has anyone ever breastfed just once a day

Kristin - posted on 12/22/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




ive been thinking about just dropping down to just one maybe 2 feedings a day and supplementing the rest has anyone done this and any advice on experiences


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Natasha - posted on 12/30/2009




From what I know thats the usual weaning proceedure, "Don't offer, don't refuse". How old is your child? I don't think it will do any harm, and if thats what you need to do to make it fit with your life then go ahead! Its great that you are still wanting to give him a bit, and formula is not the devil's food its made out to be. Just watch as you are dropping feeds that you drop them slowly so that you don't become engorged or get mastitis. As long as its not hurting you and bub is being fed well there will be no harm =)

Cori - posted on 12/24/2009




my son only nurses once a day, he is 13 months... sometimes he doesnt even go once a day.. the nice thing is i dont get engorged from him not nursing or anything. slowly working our way off the breast but its taking time! he gets plenty of fluids from milk and juice/water through out the day so i dont worry about that end of it. i think he still nurses just for comfort. i dont refuse to give him the breast when he asks but i dont offer it to him any more, thats how we got down to fewer and fewer feedings through out the day.

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