what all do i need to pack for the hospital for me and my baby?


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Priscilla - posted on 05/23/2013




I'm having my 2nd child in a few days and I'm taking a wipes warmer. I remember how cold the room was and how uncomfortable my baby was as the cold wipes touched him.

Cara - posted on 12/24/2010




My hospital was nice enough to let me eat...but I couldn't keep anything down. But I would still highly recommend your own snack because their food usually sucks. lol

Karla - posted on 12/24/2010




In addition to all the wonderful suggestions that you have so far I would also recommend bringing your own lite snacks. Most hospitals, as a policy, dont allow you to eat to food during labor but in order to make it through a long hard process like labor and delivery you really need plenty of fluids and nutrition!! I brought my own yogurt with fresh fruit and pb and j sandwiches to keep my energy up during labor. I would just sneak a few bits here and there, what they don't know wont hurt them and it will certainly help you! lol
Good luck at the hospital and congratulations!!

Brenna - posted on 12/23/2010




I would also bring a few pairs of pj's/comfy clothes because if you end up having a c-section you will be in the hospital for 4-5 days and it gets old wearing the hospital gowns you just really end up wanting to wear your own clothes. Also I bought maternity underwear to wear after the baby was born so that if they got messed up I wouldnt care because they were bought specifically for that reason.

Cara - posted on 12/19/2010




I must agree with those mentioning the Boppy pillow!!! Especially if you are a first time mom and will be breastfeeding. That pillow is the greatest thing ever!!! lol

Sammie - posted on 12/18/2010




The hospital I will be using, provide only singlets and blankets for baby. So I will be taking wipes, nappies and a going home outfit. I will be in for 5 days so I take toiletries, clothes, underwear, maternity pads, breast pads, a few books and my camera.

Good luck! :)

Laura - posted on 12/17/2010




What they said, Chapstick is a MUST!! So is my Bobby. I would also bring a nursing bra and nursing pads if you are nursing. I always brought my own pads cuz my hospital ones don't have wings and I don't live without my wings :) A robe and my own pj/sweats. I actually found some from a second hand store so I didn't care if they got ruined. Laptop if you have one would be helpful so you can get on here and brag *jks* And this time I'm going to bring an extra blanket because those hospital rooms are COLD!!

Congrats and good luck!!

Jodi - posted on 12/17/2010




For yourself: basic toiletries (brush for teeth and hair, tooth paste, make up if you prefer, deodorant etc etc.) I wore the hospital gown, panties and pads my entire stay as I bled horribly. I actually brought hospital pads home for the first two days after as well. Camera, extra batteries/memory card, a book, ipod, crossword, magazine or something to pass the time. If you plan on nursing, I suggest bringing a boppy pillow. Baby book for hand/foot prints. chapstick for dry lips, socks for cold feet (they keep labor rooms cooler than most other rooms) a robe if you want and a very comfy, stretchy outfit for going home. I made the mistake of bringing pre-maternity clothes...yeah, they didn't fit...lol

For Baby: My hospital supplies everything you need for the stay. We brought an outfit for going home, a blanket and hat, and of course the carseat was already installed. The hospital let us take home the pacifier, extra diapers, thermometer, booger sucker, wipes and a baby hat. There was other stuff too, but I dont' remember what.

Good luck!

Cara - posted on 12/15/2010




My hospital had "panties" that they give you too but I hated them cuz they weren't comfy. I just brought panties i had that were already ruined from times like when I'd start my period n stuff like that. Ohhhh. And you may want to bring your own pads. The ones at my hospital weren't bad other than being like a diaper. I wore theirs for the first day or 2 because I had excess bleeding. But once mine bleeding slowed at I was leaving I started wearing my own that were more comfortable and a little less noticeable. lol

oooh. and maybe some chapstick. My lips got really dry while in labor so the chapstick came in handy!

Jessica - posted on 12/15/2010




Ive got to agree with Cara. My bag will have a rob, something comfy to wear home, you might want comfy panties bc they give you these ones that are like really tightly nit fish net stockings which not everyone likes. I'm not packing panties tho bc after your baby is born its like a really bad period and I prefer not to get my panties all dirty. Theirs you just throw away. slippers or slipper socks and just regular socks are nice. Some thing to read whether its a book or magazine is nice. Also DVDs to watch bc the hospital doesn't always have the best selection. some ppl like to have flip flops for when they get to shower. A camera and your cell phone for sure. Also you want to.have a birth plan for when you go so they know what is going on. I also heard the nurses appreciate a box of.chocolates if you can afford it or if you want to!

ForBaby I would just pack in your bag a going home outfit and a blanket. The hospital has swaddle blankets. Also you will want to install the car seat close to your due date

Cara - posted on 12/15/2010




For you:

Comfy clothes to wear home from the hospital, A couple pairs of clean undies, Shampoo and wash, a robe, socks and/or slippers, a bra good for nursing(if you are going to nurse), a magazine/book/laptop or something to keep you entertained while waiting to go home. a camera for taking pics of baby, money for food or drinks if wanted, numbers of all the friends and/or family members you'll want to contact when he arrives.

Some people also find it comforting to bring a pillow or blanket or something familiar from home.

For baby:

an outfit to go home in, blanket, carseat, binky & bottle(optional), hat to keep his little head warm, baby book if you want keepsake hand/foot prints

If I think of anything else i'll add it later :)

Edit: Also remember to let dr's and nurses at the hospital know if you have allergies to items such as latex or certain meds.

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