37 weeks, 3 cm dialated with contractions.. (SORRY IF LONG, JUST NEED SOMEONES INPUT)

Valerie & Nick - posted on 02/01/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Went to the hospital last night due to serious back pains, ended up that I had an UTI and also was having contractions and was already 3 cm dilated. The nurses there kept track of my contractions and had me drink lots of water and cranberry juice. After an hour i was still at 3cm. Was I in labor? I wasn't bleeding or anything.. The nurses had came back to see that I was still having contractions so they put me on the IV for more fluids and still CONTRACTIONS! So when the nurse came back she gave me a shot to try and stop the contractions, I did not understand why they would want to try and stop them, unless they didn't want me to have the baby yet. And was that safe for them to do? I was still having some contractions but after 2 1/2 hours they went away, still had the back pain by my tail bone though. They never re checked my cervix, they kept me over night so the doctor could see me in the morning but he never showed. They just ended up giving me something for the UTI and told me to drink plenty of water, that it would help. I was so confused, because with my first pregnancy I had walked to the hospital because my mucus plug had fell and I was worried, didn't know much and just wanted to be on the safe side, I was 34 weeks pregnant then and had no contractions, (I went to a different hospital) and they saw I was already 4cm and didn't let me leave, I ended up staying in a room for 3 days until I got to 10cm and they had to pop my water bag. So why now, that I am 36 weeks almost 37 weeks pregnant they tried to stop whatever was going on and sent me home? Should I try going to a different hospital?



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we were told that full term is 37 weeks and that anything before that even 36+6 is a high risk labor so if they can stop it GREAT! there is nothing bad out of stopping contractions. I would be way more concerned about delivering at 34 weeks than stopping at 36 weeks. You slowly dilate especially with 2nd and more pregnancies I am not due until March 1st but am 1 cm already, some people are 3 cm for 3 weeks, everything is different pregnancy -pregnancy, labor-labor and delivery-delivery but i would def be more happy than not about keeping the little one in there as close to 40 weeks as you can. We will probably not make it to 40 weeks this time but our OB reassured us that after 37 weeks we are OK! So as long as we make it until Monday Feb 8th we are great if we make it all the way until march 1st thats great too.
Hang in there, and you can always call your OB and see what they say. as long as your water hasn't broken you are good
Good Luck!!

Sarah - posted on 02/01/2010




This does seem very strange to me too. If you are full term, what is the point in stopping the contractions? Even my doc told me when I was at 36 weeks that if I went into labor he wouldn't try to stop it at that point. I don't understand why they would unless the hospital staff are real sticklers about the baby being born pretty much right at 40 weeks. I'd ask your doctor why that happened and if you were not comfortable at that hospital maybe talk about going to a different one.


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Hi it doesnt sound right that they would try and stop the contractions. Are you still having them? I would deffinately go to another hospital or atleast see your gp about it. Im not to sure if you only dialate during labour or you slowly dialte during braxton hicks contractions aswell. Im not real sure but i would deffinately look into this further if you are concerned.

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