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Jessica - posted on 01/25/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I've been exclusively breastfeeding my 7 month old, well aside from solids. I intend to breastfeed for a few more months, at least partially. But lately I've been wondering how much milk he actually gets from me. It just doesn't seem like he's getting a lot sometimes. But of course I'm not sure. I've never had these doubts before. He doesn't nurse for very long at all, a lot of the time less than 5 minutes. And when I pump I don't usually get more than two ounces between both breasts. I know that I may not get as much from pumping as he does when he nurses, but even still that doesn't seem like a lot. When I feed him a bottle he'll suck down 6-7 ounces in no time, and I doubt he gets that much from me. And finally, he still wants to nurse at night. Only once usually, and it may be just a habit and not from hunger, but he gets awfully upset when I try not nursing him. I'm just thinking that if he's actually hungry at night, maybe he wouldn't be if he got more during the day? He eats solids ok. My question is, basically, how do you know when you should supplement with formula?


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I think this is a question every bf mum asks themselves at some stage. Trust your body Jessica! As babies get older they get better at feeding AND your body get much better at delivering the milk. The milk is stored deep in your glands now and your boobs won't feel "full" like they used to but this just shows how good your breasts are getting at bf!! You probably can't express much because your let down is so familiar to your baby now. How much you can express is not a clear indication of how much milk your baby is getting.

My baby was waking for a feed all the way up to 18 months and i stopped bf at 10 months but it didn't change a thing.

If your baby is having solids now his bf needs will reduce slightly (or even out for a while)too.

Back to the old saying we've all heard before "if he has lots of wet nappies and is generally content, he's getting enough milk"

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