Finally Answers About Pregnancy!

I am 20 years old and expecting my first baby boy. Im not going to lie, im a googler! Im always on the internet trying to find answers about my pregnancy symptoms. Most of the time i never find the answers I need. This is the perfect place to ask questions and get straight answers about whats going on with your body. So many changes are taking place and may or may not be causing concern. Some mothers are just curious about thier symtoms and want to compare to other mothers. I feel that this is perfectly normal! I just want a place where expecting mothers can find some peace and comforst from other moms.


help plz

I had my period on 31 dec.2014 usualy my next period is on 28 jan 2015. I had unprotective sex on 24 ..before 7 days of my last it possible that im pregnant?



Hello I'm a mother of 2 girls one passed away @birth and 2 boys... My fiancé and I wanted to try a 3some needless to say 12 days later I took a test and it was positive