. He LOVES it when you clap and praise him. He can also clap on cue to the song "If you're happy and you know it..."

He just started feeding himself with a spoon and toddler fork. It's pretty messy, but he does a good job. When I start to feed him, he grabs the spoon and says "I do!".

He can turn the light switches off and on.

He just started walking last weekend, although he knows he can get around faster if he crawls. :-)

He has two teeth on the bottom, with a third one breaking through & One tooth on top, with the second & third one breaking through at the same time.

He shakes his head no when he's done with dinner and says "all done". He hears that phrase at daycare a lot, so I think that's why he picked it up so quickly.

He loves listening to music and bounces up and down and shakes his shoulders.

He drinks from a sippy cup.

He feeds himself finger foods. I still cut everything up in really small pieces since he doesn't have many teeth and it's still hard for him to chew.

He plays with the other babies at daycare. He went through a period where he'd pull the girls hair. I think he's stopped doing that. Just today I saw him smile and hug one of his little friends. It was so cute!

He laughs a lot and does happy high pitched squeals. I love that!

He has preference for certain books and will make me read them over and over and over again.

He can brush his hair, and if you ask him "where's your hair?", he'll tug at it.

He still blows raspberries, especially during breakfast.

When you click your tongue, he will click his tongue.

He gives kisses (open mouth on cheek) and hugs.

He knows how to work the volume on the stereo. Unfortunately, this leads to crying when I tell him not to touch.

He loves playing with his blocks, his stacking cups, and pushing his train around the house. He also rolls his soccer ball back and forth with me.

He also likes to move the kitchen chairs and breakfast bar stools into the living room!

[deleted account]

My son is almost 14 months old I am very comfortable with his development babies do things at their own time and rushing is a waste. He can walk but he doesn't because he can't go fast. I assist him with the spoon for clean up purposes lol. He has had a sippy cup for months. Bryce calls all immediate family by name, he plays with our children not necessarily babies( he's the youngest). 4 teeth, 2 coming in...he understands when he wants to he is very stubborn lol.

Helen - posted on 04/12/2010




Our son is 14 months.
He still isn't walking by himself, but likes holding my hands to walk, and cruises around the furniture quite happily. He also climbs a lot!
He loves having a spoon with his yogurt, although I usually feed it to him while he's playing with his spoon, and I will give him a spoon with his other food sometimes, although he usually likes to finger feed himself - including things like couscous peas and rice!
He has a sippy cup with water during the day, with 2 bottles of milk at night, one at his bed time and another at ours.
He says 'ga' for cat, and at the moment thats about it, although he babbles almost constantly, and I think he's starting to say 'dad' and 'mum', or at least his versions of.
He claps if he's happy or if we praise him for something. He points at things and actively looks for the cats, especially in the mornings. He will also wave goodbye, sometimes by himself and sometimes with a bit of prompting.
He loves playing with other children, and he has a special friend called George. We don't see George much these days since his mum went back to work, but Miles gets really excited when he does see George. He also loves going to toddler groups.
He has 8 teeth, with all 4 molars making their presence felt!
As for what he understands - more than I think we realise, probably! He doesn't really follow commands, but thats because we don't really ask him to do much really - we're content to let him play and develop in his own time, and these things will come in time. He does help to get himself dressed - puts his arms in sleeves, lifts legs up one at a time for trousers, socks and shoes.
He has the most wonderful smile, and his giggle is contageous!
He is also mischeivous - takes his shoes and socks off, touches things he knows he shouldn't (computer bits, remotes etc) and generally creates chaos - but wouldn't want it any other way!

Hathaichanok - posted on 04/12/2010




She started to walk since 12 months
She can feed herself fingerfood and try to use a spoon
She loves drinking from glass or straw
Her first word was Mom since she was 7 months now she try to speak after me
She points, claps, dance, wash her hands, waves, greet, etc
She has many babies friends.
She has 8 teeth.
She understands the command. I can tell her to do things pick things up or tell her to go to somewhere or do something.

I think my baby has good development, she tries to do things on her own. she love to laugh, play, dance, She can walk all day. She loves bathing and hair drying.

She loves vegetables!!!!

Amber - posted on 04/12/2010




My Daughter just turned 14 months
Walked at 12 months. Climbs also.
She only does finger foods and we feed her with a spoon. We really havent tried giving her a spoon though.
She has 8 teeth also and is getting more in.
She can drink from a sippy cup too, but usually we give her a bottle 3-4 times a day.
She says Mama, Dada, Dog, Nana, and been making the s sound.
She can Clap, and wave, but does not POINT either.
She is very independent as well and LOVES LOVES music. So our tv is usually on music stuff as well. She doesnt seem interested in me reading or anything to her either, she would rather look at a book herself without mommy.
She knows the Word NO, and Don't touch. But she tried to bite you when you tell her no. So thats a issue right now.
Our daughters are pretty much alike!

Bree - posted on 04/11/2010




Reading these actually made me laugh. Mostly because it made me think about my one year old son Ben in comparison to his three year old sister Cadence when she was the same age. She was an angel baby, one year old, and still is an angel. My son who turned 1 on feb 21 is the complete opposite. And i am pretty sure i did everything exactly the They both were off the bottle at 1yr. I just took them and gave them sippys and didn't give them a choice in the matter. Both walked between 10 and 11 months. She was and is alot more talkative. He refuses to say anything more then dad and yes. And I work on words, naming things and such with him everyday all day. He does not listen...he either laughs when you correct him or throws a fit. He screams alot...I think this may have to do with not having the words but really, he might just like the sound of his own voice. He bites, something his sister never even thought about doing, usually only me, but has bit his sister on occasion. He does clap, wave, dance, etc...but only listens to direction when it is something he wants to do, ex.take a bath. He is a very frustrating child at times. He has ten on the way to twelve teeth. And their pediatrician says all kids are different and that her second one was a devil too, lol.

Ez - posted on 04/11/2010




Sorry.. off-topic I know...
Stephanie just thought I'd comment on your point about walkers. I've also heard that they can inhibit walking, but it was certainly not the case with my daughter. She started hooning around in her walker at 5 months, first steps at 10 months, running at 11. I did stop letting her use it once she got very close to taking off on her own, and it was only every used in moderation. But I really think that with a bit of common sense walkers can be another fun learning activity.

Stephanie - posted on 04/11/2010




My daughter who is 13 months old can walk, say some things like "don't!" "kitty -cat" "mama" "dada" "hii" "bye", drink from a sippy cup, waves hellow and goodbye, eat with a fork, points at things she wants, claps when she likes something, babbles with other babies at family gatherings, has 3 molars, and 6 teeth other than that, she understands "no, don't, sit, stand, kisses, clap, mama, dada, kitty cat, hugs, stop, hi, bye" and a few other commands. I'm a stay at home mom that breastfed. I work with my daughter every day reading and teaching her words, I never used baby-talk because it damages their speach developement and I kept her feet bare to help her start to walk asap and never used a walker because it's bad for their walking developement

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Sophia turned one on Feb. 20th, just like all other babies there are some things she can and can't do but, nothing we worry about. We think she is perfect :)
She started taking steps on her own at about 9 months, we thought for sure she would be walking good by Thanksgiving but, she ended up waiting until Christmas to really take off. Now she is practically running and climbs on and into everything!
She can feed herself with a fork a little. If I put food on the fork she can pick it up and hit her mouth! lol We haven't put a lot of effort into this skill yet though, she loves feeding herself finger foods, she even picks up little pieces of rice.
She has been using the sippy cup well since about 7 months and has been completely off the bottle since about 11 1/2 months.
She loves to try to talk, she has always been a babbler. She says mama, dada, sissy, bubba, Ka-e (Kailey, her big sister), Ban-on (Brandon, her big brother), ki-e (kitty), bye bye, ni-ni (nite nite), abby (abby cadabby), e-mo (elmo), book, no no, up, ow, out, among other random words that she says at times but not often.
She points, claps, waves bye bye, blows kisses, gives you "five".
I recently started babysitting a 5 month old and she loves having her here (although she has her jealous moments!) She is always giving her kisses and patting her (giving her love). What amazed me most though is she seems to understand a little about sharing without ever really being taught. I will tell her no, don't take a toy from the baby and then she will go get one of her toys to give the baby before she tries to take it again, it's too cute! She does this type of thing with us sometimes too, like she is trying to make a trade for something she wants.
She still only has her 2 bottom teeth, but the top two seem to be coming in now...finally!
She definitely understands simple commands, though she doesn't always obey! If I say take it to the living room or go get your book she will usually do it. If I say it is time to eat she will go to the kitchen, brush teeth or take a bath she will run to the bathroom.
She loves to dance, she has a couple of favorite books she will sit still for, she loves to go bye bye, I can get her to do just about anything if she thinks she will get to go bye bye after doing it! lol She puts herself to sleep, takes 2 naps a day about 2 hours each and sleeps 10-12 hours a night. I'm sure I could go on and on, but I think I've written enough for now!

Megan - posted on 04/11/2010




my daughter is 13 1/2 months

walking well by 9months, feeds herself with a fork but the spoon i still help with since i don't want a mess. she runs and climbs really well and fast. she says about 25 words: mama, dada,nini, poopoo, peepee, ew, doggie, birdie, no, ok, up, please, pretty, cookie, ball, hi, bye, matt,ernie, uh-oh, papa, apple, happy, light, cat. she drinks from a sippy cup and loves playing and running after the big kids. not too good at sharing but we are working on it. she has eight teeth thru and some molars trying to break thru. she claps, points, dances, and understands simple directions - go get your baby doll, book etc. we are starting to see tantrums and mild separation anxiety.

Bethany - posted on 04/11/2010




wow, I love seeing the variety in this community. Charlotte is a Feb 8th girl.

Charlotte is still getting about on her bottom, but can walk between us for a few metres. Started doing that at about 13 mths. She made her first attempt to clamber up onto the couch tonight, with no success, but that's not realy something I'll encourage anyway.

She is completely off the breast as of today. I've cut the goodnight feed starting today, that was the only feed left to cut out, and she didn't seem to mind at all. She's pretty much weaned herself.

She drinks confidently from a glass/cup, but that's something I've worked hard on the last month or two, taking advantage of a hot summer. She has a sports bottle when we're out and a sippy cup at the coffee table for if she's thirsty between meals.

She is ok with a spoon with tacky porridge, or weetbix, or risotto, etc but mostly eats fingerfoods and bits of whatever I'm having.

Intelligable words are Daddoo, mum, door, car, yellow, soft, weewee, thankyou (ang-goo), let's go!, flower (ow-a), woobee! (muslin lovey). Animal noises like Maa Maa (cat), oof oof *pant pant* (dog) *sticks tongue in and out* (lizard), moo . She signs toilet when she needs to do a poo, I havn't changed a pooy nappy in over 2 weeks. Sometimes she does it for wee too now. She signed toilet for about half an hour at the shops yesterday and when I finally got home and got her dry nappy off, she did a wee and a poo in the potty. (yay!) She also signs cold, eat/food, water, milk, dolly and biscuit in context.

She points to everything and says Dat Dat (what's that) and I say what it is and she has a go at saying most things. She claps, did so at 11 mths. She sways to music.

Not too interested in playing with other kids, but likes to just watch them. She is usually watching them come up and hit her on the head with something, which makes her cry.

She understands "not for you to touch", "may I please have the keys/block/whatever", "pick up your drink please" (if it's fallen over), "sit" "slowly, gently, carefully.."` "can you please put the pegs in the basket/lego in the bag" "may I please have a peg" "can you please put the book on the table"

She's a real little dolly. Such a nice nature, and really very pleasant to spend my days with. We understand each other quite well. (not looking forward to those molars though. She has 8 teeth, and I can feel big lumps under her gums where her molars will be.)

Lyndsay - posted on 04/10/2010




Dash will be 14 months on the 20th. he has been walking since just after his birthday and now almost runs.
He usually refuses food unless he gets to do it himself. Sometimes he'll let me feed him yogurt if he gets to hold his own spoon, so it's mostly finger foods at this point. He only recently started using a sippy cup on his own, I guess about a week and a half ago, I think he was just being stubborn before.
He says a lot of words. Mama (sometimes mommy!) and Dada, baby, ball, meow meow, dog, woof woof, moo, more, done, walk, night night, Bop bop (his grandpa), yum yum, milk, hi, bye bye, ooh, uh oh, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something!
He loves to pint, clap and wave.
He LOVES other babies! He always wants to play with them, but most babies aren't interested in playing with him, so he usually has to play with toddler girls. He has a baby doll which he treats like a baby and he gets super excited when he sees a baby or a picture of a baby.
He has 8 teeth but he's getting some more in right now.
He seems to understand most things I say, but that doesn't mean he always listens!
His favorite thing is balls, he spots them before I do and he's pretty much obsessed with them. He also loves going outside, he cries if he can see the outside or if someone else is out and he's not, or if you try to come inside when he's not ready, sheesh! I'm sure he's going to be an athlete because he already loves to hold all the balls the way they're meant to be held and throw them the proper way, too, and he's got a heck of an arm!
All in all I'm very happy with his development, he seems to be on track and he couldn't be a sweeter, happier, friendlier little boy!

Ez - posted on 04/10/2010




Ok here goes...

My daughter is 14 months old.

She took her first steps at 10 months and was running by 11.

She can feed herself with a spoon, and has been doing so for a while, and I put up with the mess because I know it's an important skill for her to learn lol.

She has her daytime milk from a sippy (also prefers the ones with the straws) but I still give her a warm bottle after her bath.

Her vocab is extensive, and I honestly couldn't even list all the words she says. She has been a very early talker, and along with all the basics - Mum, Nonna (her grandmother), bye bye, nini, no, yes/yep, bike, dot dot (what we call her dummy), car, dog, Num Num (food), bath, wee wee, poo, go, ready etc - she also does some animal sounds ('What does a puppy/cat/horse/snake say?' etc), can count to 3 and will tell you how old she is ('ONE!!!' and holds one finger in the air lol). She has also started forming 2-word sentences in the last month or so ('Nini Mumma', 'Ready GO!', 'oh wow!', 'good girl' etc).

She points and asks 'wassat?' (what's that), and claps to music and when she's excited. She waves and says 'bye', and will actually start waving when someone says they're leaving.

Her interaction with other babies is good as she's always had a lot of other children around her. They used to just play next to each other, but I have noticed they have actually started playing together a lot more in the last couple of months. The other day I was at my friend's place, and my daughter and her son (only 6 days apart in age) were in another room giggling together lol. She does tend to get up in their faces a bit though, wanting to kiss and cuddle them. She doesn't understand why they don't always like that lol.

She has 10 teeth (including her 4 molars) that have come through in random order.

And thankfully she does understand what I'm saying. Whether she does it or not is another matter! If I say we're going out, she says 'go car' and points outside. If I ask her for a kiss, she will give me one. If she drops some food and I ask her to pick it up she does. If she's got something she's not supposed to have (my glasses, lip balm etc) I will say 'Ta for Mummy' and hold out my hand, and she will usually give it to me.

We have also started toilet training because she has expressed a clear interest and understanding in it. She tells me when she's doing a wee. When I say 'Mummy's just going to the toilet', she says 'wee wee', so she's made that association. I'm not rushing it because she is still so young and doesn't have the control to hold her bladder, but hopefully by starting early and getting her familiar with the potty it will make it easier later in the year when it's time to get more serious with it.

Jessica - posted on 04/10/2010




Will is 13 and a half months, his birthday was Feb. 19.

He started walking at about 12 months, and can now run.
he can feed with a spoon, though very messily, and doesn't want me to feed him much of anything - wants to do it all himself.
He can drink from sippies, straws, and open cups ( though that is messy).
He still only speaks Dada, Mama, GG ( grandma) but also makes sounds of animals, meow, quack, oink, barks, moo, baa, and also does about 30 baby sign language signs.
Definitely points, and claps and does tons of other gestures/sign language.
Loves other kids, then again, he has a big sister he follows around, more parallel play then playing together with kids his own age, will play together a little with his sister or older kids.
He has 8 teeth, got his first 2 at 6 months, and his first molars are working their way up.
He understands simple commands, but is in an obstinate stage and doens't always follow the commands.
He will put his dirty diapers into the diaper pail, will put garbage in the garbage can (and take it right back out again) put his hat on and take it off, bring toys you tell him to, and do signs you ask him about, give hugs and kisses, dance to music, mimic sounds and musical tunes by humming.



Hanna - posted on 04/10/2010




My twins are 14 months old

They don't walk but quite happily pull themselves up and climb on to things

They don't feed themselves with a spoon which is great as feeding 2 is quicker and less messy when I do it on my own

They have 12 teeth each the back ones were a nightmare as they are so big in their little mouths.

They still drink from a bottle on a morning and nightime when they have their milk at other times they will have a sippy cup or straw.

They have been chatty for ages and can say mum mum, da da, at at (cat), bye and others.

They wave, point, clap, do tinkle twinkle and actions for other nursery rhymes.

They love interacting with other children and find older kids really funny.

They sleep between 12 and 13 hours a night which is lovely.

The best thing though as they are twins they are so content all day to play with each other and are so calm when we go out to places they are a dream.

Nora - posted on 04/10/2010




Hi Oana,

My daughter is 13 months old she has been walking since 9 and half months...running and climbing everything now including couches and her bed.
She isn't very good with feeding herself with a spoon. Its a bit messy but eats finger foods well and eats everything we do. She drinks from the sippy cup perfectly. She can say mama,dada, mum, baby, boo!, tummy, ta( thankyou), peek a boo, yum, quack quack ( for the ducks), and bed... that's all I can remember at the moment but there are other words too. She can point, clap, wave goodbye and blow kisses. She loves playing with babies her own age and kids who are older. She has five teeth at the moment and can understand simple commands eg, bring me your book. Where is your bag, go get your drink, where is your baby ( her baby doll), go give daddy a kiss, can I have a cuddle, I ask her to squeeze me and she gives me a big squeeze whilst cudding me , and most of the time if I ask her to come and lie down on the floor so I can change her nappy she will listen, and a few other commands. She seems to be learning and picking up more each day which is great.

Julie - posted on 04/09/2010





First of all, what a lovely post and nice to read other replies too and hear how all you are all doing :)..ok

Thomas is 13 months old

He takes 6/7steps and then realises he can get there quicker on his knees,so not sure you can class this as walking as of yet,but dont think it is far off?? He cruises always and walks on his own from one sofa to the next, but seems to enjoy to 'bunny hop' everywhere!!.

He has fed himself finger foods since about 8 months and uses a spoon now, although I still try and spoon majority in ( so he eats most of it) before he takes it off me, as although most goes in his mouth, it doesn't all quite make it,but he enjoys himself.

He drinks from a sippy cup.

He says Mama, Dada and lots of baby speak, he also squeals loudly with delight!!

He claps along to all songs/music and whenever he hears anyone cheer 'horray' :)

He points lots too, at photos on our walls and giggles ( Umm, not sure what that says about our photos,haha)

Tom loves other babies,he has a new baby cousin who is 12 weeks old and cant wait to play with him. He strokes his head and passes him lots of toys, really cute.

He loves music and bounces, dances, claps etc along. We have Xbox Rock Band, he also loves the drums on that so now has his own drum kit!! Rock Star in the making ;o)

He understands more than I probably realise, mainly 'No', I'm sure ;) Bathtime, Bye Bye ( and waves). If I ask for a cuddle, he gives me the biggest squeeze with arms tight around my neck, so adorable xx He will also 'love' his teddies, toys,other family members etc.

He has 8 front teeth and one (very painful!!!) molar halfway through..ouch!

He loves his touchy feely story books at bedtime.

He loves pasta, bananas, rice cakes and carrots, well, he loves pretty much all food but they are his faves.

He has the most beautiful blue eyes, the biggest (contagious) smile and Im still amazed how much our baby boy has grown. We are looking forward to a great summer with our toddler :)

Jackie - posted on 04/09/2010




OK lets see...

Allison is almost 14 months and had been walking since 10-11 months

She has started to feed herself with a fork and spoon in the last month

She drinks from sippy cups and found that she likes the ones with the rubber straws

She can say Mommy daddy, What's that?, Ninny (her grandma) night night,doggy, zebra, hi, bye...

She has 8 teeth

She points, claps, dances

And she understands commands WAY more than I thought. She throws away her diaper, she helps me dress herself, she understands ALOT that shocks me everyday :)

She is very interested and interactive with other kids because she has cousins her age and so cute to see them play together. I'll ask her things like. Where's the Lorax?" (Its from the Dr Suess book) and she goes right for it. Or I'll say, "Let's put your shoes on" and she give me her feet. Give Daddy Night Night kisses and she goes to find Daddy and give him a smooch, grabs her blankie and oof she goes :)

Oana - posted on 04/09/2010




I'll go first:

Maria is 13 months and a half.

She's been walking since she was 11 months. She's climbing a lot and knows how to get off the bed feet first.

She can feed herself finger foods but we still feed her with a spoon.

She's got 8 teeths so far and there are more coming now, probably all 4 molars (ouch)!

She can drink from the sippy cup. Still breastfeedind twice a day, once when she wakes up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Not too keen on other type of milk so she takes whatever calcium she needs from puddings.

She can say mama and tata and some other baby talk.

She can clap but can't point. She can wave bye bye :)

She's not into playing with other babies, listening to me reading to her or interacting much. She likes listening to music so our TV is always on a music station. She would often dance to the music and sometimes do it when someone asks her to dance. She loves being rocked and swinged and we have a wheeled storage box that she gets into and waits for someone to wheel her back and forward.

She understands "that's not allowed!" and she would wave her hand that she wasn't doing anything bad he-he. She won't react to comands but I'm sure she understands; she often start talking in her baby talk if I tell her she shouldn't do something. Also, she would do something only in exchange for something else, she's soo independent! She would sometimes igore me when I tell her something and then see her smile to herself feeling very cheeky :))

I'm not sure if I should worry about her not showing too much interest into learning, any feedback would be useful.

Thank you.

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