Fertility Community November 2009 Due Date Buddies

A group of mothers from Fertility Community's Novermber 2009 due date buddies.


crib bumpers

Well I know we're not supposed to use them, but earlier on we were and everything was just fine. Then I found Charlotte 180 degrees from how I put her in the crib about 5 days...



Anyone hear anything about exersausers being bad for baby development? The girls early step physical therapist recommended we not use them along with the jenny jump up. Guess...



Hey everybody, how about if we start by giving an update of where our little miracles are at? Abby is 12 1/2 weeks old, she'll be 3 months on Monday. We've been battling the...



I hope everyone is fine with this set-up. I made it so that any member can invite a new member. I don't know if this set-up works, but I thought it would be worth a try:) I...