5 Month Old - Big Kid, Feeding Schedule

Rachel - posted on 07/30/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok. My little one was born Feb 13, 2010. She is now 17 lbs 10 oz. and about 26 inches. She's pretty portional in terms of height/weight - the doctor says she's not fat, just a big kid.

Here's my feeding schedule for her

4 AM (she's an early riser) 7-8 oz formula

3-4 hours later 7-8 oz of formula

3-4 hours later 1-2 tsp of rice cereal mixed with 1-1.5 oz of formula (per the doctor) and 2 tsp of a fruit or veggie (this is what i consider her lunch)

About 30 mins to 1 hour later - she'll take about 4 oz of formula

3-4 hours later 7-8 oz of formula

3-4 hours later 1-2 tsp of rice cereal mixed with 1-1.5 oz of formula (per the doctor)

About 30 minutes to 1 hour later - she'll take about 4 oz

Does anyone else have a similar schedule? What is your schedule?

I say 3-4 hours because I go by her cues - sometimes she doesn't want to eat that long, and other times she's ready 3 hours after. Usually, she's about 3.5 hours between feedings, and whenever she eats the rice cereal, she'll want to top off her tank a little while after - usually it's between 2-4 oz of formula. I might also mention she had some sensitivity issues with allergies and was on nutramigen for awhile and we were able to switch her to Prosobee at about 4 months.

She is usually asleep about 8 PM and sleeps clear until about 4 AM - she's been doing that since she was about 12 weeks old. She takes naps during the day and plays a lot.

She's liking to stand on her own, and bounce, and "crawl" around....even though it looks like breakdance because she doesn't have both arms figured out yet. She sure does have that hindend figured out, and she can roll around to whenever she wants to go once she gets annoyed with her head crawling. The doctor says she's really strong for a child of this age. She'll probably be able to crawl any day. YIKES!

I didn't want anyone to think I was over/underfeeding or keeping her awake/letting her sleep too long! I thought I was a bad mom until I talked to my mother-in-law. She helped me with some concerns I had had.

Sorry for the novel, folks.


Krista - posted on 07/30/2010




Well Maddison was born the 28th of Feb and she is now right over 5months and is 16.12 and 26" and some of out day gose about like yours

6am-5 1/2oz formula and 1 1/2tsp of rice
9am-10am - 5 1/2oz formula
12pm-1pm - 4oz juice and 1 jar baby food
4pm-5pm - 5 1/2oz formula
6pm-7pm - 4oz juice and 1jar baby food
8:30pm-9pm - 5 1/2 formula and 1 1/2 rice.

we have been doing things like this from 3months till now and every now and then she will change things for a day or two but then we get back to this Schedule. Doctor said maddison is also very strong and out going for her age and is gonna be a very smart child, she two can almost crawl. So please dont second guess yourself. As maddison doctor told us only you are that childs mother and now matter that other people think you do know your child best! i wish you luck.

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