Did i do the right thing by pumping milk and not directly brestfeeding?

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Hi All Moms,
I want to confess something today.
My son is now 6 months and 6 days old, doing pretty good in terms of weight and height, touch wood. But from the time he was 3 months old, i started pumping milk instead of feeding him. There were few reasons for it. Firstly because i never came to know how much is he drinking and whether he is satisfied or no. Secondly, my nipples were always flat because of lot of milk pressure. So from the day he was born, i anyways used small nipple on my brest to feed him till 3 months. ALso, it was much more convenient for him rather than struggling on my brest. Also, i was able to keep track of how much he drinks. I do pump milk, around 130 to 140 ml eery 3 hours for him. And have recently, from 3 days also started gibing him apple pulp made at home. I have not reduced my brest milk intake for him. But i am very guilty because i read mother writing that it is a good connecting time when brest fed directly. I feel missed it and just kept my son away from feeling connected to me. Will he ever forgive me? I didnt mean it. I also tried to put him on ym brest now but i was sure he wont take it now cause bottle is simpler for him. Im just guilty.


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Don't feel guilty hun. You did what worked best for you and him. You're still doing the right thing. The fact that you take the time to pump and feed him that way rather than to give up and do formula is great and the best thing you can do for him! You can still bond with him in many ways. BF isn't the only way to bond. BF can be hard at times too. I have my 6 month old and an almost 3 yr old. It can be hard when i am trying to nurse the baby then the older one wants something or gets into things. You are doing the best you can and thats what counts. You're doing great hun!

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Just because your baby isn't drinking from your breast doesn't mean he's missing bonding time...if u hold ur baby while u feed him with a bottle where u have eye contact it is the same thing. I pumped as well because I have flat nipples and was very hard to breastfeed! Don't feel bad as long as u love ur baby and r doing the best u can than u r doing what's right for u and ur baby and don't ever let people try to tell u otherwise! :) good luck!

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first of all don't feel guilty there are other's that just use formula and don't even try giving breast milk, you have shown that just because your not breastfeeding doesn't mean your LO can't get all the nourishment from your breast milk. yes breastfeeding is a special time to bond with your LO but if you can't that is not a bad thing there are many reasons why you couldn't but you still manage to continue to give him your milk, that show dedication because other's say i haven't got time, or they want to drink you show that you make time to do all this, keep up the good work because i know what's it's like i do breastfeed but my little girl can get a bit distracted some times so i've turned to pumping now and then to keep up my supply plus i pump to allow extra for her rice serial. my daughter is 7 month's now and she has solids plus she is teething and that can make it hard for feeding to but i still keep trying that's all i can do and so have you. :-) good job


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thnc brenna and cara, god bless u and thnx for helping. the relies realy meant a lot to me cause i didnt know who else to ask. my mother in law kept saying tht im making a mistake as i am not bonding with my son which made m feel all the more guilty. thnx moms. god bless u and ure families. :) amen.

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Thnx Lorraine, this was very encouraging. God bless ure little angel girl. :) u are doing a good job too. thnx again.

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