Firefighter/Paramedic Wives

A group to share how tough it is when your husband works 24-48 hours while you are home with the kids, and household duties


His dream is now a reality

My Fience is not a firefighter/paramedic yet, he is a vol. firefighter right now and is working on his fire fighter 1 training and getting ready to go to school for his EMT, im...


alone on the 4th...AGAIN!

Hi...anyone else along again on the 4th of July? I am looking for something to do with my 2 kids and 2 Nephews tomorrow in the San Francisco East Bay Area. Anyone out there...


holiday season......ugh!

Hi everyone, it's that time again, where everyone gets together for the holidays, christmas parties, and playing santa. Forgive me for not being so excited as I usually have to...