What were you thankfull you packed / wish you had packed for the hospital?

Stevie - posted on 03/28/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




I'm not due until May 1st but I thought since you all just had your babies you would be the best group to ask, congrats by the way! So I was just wondering what you found the most important things you packed were and what you wished you had once you got there :)


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Caitlin - posted on 04/04/2010




The best thing I brought was our breastfeeding pillow. Not for breastfeeding, but for me! The way it was curved made it perfect as a pillow for me and I could rest my head to the side as well when I was more comfortable in a partial sitting position. The other thing, slippers and a nice loose fitting pair of PJs in a dark color so if your pad leaks afterwards, you wont be embarassed walking around with bloody pants on. Both times I was out of the hospital 24 hours after the delivery (not because they wanted me out - I couldn't wait to get out - I hate hospitals) Good luck!

Carol - posted on 04/04/2010




I packed my iPod and speakers for labour ... And used it everyday in my room as well! It was great for labour and all the midwives kept saying how much they loved visiting my room because of the music! It made me feel right at home! Gatorade was great during labour and afterwards. Comfie clothes that are easy to breastfeed in and lots of comfy undies. I also packed paw paw cream for my lips, they got really dry and a nice moisturizer just to make me feel nice!! Lots of maternity pads too! Hope this helps.

Dannielle - posted on 04/01/2010




i didn't take nipples and ended up having my mum bring some in, i didnt think i'd be in there as long as i was and still craved chocolate,

Melissa - posted on 04/01/2010




Slippers or warm socks are really nice to have! Lotions, hair brush, clothes for your baby. Baby nail clippers, mittens, socks for your baby, a hoodie for you. If I were you I would get as many pads for the hospital as possible put them in your bag and then ask for more youll really wish you had more when you get home and run out of them!

Alana - posted on 03/30/2010




I agree with food... Honestly I overpacked and did not use ANYTHING that I brought. Make sure you bring the camera, though! :)

Jackrabbit8 - posted on 03/29/2010




I forgot to pack shampoo, conditioner and hairbrush. Wish I had, Someone had to run out and get me some! Most important things I packed were my camera, video camera and clothes to change into.

Denise - posted on 03/29/2010




i definitly agree with the food! it seemed like meals were wayyyy to far apart!

Tina - posted on 03/29/2010




the hospital managed to mess up my lunch and dinner meals and gave me things i do not like, thankfully i had packed food that i was ment to eat during labour to keep my energy levels up but my labour was so quick i didnt have chance to even think about eating it!
i had things like bananas, energy bars and in the morning my partner brought me some strawberries and bless got me a mcd's when the hospital messed up my dinner and all i had had was fruit all day!!

Amy - posted on 03/28/2010




Here's a list my sister and I have come up with:

We packed 2 suitcases - one for labor and one for the hospital stay. That way, you won't have to rummage through all your stuff during labor to find something, and you can bring in just the small bag in the beginning.

Labor bag:
Snacks: Ramen (for the daddy), nutri-grain bars, trail mix (for energy), nature valley bars, peppermints (it's nice to have some hard candy to suck on). Even if you can't eat anything, people with you will be hungry, and you could spend a small fortune on vending machines! Hospitals are easing up on their no-eating policies, but I'm not sure about the ones around here.

Magazines: we packed Real Simple & some parenting magazines, but anything that you're interested in will be good. Books generally tend to take more thinking than you want to do, lol, so magazines work well. It also wouldn't hurt to bring something for Dad.

Spray bottle: put water & ice in it, & when you get hot during labor, it's a nice spritzer to cool you off

Elastic Headband & ponytail holders to keep your hair out of your face

Sturdy folder or binder: the hospital gives you lots of paperwork that you'll need to keep up with, it's SO handy to have it all together!

Men's tube sock with 2 tennis balls: your husband can use this for counter pressure on your back when you're having labor pains. it works like a massager, but can be manipulated better.

Wordsearch/crossword/sudoku, etc.: something to keep you and your husband busy during early labor when you're waiting for the heavy labor to start, but want to take your mind off the twinges of pain.

Chapstick: if you're breathing a lot, your lips get super dry!

Journal & pens/pencils: You or your husband may want to write down some memories during labor

Socks (or house shoes or flip-flops): Walking during labor is one of the best ways to help labor progress faster, & to help the baby drop lower into your pelvis.

A swimsuit or sports bra: If you want to take a shower or sit in a bathtub - it REALLY REALLY helps with labor pains!

Music: you can create playlists or make cds with very relaxing music. At the birthing center, they had an ipod doc with speakers, & they had a cd player. Most labor rooms have something to play music on. Check with them to see what they have.

Birth plan: it's a good idea to have a birth plan typed up before you go to the hospital. You can give it to nurses, and your dr. should have it beforehand. It is a good way for you to feel like you've got some control over something! If things don't go exactly according to plan (I planned on an all-natural birthing center birth and ended up with a c-section at the hospital - you just never know!) then at least you'll have been prepared.

Hospital Bag:
Extra snacks: the hospital gives you food, & there are vending machines, but if you bring your own, you get your preferences, & it's much cheaper! Plus, bring some snacks for Dad!

Gatorade: after labor, you'll need some sugar & electrolytes. At the birthing center, they had Anna drink a lot - she had orange juice & tons of gatorade to rehydrate.

Breast pads: If your milk comes in while you're still in the hospital, you'll be thankful you had them!

Extra underwear

Breast pump: again, if your milk comes in, it will be nice to have! Don't forget the batteries and a wall charger. We packed storage bags, too, for her, because we're not sure if the hospital will have them or not. Many hospitals have pumps for you to use, so again, check ahead of time to see what they have.

Overnight Maxi pads:you'll be bleeding a lot after delivery (whether vaginal or c-section). The hospital provides you with pads that are probably a foot long (no joke!), & I used those. They were uncomfortable, but they got the job done! If you prefer, you can bring your own.

Small nightlight: if you room-in, you may need to use a light, but you won't want to turn on the big, bright ones above the bed

Going home dress: I like the idea of wearing a dress home because if you get a soft, cottony one, there's not pressure on your abdomen, which is pretty sore. Also, if you wear a dress, you feel more human & not so gross after being in the hospital! Plus, it will look good in pictures! :)

Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, pouf, body wash, lotion (we got almost all of this stuff from the dollar tree or the travel sizes - that way, you don't have to worry about packing & unpacking, or remembering to grab your toothbrush from home while you're in labor & in a hurry to leave!)

Lanolin spray for sore nipples: to my knowledge, The First Years is the only brand of lanolin spray. You will definitely want it!! There's lanolin cream, but when you've been nursing, and your nipples are sore already, the last thing you want to do is rub a cream in. With the spray, you just spray it on, & it soaks in. You don't have to rub, & you don't have to wash it off before the baby nurses again. I promise, promise, promise you'll want it!

Nightgown: Buy a new nightgown so that after you've had the baby, you can change into something new & feel pretty & refreshed. I would get something that buttons down the front (or ties) so that you can nurse. Also, you may want to bring some gauchos or other loose-fitting pants to wear under it if you get out of bed and walk (which they usually make you do). Seriously, hospital gowns are just not flattering, & you'll feel a lot better wearing something of your own, especially if it's new.

Robe: nice to have if you're going walking!

Makeup & hairbrush: to make you feel normal again

Nursing bra: you'll need it to go home in, for sure

Pre-natal vitamins: you keep taking them as long as you're nursing, so you'll need them in the hospital

Bible: needs no explanation! :)

Camera: don't forget extra batteries & the cord to hook it up to the computer! You may want to have someone designated (besides Dad) to take pictures because the two of you will probably want to focus on the baby.

Computer: most hospitals have wireless, & since you're on facebook, you'll probably want to do some updates to your status once you've had that baby! Don't forget the charger, too!

Cell phone: again, don't forget the charger. Also, it may be a good idea to make a phone tree, that way people who want details about the baby can get them, but you (or your husband) won't be making a million phone calls, & you can enjoy your time with your baby!

Pillow: You can bring your own, just be sure to bring your own pillow case so that it doesn't get taken back with the hospital linens!

Baby bag:
you won't need much - the hospital will provide you with most of it, including diapers, wipes, blankets, a hat, etc. However, if you have a preference as to what he wears, then you can bring your own onesies or t-shirts. The t-shirts are nice because the baby still have the umbilical cord, so tight onesies can irritate it. Or, you can get something that buttons all the way down, that way you can give the belly button oxygen (which helps the cord fall off faster).

Shampoo/lotion: if you want to use your own, they'll usually let you. My favorite is Burt's Bees Buttermilk baby products - all natural & they smell amazing.

Receiving blankets, pjs, socks & hat: only if you want to use your own - the hospital will give you some

Emery boards: there's some debate as to whether or not clipping baby's nails is painful for them (although many sleep right through it) so some hospitals won't let you. They will usually let you file them, though.

A going-home outfit/blanket: Mostly just for all the pictures! lol Noah was so small, nothing we had fit him, so he went home in the t-shirt from the hospital!

And here's the most important thing, that will save you a lot of trouble and save your baby from a lot of crying:
Olive Oil!: it sounds strange, I know, but the midwives tell you to bring it to the birthing center. For the first week or so, their diapers are filled with meconium, which is thick and tar-like. It sticks to their little rumps and is SOOOO hard to get off! Diaper changes take 5 times as long because you're trying to scrub it off! Plus, they're not used to having their diapers changed, so they scream, and it's just heartbreaking! However, if you rub a thin layer of olive oil all over their tushies right after you've cleaned it, the meconium slides right off. Honestly, people might think you're crazy, but it is a tried and true tactic!

Daddy bag:
3-4 changes of clothes: you're never sure how long you'll end up staying, or if a shirt will be *anointed* by your baby!

snacks: you can pack these in your bag, but it may not hurt to have some extra

change: for vending machines, if he wants, & for parking, if the hospital doesn't validate

toiletries: he'll need all his essentials. Again, though, I would recommend getting the travel sized ones so that the bag can be packed & ready to go ahead of time, & he won't have to be scrambling around trying to get stuff together when you're trying to leave to go to the hospital.

Also, make sure to leave some extra room in your bag so that you'll have a place to put all of the goodies people bring you!

Denise - posted on 03/28/2010




i honestly didnt use anything i brought. i was bleeding so heavily i wore the gowns. my own pillow would have been wonderful! mostly i like the little things. having my own shampoo and my contacts to put in. Congrats!

Christa - posted on 03/28/2010




Oh and I also brought my own pillows, it helped me get comfortable in those hospital beds.

Christa - posted on 03/28/2010




Make sure to bring whatever you want to use during labor, massage tools, movies, books, etc. Whatever you think you might need, bring several things because once you are in labor something you thought might help won't. Both times we brought massage tools and both times the second my husband would touch me with them I would yell at him, they did not help. :-)

After labor you'll want something comfortable to sleep in. With my first I just figured I'd wear the hospital gown, but the gown has slits up front so you can nurse and well I ended up talking to my dad with my boob hanging out and didn't even know it. (and nobody told me until later) So this time I got some nursing tanktops that I wore underneath the gown so that didn't happen again. I also still sleep in them it helps with the midnight feedings and you can wear nursing pads for leaking in the night. Also bring a robe and slippers and something loose fitting to wear home. Be sure to bring baby something to wear home too. :-) Good luck with everything!!

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