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Hey, so reading birth stories is one of my favorite things to do, and I figure we're out of february, so anyone that hasn't had a baby yet will be in a March 2010 group! So let's hear how your labors and deliveries went! :)


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Jackrabbit8 - posted on 03/26/2010




I got woken up around 9 am on 2/5/2010 with a wierd popping noise in my stomach. Got up, and had a little bit of blood in my panty liner. I had a little bit of a cramping feeling, so I figured I had to go to the bathroom, so I did. But the cramping got worse to where it was unbearable pain. I woke up hubby around 9:30 and said "I think it's happening for real!!" I don't think he believed me, he kept on sleeping. I went back to the bathroom and sat on the toliet swaying back and forth because it hurt so bad...ran back and woke him up again. He told me to call the doctor. So I called and in between pain I explained that there was almost no way to time the contractions because i was in constant pain. The doc told me to get into the hospital. Hubby ran outside to start the car and put our bags in, and by the time he came back inside i had taken my clothes off and hopped in the bathtub and was running warm water over my belly. I did not know how I was about to sit in a car and get to the hospital without dying! He got me out of there and as I was drying off and putting my panties on my water broke!! Then I knew I had to hurry up. I quickly got dressed and with my hubbys help got into the car. We got to the hospital (after hitting 2 red lights that i screamed for him to run!!) around 11:30am. He drove me up to the ER enterance and let me out so he could park the car...I attempted to walk to the elevators myself but had to waddle backwards and ask the staff to help me. I was put into a wheel chair and rushed upstairs to the 2nd floor. They were expecting me. I was wheeled into an observation room and told to put on a gown. By the time I had the gown on, hubby was there and I was writhing in pain on the bed. Soon a bunch of blood came out, and in between contractions they checked to see how dilated I was. I was at a 7. So they wheeled me to the birthing room where I would have my little one. This whole time i'm begging them for an epidural. My doctor gets there and checks me again and i'm dilated to an 8. They give me a spinal block and GOD THAT FELT GOOD! I was in heaven. Was able to text and call my parents. But that was short lived. It wore off after about 45 minutes and I was back to pain. They said they could give me another one at 1:30, but at 1:15 I was dilated to a 10 and completely effaced. It was time to push. With hubby on my left holding a leg, a VERY nice nurse on my right and my doctor at the end of the bed I pushed with every contraction. I gave 3 pushes per contraction. I felt every contraction and I wanted this baby OUT! At 2:05 after my third push on that contraction my doctor said ok rest for a minute and I screamed that I couldn't and pushed one last time and out came my beautiful baby boy!! 8lbs, 21.5 inches. He was put on my chest and then cleaned and handed to his daddy while i got 3 stitches. (somewhere in there his daddy cut his cord....) I was so relieved to have the pain gone. It is very true what they say...once your baby is born and in your arms you do forget about the pain.

Sarah - posted on 03/25/2010




I went to the doctor on the 15th to see if I was dilated at all and I was at 1 cm. Then, on the 16th, my water broke that night so we went to the hospital's birthing center and I got set up in my room. I didn't feel any contractions until I was 5 cm. That's when they moved me into the delivery room. I had picked out an intrathecal for my anesthetic. And I almost paralyzed myself getting it. They placed the needle in my spine and then I had a contraction so I jumped. Everyone yelled at me and held me down. After that, I felt really nice but it made me itch so they gave me Benadryl which I found out I was allergic to. It made me really tired and I kept falling asleep while trying to push him out! Then, my pain medication wore off about 20 minutes before I gave birth. Healthy little boy came at 5:44 AM, three weeks early. I tore in literally every direction and had to have more than 30 stitches, inside and out. Didn't get to hold my son until they were done :( But, I got to take him home 2 days later :) All in all, only 10 hours of relatively easy labor.

Tara - posted on 03/24/2010




i started having little pains that felt like period pains at 11pm on 6th feb they lasted until i went to hospital to be induce (didnt end up happening) on the 7th. they examined me and stretched my cervics n the the pains started getting worse from 2.30am on the 8th n my little girl was born at 5.44am with gas to push... my labour n birth wasnt that bad... lucky me... feel sorry for all u girls that had a horrible birth... its all well n truly worth it in the end...

Tina - posted on 03/17/2010




i had a stretch and sweep done when i was 7 days late but nothing seemed to happen, then the next evening i was just going to bed at 11.15, went to the toilet and my waters broke in the toilet!! (thank god no cleaning up to do lol) i got to the hospital at 11.40 my contractions started around then. i was in the labour ward 20 mins and was 9cm dialated so was wizzed off to delivery suite!
the MW went off to get me some pethadine but when she came back i was ready to push so couldnt have it, the gas and air made me sick so had to do it with no pain relief!
My whole labour was 2hrs 50mins and i had no stitches either! i feel so lucky

i know have a beautiful baby boy!

congratulations to all the other new mums xx

Erin - posted on 03/12/2010




I must say i had a really good labour, I started having pains at around 8pm the night before but didn't think much of them due to it be the day before my due date, as time went by i starting thinking maybe I was in labour this was at 12am I sat in the shower for a couple of hrs adjusting the water temp by 5am i couldn't take the pain anymore and we called my mother in-law to look after the two older kids we left for the hospital around 8am and got there at 9am we got stuck in the traffic it wasn't much fun we met the midwife at 9:20 after she had done all the check i once again sat in the shower didn't help after laying back down my midwife said to Neil i'll get you to push the nurse button soon lest then a min later my water broke and Riley's head was out the two other midwife didn't get a chance to do anything one walked in put a glove on took it off and walked out as he was born, I dont remember doing much pushing at all they had to show me that his head was out we were all in shock on how quick he was

Sarah - posted on 03/10/2010




Ian’s Home Birth Story – Feb 11th 2010

In my second pregnancy, I was due on February 16th. Since Alina (my daughter who is almost 3) was one week early, I was expecting to have this baby early too. I was aiming for February 12th since it was a Friday and was my grandmother’s birthday. I had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and menstrual-like cramps in the last couple months of pregnancy, and the contractions were pretty strong in the last couple weeks. In the days before I went into labor, I was feeling the need to try to get as much done as possible just in case I went into labor. So Alina and I went to the grocery store for some odds and ends on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I mopped the kitchen, went for a walk with Alina on her tricycle, and did three loads of laundry. That night, while Alina and Ryan (my husband) were asleep, I was reading in bed. At 10:30pm, my water broke when I got back in bed after going to the bathroom. It wasn’t a huge gush, but was definitely noticeable. I got up, changed clothes, and noticed more water coming out when I would move around. I tried to check my cervix for dilation, but just got a gush of water and figured I’d better quit. (I had been checking my cervix every day for a couple weeks and it was soft but not dilated when I checked it on Wednesday morning.)

I called Erin (the midwife on-call) to report that my water had broken. She said that with my water broken, I would have to have the baby within 24 hours or would have to be transferred to the hospital. She advised me to try to get some sleep. I was pretty excited, of course, but went back to bed to read some more. I also noticed Ryan moving around, so I told him my water had broken but that he should go back to sleep. By around 11:30, I started having contractions and they were fairly intense right from the start and I timed them at about 5 minutes apart. I tried to stay in bed but really felt like I needed to get up and move around. I went into the bathroom to get dressed and noticed I was already needing to rock back and forth and moan a bit during the contractions. (While in labor with Alina, it took many hours to get to that point.) I came out into the living room to get some water and kombucha. I had a few contractions in the dining room and then moved into the computer room. It seemed really early since I had only been in labor for a little while, but it really seemed to be going fast. My contractions were less than 5 minutes apart and would frequently have a double-peak (one right after another). I called Erin again and she said they had decided Annie was on-call since Erin had a test the next day. So I called Annie around 12:30am. She sounded very sleepy. I told her it seemed early, but then she heard me have a contraction and decided she should head right over (since she lives an hour away). I called my friend Susana who was planning to attend the birth and would be taking pictures with my camera. Susana didn’t answer so I left a message.

By this point, my contractions were getting really intense and I felt strange to be doing it alone. So I went and woke up Ryan and asked him to come out into the house with me. I asked Ryan to call Paul (Susana’s husband) because my contractions were so close that I couldn’t get on the phone. Ryan told Paul we were “in the middle of having a baby”. Ryan was pretty nauseous from lack of sleep so he laid on the floor in the living room with the fan on for a bit. I was also very hot and had stripped down to my undies and bra. I kept feeling like I needed to sit on the toilet, but couldn’t get comfortable there. Ryan recovered and then I needed to hang on him for every contraction because they were so intense. I was really starting to wonder when the midwives would arrive, and was standing by the front screen door when Sara (the midwife apprentice) arrived. I had a contraction right after she arrived and had an urge to push. Sara called Annie to update her on my progress and told her I was feeling pushy. Annie asked for clarification whether I was feeling the need to push or just feeling a lot of pressure. I had another pushy contraction and verified that I was definitely feeling the urge to push. My contractions were still often having double-peaks. Sara said she was going to get all of her equipment ready and I continued to hang on Ryan with a couple more contractions. Then Sara suggested that I lay down to slow the labor down. Since Alina was still sleeping in our bed, Ryan had set up a nest of towels and shower curtain on the floor in the living room. I really didn’t feel like laying down, but of course I did what was asked. Sarah said Annie was still about 20 minutes away. Annie had requested that Sara perform a vaginal exam, but my contractions were so close together that there was no time to do so. She did manage to check the fetal heart tones a couple times in between contractions. My contractions were definitely involving a lot of pushing now. Sara asked that I try not to push. This was the hardest part because it felt like I was trying to stop a train by trying not to push. In reality, I still ended up pushing almost every time; it was really out of my control. But I tried to push as little as possible. I tried to check my dilation once between contractions and felt something pretty close to the opening but it didn’t register at the time that it was Ian’s head. I just told Sara I couldn’t tell what I’d felt and of course was swept up into another contraction pretty quickly. For every contraction, I really needed to hold onto Ryan and it helped to look into his eyes. At some point when I was on the floor, Susana arrived. She said she could hear me moaning as soon as she got out of her car. She located our camera and took a couple pictures. I told her we were just trying to not have the baby before Annie arrived.

Annie arrived and I had one more contraction on the floor. Annie verified that Sara had everything ready for the birth. I think Ryan told me that now we had the whole cavalry present. I said I wanted to go to the toilet because I felt like I was going to poop. Turns out that was just Ian ready to come out! I sat on the toilet and immediately had a very strong contraction. I pushed Ian’s head out in one long push. I could tell that I was tearing, but could not stop pushing (and didn’t even want to stop). I remembered that it helps to support the perineum so I felt with my hand as his head came out all the way. My entourage of people had followed me into the bathroom; it’s a very small room so Ryan was standing in the bathtub, Sara was in front of me and Annie was just inside the doorway. Susana stood in the hall and took some pictures (but it was very dark in the bathroom with just a small nightlight on). Annie and Sara suggested that I try to lift up before pushing his body out. So Ryan helped support me in a squat over the toilet while I pushed Ian’s body out with the next contraction. I sat back down and had Ian on my lap. What a relief! It had been just over two hours of labor. I looked to see and discovered he was a boy.

The umbilical cord was pretty short, and we decided I should move to the living room to birth the placenta. So we made a procession with Sara helping me hold Ian and a towel between my legs, and Annie bringing up the rear. I laid back down on the floor and held Ian for a little while. Then the midwives verified that the umbilical cord was no longer pulsing and cut the cord. Sara handed Ian over to Ryan while Annie helped me with the placenta. I pushed once and the placenta came most of the way out. Annie asked me to have a small cough, which resulted in the placenta coming out the rest of the way. I relaxed while Annie checked out my tear, which was a second degree tear (superficial, so no stitches were required). I put Ian to the breast, and we heard Alina waking up on the baby monitor. I don’t know how she slept through all of my moaning and yelling! Ryan went to get Alina, and she came out to meet her new brother. Ryan, Alina, and I sang “Happy Birthday” to Ian. Then Ian was weighed and measured by Sara, 7 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long. Annie verified that the placenta was whole and she and Sara monitored my bleeding.

Ryan called my mom to let her know that Ian had arrived, and then I called my brother at around 2:30am. Ryan also called his mom to let her know. My mom arrived and said I had faked her out (earlier in the evening I talked to her on the phone and joked that I was in labor). My mom held Ian on the couch for awhile with Alina sitting next to her. After a little more resting on the floor, Annie said I needed to try to pee before I could take a shower and go to bed. I stood up (rather quickly) and promptly fainted (Ryan caught me and laid me down on the floor). I had some incoherent dream and then woke up to Ryan saying “deep breaths, deep breaths”. I felt faint/dizzy for awhile and had to sit up in little increments. It took awhile and I was so exhausted so we gave up on the idea of me taking a shower. I finally went to the bathroom around 5am and then into bed. Susana came in and took a couple pictures and talked to us a bit. Then we settled down to go to sleep (finally).

This birth was so different than Alina’s. Her birth was much more relaxed and so totally manageable throughout. I think of her birth as a roller coaster, and I was just along for the ride while my body went through everything. Ian’s birth was more like a train running through me. It was so intense that I really needed Ryan, whereas with Alina I was pretty much totally independent. In hindsight, they were both enjoyable, although Alina’s birth was much more calm.

Lin - posted on 03/09/2010




The Wednesday after my baby shower I went to see my PCP for a sinus infection - my blood pressure was 196/89, and didn't go down far even after sitting for 30 minutes, so the doc told me to make sure to let my fetal-maternal specialist know since I was seeing him Friday. On Friday I was sent to the hospital for a night observation, blood pressure checks every 10 minutes, and urine collection to test for preclampsia. The results of that were borderline, so I stayed for a 24-hour urine collection, which came back with borderline results. I rested as much as possible (this being the weekend I had planned on getting bags packed, room ready, etc. so I was going a bit nuts since I couldn't be at home to do any of it) until my Tuesday afternoon C-section at 36 6/7 weeks. The scheduled C-section went so much more smoothly than my oldest's emergency one - the next day I was up and about walking the halls (I only managed to do that 5 days later with my first one, and would have never managed the trip to the aquarium we did the following Sunday). The only real pain I had during birth was getting the IV put in and getting the local for my epidural. I also got to see my little 10-pound Greggie come out via a mirror, which was pretty cool, even though he was not happy about being exposed to the colder-than-Mommy air and even less happy about being held by someone other than me (Daddy wasn't even cutting it), so I have a Mama's boy on my hands. But man I was sweating it - I didn't want this one to be born on my mother-in-law's birthday or my oldest son's birthday, both which were close to Greggie's due date; I guess he wanted to be there for his big brother's party lol.

Melissa - posted on 03/08/2010




Felt my first contraction at 10.30 pm - contractions started 3 mins apart and stayed that way. After 3 showers & watching Harry Potter twice haha I decided it was time to head into the maternity ward at 5am. After the midwife checked me (I was 6cm!) I jumped in the spa bath as I was having a water birth. At around 9am I was 8cm and the midwife broke my waters - Amelia Grace was born at 10.30am & I had a brilliant pain relief free labour :)

Tessa - posted on 03/07/2010




Had early labour contractions for 30 hours.
Posterior baby meant irregular contractions that were painful and lasted a minute to 2 minutes long.
During having a nap my waters broke and I went into established labour.
Birthed our beautiful baby girl 4 hours later on the 24th feb with 3 puffs of gas to get my head past the pain of pushing her 36cm skull through in just 3 contractions.
It felt like my hips were going to explode and as I hadn't slept in so long I couldn't focus enough to push past the pain. Other than that I had my virtually drug free birth I planned on.
I feel this birth was such an empowering and wonderful experience, much the opposite of my first birth. I'm extremely happy with this time around and am hoping to do even better next time and not touch the gas!

Pippa - posted on 03/05/2010




Woke up at 9 and felt something leaking so I phoned the hospital and got told to come in. Got to the hospital and got seen at 9.30. My waters had broken so I was told to go home and wait for contractions and if they didn't start then I would be induced on the 9th at 6pm. Around 11.30pm I was having contractions every 10 minutes so went into hospital but because I was only 1 cm dilated I was told to go home. Managed to get some sleep then woke up at 5 with really painful contractions every 4 minutes. Went back into hospital only to be sent home again because I was only 2 cm dilated. Finally at 7.30 I couldn't bear the pain and felt like I needed to push so phoned the hospital but chose to ignore them when they said to wait an hour before coming in (the same midwife who had sent me home twice!) - I stopped myself from pushing on the way in and got to labour ward at 8.10. Katelyn Gillian was born at 8.22!!! No pain relief!

Charity - posted on 03/04/2010




Shea Ruth’s birth story.


I went to the doctor around 11:30 and we had just had a huge snow storm and I wanted to make sure your mamaw and papaw and godmommy Jessi could make it for your birth, there was another huge snow storm set to come in on the day you were due and I just didn’t want to risk it, so I asked the doctor if we could have you induced soon so we could have our whole family here. They said sure and schedualed mommy to go into the hospital at 8 the next morning, I was shocked that they did it so soon! I called your daddy and told him and he was so excited, for the last month he was poking my belly and telling you to get out so he could play with you! I spent the day calling everyone and trying to clean the house as much as possible for when you came home. Daddy and I were so excited we couldn’t sleep that night, we kept talking about how you were finally going to get here and what we were going to do with you and what you might look like and what you would be like. It was one of the longest nights of my life…so I thought.


Mommy and Daddy finally got up and moving and packing all the stuff for the hospital when mommy started getting bad contractions, it made us even more excited. We finally got ready and went to McDonalds for breakfast, daddy had such a hard time getting your car seat into the car that he didn’t even get it in untill we were leaving McDonalds! We got to the hospital at 8am and we were taken to room 335. We got cozy and in came the nurse Misty, she was so funny and nice, mommy is scared of needles so when she went to put in mommy’s IV she closed her eyes and in came mamaw to hold her hand, the nurse was shaking so much because she had too much coffee and we kept laughing. She told me she would be back in about an hour to give me the medicine to get you out. About 30 minutes later she came back and said that too many other mommies had come in to have their babies so they were going to wait to start the medicine. They came in and checked me to see if you were even close to coming out and of course you weren’t, I was only 1 ½ cm and I needed to be 10 before you could come! Plus you were so far back it was really hurting me. So mommy and daddy and mamaw and papaw sat and waited, and waited, and waited, about noon the nurse came back and asked if I wanted to go home and come back tomorrow, I said NO WAY! I want my baby out! So she said that if things worked well around 4 the would start a different medicine that would help mommy get ready for you. So we waited and waited some more. Finally at 4 they came in and gave mommy a medicine called Cervadil to help. It hurt really bad and made me have to go potty a lot. Daddy was wonderful and helped out so much helping me breathe through the contractions and unhooking all the wires so I could go to the potty all night. He held my hand and told me that everything was going to be okay and that he loved me very very much and it was all worth it Which it was.


Finally around 1am the nurse came in and checked mommy again and said that the medcine was working and I was at 4cm so they took it out and let me go all natural. We kept waiting and waiting some more, you were being stubborn like your daddy! The nurse came in around 8 to check again and of course mommy and daddy were thinking that they were going to say wait some more, but they said it was time to break mommy’s water and get everything started! Mommy said “no no no not yet wait some more till everyone else got here!” but it wasn’t her choice. So they broke mommy’s water and it was not fun at all, infact it made mommy cry. It was worse than her contractions! After that your godmommy Jessi made it to the hospital! Mommy was so excited but in so much pain, so they gave mommy some medicine that made her feel much much better (almost like she had a whole bottle of wine to herself!) and it was helping a little bit. Finally after two hours mommy gave in and got an epidural in her back to make all the pain go away. I was so so scared because of the needles. When the doctor came in to give me the big shot he gave me lots of little shots to numb my back I kept jumping and it was scaring daddy, he came and held me very close and told me that everything was going to be okay. If it wasn’t for daddy, mommy would not have been able to deal with the pain. He is such a good man, we are both so very lucky to have him in our lives. After mommy got the medicine she felt very sleepy and finally went to bed and slept till they came in around 2 when mamaw and papaw and nana and pop-pop got there and our friend Kacy who takes all the pictures of you, well mommy was hurting again I and asked for more medicine and then slept till around 4 when they came in and said that I was at 9cm and we would start pushing soon, the contractions started to slow down though so they gave mommy a medcine called Pitocin to help make them come faster, instead they were just making them longer! Almost 4 to 5 minutes long! But I couldn’t feel them because of the epidural so it was okay. Around 5 we tried to start pushing but you just weren’t having it. It made mommy sad and frustrated because the doctor she didn’t like was going to come on soon and she wanted the nice midwife to deliver you instead, so they said at 6 we were going to try again. An hour later in she came and mommy made everyone but mamaw and daddy and Kacy leave the room. Mommy asked the midwife how long pushing normally took for a first time mommy and she said that it averaged around two to four hours. I told her there was no way, So we started pushing and boy did it hurt! Daddy and mamaw did a great job helping and trying to sooth me. I kept pushing and pushing and finally I told them just to pull you out! Of course they couldn’t but I didn’t think I could keep going, Daddy gave me the streangth to keep pushing he said you were so close and I couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms. I was screaming a lot and even pop pop heard me! After 8 contractions and 39 minutes later out you came, you were so beautiful and perfect and big! Everyone was surprised at how big and pretty you were! Your eyes were open and you were ready to explore the world. Daddy was crying and mommy was crying and everyone was so happy. I’ve never seen your daddy so proud and so happy. It was the best feeling in the world when they put you in my arms. I couldn’t believe that you were finally and really here. You looked just like your daddy and I couldn’t stop smiling…So after 26 and a half hours of labor Shea Ruth was finally here weighing in at 7lbs. 7oz. and 19 ½ inches long born 2/12/10 at 6:39pm

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