Your February 10' kid still have a pacifier?

Karen - posted on 04/14/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




How many of you are still using one? If you do, do you do things like take it away in public places? Or do you tell people "We only let him/her have it at night"?

I can help!

First, I will start off by saying that we are binky people. I swear by the use of a pacifier, and I absolutely would use one for my next child. Especially now that I know how easy it can be to stop it.

I was an excuse maker. I went to great lengths to hide the binky, the closer my daughter got to her second birthday. Sometimes though, I would forget about it in haste, and wouldn't you know, that one time I forgot, someone would say something about it. I hid it because of opinions, but I think the worst pressure to quit it came from Grandma. She started hounding me about it when my daughter was still toothless.

One month before my daughters second birthday, I was having a chat with a close friend of mine who also had a binky loving child. I was telling her how difficult I thought it would be to just take it away. I asked for her advice, because I knew she had been there.

She looked at me and said "Just take it away. It's that simple. Don't wean, don't lie, just take it away. The first few days will be the hardest, but then she will forget about it."

I had my doubts on it really being that simple. The more I thought about it, the more I realized she was right. Why was I over thinking it? It's just an object. At this age, children still have the ability to forget things and that can be used to your advantage. Even still, I was sure there would be a problem when it came to bedtime.

That night I let my daughter have her beloved binky for the last time, and on January 2nd, one month before her second birthday, I collected every single one and threw them out, discreetly.

Day 1, she walked around like a lost puppy. I had a few urges to go trash digging because her little voice was so pitiful when she asked me "binky?". I stayed strong, telling myself it would pass. I changed the subject as quickly as she brought it up. I kept her busy too. Night time came, and though she fell asleep slightly later than usual, she still fell asleep without it, and that is what I needed to see. I knew I had this in the bag.

Day 2, she still asked for it, but not nearly as many times as she did on day 1. I continued to change the subject as soon as it was mentioned. Bedtime, once again, happened slightly later than usual, by about 30 minutes.

Day 3, she asked for it twice. I could tell by this time that we were pretty much in the clear. I found a stash of binkys in the closet, which were there because they were little ones she grew too big for. I had to sneak them into the trash without being seen. I could not risk a setback like that. We had come too far.

Day 4, I thought I heard her mumble the word binky once, but it was just a passing thought. She said it while playing, but did not seem to be asking any questions. Her mumbling the word actually reminded me that we were still in the process, because by day 4, I had even forgotten the thing myself.

Day 5, We were officially done. She did not mention it even once!

By the time we hit day 7, I was ready to tell the world it was official.

I think my kid would still be walking around with it right now if I hadn't gotten that boost in confidence from my friend. It's not in my nature to want to cause anyone any sort of pain or discomfort, so I had to hear from an experienced person that this can be simple, painless and over in a flash.

It was a bittersweet feeling. The binky was her special comfort thing. I think part of the reason I found it so hard to just take, was that it meant so much to her, or at least I thought it did. Taking it away meant she was no longer a baby, which was my own personal reason for putting it off for so long.

I will not go as far as to say I wish we had done it sooner because I don't. It made her so happy when she had it. I think we did it at the right time. Sometimes you just know...

My advice to anyone who is still in this boat, set a date that you plan to take it, and just go for it, then don't look back! When you think you might cave in, tell yourself that it will pass. I promise you that it will, and quick.


Sophie - posted on 07/02/2012




it was so difficult to get my ds to give his up but it got to the point a few months ago where he was just too old and people were being SO judgmental I had had enough! we used the good old pacifier fairy method where we told him that if he put all his pacifiers under his pillow when he woke up he would have a new toy. It was pretty abrupt and all, but we didn't make it a question and in the morning they were gone and he was so excited about his new trucks that he didn't even comment on the missing pacifiers. of course he remembered later on and was whiney for a little while but I think he was at the point where he didn't really need them that much and he more or less was ok because we just switched topics every time he started talking about it. best of luck to all you mamas out there!


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Karen - posted on 06/26/2012




"lol best of luck to all who try n get rid of it unless the kids ready its not always the easiest.."

don't you mean if the mommy isn't ready?? :P

Mariah - posted on 06/24/2012




It's each parents choice but please remember that almost any dentist will tell you it can damage the proper formation and alignment of their teeth and increase their risk of gingivitis and other oral infections. I came into a family as a Stepmom to a little girl who had a binky and we did away with it as soon as her teeth started to emerge. BM refused to take it away insisting it was "just too hard" she even created a slang term for it so that we wouldn't find out she was still giving it to her. Our dentist strongly admonished her for this saying it was unhealthy and developmentally inappropriate. Children need to learn to self sooth as early as possible, to not be dependent on external objects and influences to be ok and at ease.

Maria - posted on 06/09/2012




bethany,,, i agree with u... everyone is always judging me for letting my 2 yr old(3 in feb,2013) but like tom she usually wants it when its bed time or sick or upset as well... and also like u i try and tell her not to speak with it in her mouth and what not. my oldest used one till 4 when my second was born she sucked her thumb so my oldest said if she doesnt get a tete then i dont want mine lol n that was that with her(which was odd because she was attached to that thing like glue) then my second like i said sucked her thumb... STILL DOES and shes 6 yrs old now!!!
my third n fourth are with the pacifier lol i dont hate the tete i love it hahaha its my bff lmao lmao
my babies cry its a plug like an off button!!!!! i used mine till i was like 4 then id steal my brothers when they got rid of mine lol every kid is diff whatever i have come to accept it!!! lol lol best of luck to all who try n get rid of it unless the kids ready its not always the easiest..

Bethany - posted on 06/09/2012




i dont mind if tom has his dummy its only when hes sick, really upset, or ready for a sleep, im teaching him he cant talk with it in and i will hopefully get him to give it up when hes ready...
as for people telling me hes to old for it i had mine til i was 7 i never needed braces and dont have any oral fixations, my brother sucked his thumb until he was 21, had braces and at 34 had ALL of his teeth ripped out and dentures!

the only reason he had a dummy is so he would open his damn mouth so i could breast feed him as he wouldnt latch naturally!

Lisa - posted on 05/18/2012




I was dreading about taking the dummy off my two year old, but my partner said it was time, (i guess i was more concerned as we starting potty training the day after her 2nd partner and we took her dummy off at the same time) i told my partner it was to much to soon, but we decided to give it a go to see how she went, and im so glad we did because she took to both of them like fish takes to water, she asked for her dummy for the first 3-4 days but we got to her level and said no ellie you don't need your dummies your a big girl remember and with that she accepted and toddled of to play with her toys at night again she asked and again and we said she didnt need one you have ur blankey and violet (her sleeping pal) and she will accept it and go to sleep its now been 3months since we started both potty training and took her dummy off her and we've had no problem, she now only has a nappy on during her naps/bedtime, during the day she doesnt need one even when wer out she knows to ask for "wee wee" and dummy she doesnt bother with she even takes them off my 5month old niece and 4year old cousin telling them they don't need it :-) don't prolong taking dummies off them, do it well their younger cause my sister is having a really hard time weaning her 4 year old off them good luck to all x

Maria - posted on 05/03/2012




im going to give this a try because my sofia sucks on that thing for her life!!! lol :(

Terina - posted on 04/16/2012




i agree i was dreading the day that i was going to go for it i started weaning and i found it hard as she wanted it more almost as i was teasing her as i let hter have it at nps and not dytime, i dont think she knew really what i was doing despite explaing ( she was a day over 2 ). as previously i let her have it when she was genuinly upset,unsettled and sleeping which became to regular for my liking. i was still going through the is she old enough to get rid of it she ready am i ready ! how am i going to get her off it as she still wakes at night etc . then one day about3 weeks into the weaning i came into the front room after being busy n the kitchen and she was aslepp on sofa , she had fallen asleep without it and it was a massive breakthrough, so from that moment the dummy was gone . she did ask for it but id told her they were broken nd she knows broken things get thrown away , first couple of nights were hardest but im so glad i did it then and not later if anything i houldve done it sooner .and in all honesty it wasnt as hard as i thought, she still wakes in the night but she dosent ask for her dummy anymore :-)

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