Femcee/deejay moms

Whether you are a mother just moonlighting as a deejay/femcee parttime or fulltime this is your career aspiration we just need morale support other moms to empathize our nocturnal job as insane. As we aren't sleep deprived from tagteam breastfeeding, children or spouse that may get ill overnight for a week. But we need to upset our circadian rhythm for our predominant night job at nightclubs or raves or evening gigs or volunteering at University or college community radio station and this very insular lifestyle is soulrending in sleep deprivation. Because we are not nurses, firefighters, police and EMT or doctors we don't get to just empathize how brutal bodypunishing it is perse when we have to still be up during most of day as fulltime caregivers of our busy bustling household. Nothing is off topic, our pages could teem with rants of our adoration appreciation or pet names to our fave sofa to nap in or collapse in for REM or virtue of a Sleep Number bed, sigh, best earplugs, fave sleepmasks or indispensable chamomile tea and milk at bedtime or Redbull IV when conscious in daytime doing our household errands for our children and families or spouses. Because of the not immediate or what is self gratifying for single male and female deejays is not apparent or an incentive for us moms not superstar headline marquee deejays/femcees. Perhaps you are akin to myself just padding our resume or mastering our elocution and enunciating even job satisfaction of improving slicemixing or being a modest or spectacular karaoke deejay, sigh Please join even if your inherent guilt as a mom has you obsessing unnecessarily that you made some deleterious self sacrifices to your homelife or personal life as a mom perse no matter how modicum miniscule nor diminished in everybody else's eyes. We are moms first and just need this group as a sounding board or need to vent for an ear or shoulder or other femcee/deejay moms to lean on for comraderie perse. Welcome.