Easy Potty Training Tips for 2 yr olds

Kristi - posted on 02/07/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




What is the easiest way to start potty training?? My daughter is turning 2 on the 11th and when she turned 1 we showed her the potty and at 1st she was all for it peed in the potty and even pooped in it once but since then no go on the potty she will go sit on it but wont go any suggestions??


Ashley - posted on 03/07/2012




My daughter has been potty trained since 20 months then 22 months day and night in underwear 24/7! I basically just took a weekend and put her in underwear and let her have accidents while still taking her to the potty and rewarding her when she went. We made a Potty Chart with stickers that she really responded to and was so excited about it. Go out and find stickers with her fav tv show or characters and make up a chart for the days and everytime she makes it into the potty, let her put a sticker on her chart, and when she has accidents, just let her know where it is supposed to go. But make a BIG deal out of all the times she goes potty but don't really flinch about accidents.

My daughter does awesome with it now and she goes out all night without accidents or waking up to go potty and she will hold it for a while during the day and will tell me when she has to go instead of me having to take her all the time now. Good Luck! When she is ready this will really work and it won't be so much work because it will just click and then say bye bye to diapers :)

Jessica - posted on 03/07/2012




my son just turned 2 and he just started using the potty I made a big deal out of it when we bought his potty underwear in his fav cartoon i wraped them up like it was a holiday i got him real excited and he loved it then i started asking him every 20mins if he has to go potty he would always tell me no so i ask him if he wants mommy to read to him he would say yes so i told lets go sit on the potty and mommy will read to you i would read dr. suess books to him and in the amount of time it took me to read a whole book he peed i would praise him give a cookie and then do it all over again in 20min now when i ask him if he has to pee if he tells me no then he doesnt have to go but if he doent answer me i know he has to go so i take him to the potty and read some days though he doent want to be read to and on those days i ask hm if he wants some cookies and i tell him that while he sits on his potty he can eats some cookies and ill read to him also nap time i take drinks away from him an hour before hand so he doesnt wet the bed and it usally works the only time he wears a diapper is at night he isnt fully potty trained yet but were still working on it..I hope this helps a little


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Lisa - posted on 05/19/2012




i starting potty training my daughter the day after her 2nd birthday and she freaked, she was quite happy sitting on it we use to put books/ building blocks in front of her as a distraction and it worked but when she peed she use to freak out and get my tea towels to try and wipe it up thinking she had done wrong, for about 3 days she did this and i just constantly reassured her holding her hand or hugging say its alright good girl you wee weed in your potty, and eventually she loved going on it with only a few accidents a day, in the beginning we put knickers on her so she realized that she was weeing cause when in nappies they get into the habit and don't acknowledge it, on the 5th day she first had a poo in her potty and she usually poos on the morning she never had the chance to do it in her potty once again she freaked out but after the 3rd time pooping in her potty she became accustom to it and now doesn't mind. Its now been 3months since we've starting potty training her and im so proud, we can take her out (bus, shop, mall, park) with out a nappy on and she knows to ask for wee she can even hold it in till we run to the toilet shes only had 1 accident when she was out that was the first time, but i felt the need to take nappys off her when we were out as it confused her because in the house she started asking for a nappy to pee in as she was peeing in a nappy when out and she was getting to accustom to them again, so now she only has a nappy on during naps and bedtime, until we can keep her dry at night. She can put herself on the potty by herself and knows to ask when were at others houses as well, i don't even have to constantly keep asking her "do you need to wee" because she tells me. Tip of the day if your potty training be consistent, follow through with it from day one, dont keep stopping and starting because it confuses them and takes them longer to learn (i know this because my sister did with her little boy and he was over 4 when he official starting using the toilet and he still has the odd accident) be persistent and consistent and they'll prove to be really fast learners good luck x

Sarah - posted on 05/04/2012




i just took a whole day and really didnt put diapers on my 2 year old. she turned 2 on feb 11. about a month ago i did this and i did the sticker thing too. every time she went pee i gave her a sticker. she liked that and i made a huge deal about it too....i put her back in her diaper when we go out or nap times.... it is working good. sometimes she gets lazy and when watching tv ect and really interested or really lazy she will go pee in her panties but other than that she is good at home you just need to stick with it and always tell her its potty time!!!! and read with her on the potty ... i just need to get her into not making accidents when we are out! i think i am more affraid of taht that she is...ahahahha or bed time!

Robyn - posted on 05/03/2012




Check out the 3 day method online. I potty trained my daughter 100% day and night in just 18 days.

Stephanie - posted on 02/26/2012




My son isn't showing signs of even being interested in the potty. Do I just wait for him to show interest and take it from there? Or is there a way to spark his interest?

Sarah - posted on 02/20/2012




im also needin tips my 2 year old son wont use his potty we have had his nappy off all day days on end and he has not used the potty ones he sits on it i tell him well done good boy do pee pee on potty he claps and walks off when hes wee'd on the floor he sas awwwww and comes and shows u were hes wee'd dont think he will ever use the potty

Nichole - posted on 02/07/2012




My son is turning 2 on the 19th and he just started showing an interest in the potty. He asks to go on it when he has to pee, but that's about it. It's frustrating because he constantly asks to sit on it, but I let him do it to show him that that's what the potty is for. I also make sure to praise him a lot when he goes potty and he loves that.

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