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Celeste-sa - posted on 11/30/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi Mums,

I was just curious as to what games or activities you entertain your LO's with at this age. I am finding my girly is getting pretty bored- pretty quickly with her toys, regardless of whether I am playing with or not, and also the usual peek a boo, hide and seek etc. We do read stories together aswell, but her interest is far gone very soon after we have started, so we quickly end up moving onto something else. As she is crawling and is all over the place, I was wondering if there are any special games some of you may play with your mobile bubs? Or perhaps objects you stack around for them to try and crawl over/ under etc?
My dd is loving the staircase at the moment (with me climbing behind her of course) but there is only so many times you can do that in a row!
Just looking for a bit of inspiration for these colder days..
Thanks in advance mums!


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Megan - posted on 12/03/2010




they have number and letter magnets on the dish washer and fridge when i wash dishes keeps her busy for a lil while there a dollar at walmart also the lil medicine cups she chases them around on the kitchen floor 30 min yesterday.

Christina - posted on 12/02/2010




Our little one loves the busy balls also! She loves to put them in the bowl and then dump the bowl out abd watch the balls roll across the hardwood floor! We recently got her a big girl car seat and she crawled into the huge box. We decided to leave it in the house for since she loves it so much! She will go in there and hide and you peek in and she cracks up! She stashes all her toys in there! Get her a walker that she can walk behind. We've been working on her getting her balance lately. If you have a daughter fisher price has a really cute stroller walker! We got her that one thinking that she can enjoy it even after she begins walking. What little girl doesn't like to push her babies around!? My daughter has also recently realized how much fun it is to wash your hands. We wash them for her and always let her play in the water for like 5 min while we are holding her! She loves to play with pots pans and spoons! Banging them! Being as loud as she can! We got her a set that has all kinds of things for her to play music with for Christmas. Including a drum! I let her play with it for a bit while I was wrapping presents the other day! It was a big hit and she is to little to remember it now. We got ours from target and they arent really noisy!
Oh another thing we have found is a huge hit these days are these little cars (we found some girly ones for her pink/purple) made by fisher price called little zoomers! She LOVES them. They have a little rattle roller ball inside of them and that's what makes them roll. They spin circles and she will push it and it normally doesn't roll all the way accross the hardwood and lose her attention. They will go a little ways and turn one way or the other. They make just enough noise to keep her busy for 15min (which for 9or 10 months that's great) at a time but not enough to drive us crazy!
We got hers at target but I couldn't find them on their wesite.
Hope this helps and Good luck!

Taylor - posted on 11/30/2010




my daughter is the same.. she gets bored with toys very easily.

besides the obvious peekaboo, storytime, etc... the only things i can suggest are

my daughter loves to climb in her carseat and the seat for her swing (its removable).. i leave those on the floor, each in a corner so they won't tip over, and she likes to climb in and sit down and play with the buckles. that keeps her busy for awhile.

i also recently bought her some of those fisher-price busy balls. they're small enough she can pick them up with one hand, but still a decent size.. she likes to push them around them chase after them... kind of like a cat lol they keep her pretty busy for awhile.

i really have found the best thing for her is to gate the living room so she can't get out and just let her explore. i'll move around some of the lighter furniture every so often (side table, rocking chair, pack n play) so that it kind of gives her a new perspective to explore.

i also only give her a few toys at a time, then i switch them out after every nap.

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