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Kytama - posted on 04/14/2010




I agree, I follow my baby's needs, no scedule. If he's hungry, I feed him (but of course I make sure I don't overfeed him). When he's tired, I put him to bed. I do try to do it in the same order; sleep, feed, change diaper, play, sleep. I feel like it works for him. And what works for him, works for me.

Rae - posted on 04/13/2010




I dont really have a plan how to parent, nor have i read baby books, i just do what i feel is right, I come from a big family so have seen different parenting skills and try to do the best bits from them :) but personally I do like general routines for the older kids as they know what is going to happen and whats expected of them e.g quiet time before bed. But with baby i follow her, when she wants a bottle she has one, when she wants to sleep she does.

Tina - posted on 04/12/2010




i had everything planned out on how i wanted to raise my lil one but it obviously doesnt all go to plan!! i did want to breastfeed but lil one had a tongue tie and couldnt latch on, even after having it sorted he struggled and i hated seeing him cry cause he could get on! so after 2 weeks of expressing into a bottle i went to formula atleast he got 2 weeks of mummy's milk.
I also said i dont want him to sleep in my bed but he has done it on several occassions and i LOVE it, i love to snuggle with him.
I was going to follow the baby whisperer routine but after 5 weeks of trying it just wasnt suiting me or him, so now im just going with the flow and enjoying him instead of timing when he should sleep, play, eat etc! and im much more relaxed now!!

Jayne - posted on 04/11/2010




- never get angry when i cant work out what's wrong, its not her fault.

- she knows what she needs... ill feed her when she wants and let her sleep when she wants

- following the WHO's recommendations, breastfeeding minimum 2 years and no solids until at least 6 months

- foster development by playing music, reading to and with her, and playing with her

i also think its noone's place to tell a mother how to raise her child, i wont tell any woman she is doing it wrong and i wont accept anyone telling me that either. i will listen to advice and make my own decisions.

:) thats me

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