how much should my 9 month old be eating/drinking?

Hayley - posted on 11/14/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi everyone, I'm just trying to find out how much my 9 month old son should be eating (and what) and how many bottles he should be having cause lately I've been struggling to get him to drink 4 bottles - he will only drink about 120mls if I'm lucky! I'm just worried that this is not enough. Thanks for ur help in advance


Amy - posted on 11/16/2010




I was wondering the same thing. Mine has 4 5-7 oz bottles a day, just depending on how she feels. We have 1/4 cup cereal (whole wheat or mixed grain) for breakfast with a bottle, lunch is a vegetable (2nd foods) and some graduate puffs (mainly to teach her to self feed) and I think I'm going to start adding cereal because she seems hungrier. Dinner is a meat and a fruit and a bottle, and then a night time bottle. Lately she isn't quite as interested in formula. She is a little on the skinny side but she is SO ACTIVE!! Crawling constantly, pulling up and walking along all the furniture, she doesn't act hungry. There are the general guidelines, but the amount at feedings just depends on your child's appetite. Idk what 120 mls is in ounces, but they recommend 24-32 oz a day until age 1. I don't give mine snacks, she is just not interested in eating unless it is a meal time.

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If you have already introduced solids, they will automatically intake less bottles. I think we went from about 38 ounces a day to about 28 when she started eating regular foods. Do you offer your baby three meals (solids) a day? Does he get finger foods too? This can explain why he isn't drinking as much of the bottle if so. Also, teething can cause them not to eat as much too.

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My 9mnth old is a little piggy he has 4 180ml bottles a day and breakfast lunch and dinner he rarely refuses any food I give him! All babies are different though so I guess maybe your bub just might not have a full on apetite just yet!

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I dont really bother about how much my daughter is drinking throughout the day. She has three meals breakfast lunch and dinner (vegtables for breakfast fruit for lunch and just grind up stuff i have for dinner like mashed potatoes and then i grind up like meats), 2 snack times (vanilla waffers, sugar free cookies, etc), and about 3 eight ounce bottles through out the day (to wash down all she's eaten, 2ounces here and 2 ounces there and then 2 eight ounces alone when she wakes up and just before bed). She wakes up at 8am and goes to sleep at 10pm. Two naps most of the time 12 and 4. But, if this isnt helpful i'd call your pediatrition.


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Jessica - posted on 11/17/2010




I have asked our doctor about my kids eating to much and to little and they tell me as long as they are growing it is ok.

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My daughter at 9 months is getting 15oz of formula per day. Thats 3 bottles. She gets 3 stage 3 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. She gets 5oz of diluted mixed fruit juice and a mid afternoon snack. The snack is usually steamed peas, green beans, diced peaches or any fruit or veggie finger foods she can chew. She gets nibbles of things I eat, like cereal.

Next month we will probably bring it down to 2 bottles.

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