First time mommies with preemies

For mothers who are first time mommies with preemies



I have a almost 4month baby..since he came home i dont breasfeed...i had surgery so i had to stop and never went back to it...but i notice i still have. A bit of milk..can i go...


Age and weight

How old are your preemies and how much did they weigh at birth and how much do they weigh now? My son Jaidyn weighed 3lbs 5oz at birth. He is now six months and he's 16lbs 7oz


Ostomy and NEC Advice

Hello My son had to get an ostomy 4 days after being born at 30 weeks. He has been doing great and pretty much has been on feeds for about 6 weeks. They have been feeding the...



how often did or do you ladies bath your newborn preemies? lucas was a month early and as soon as we got home and he was keeping his body temp regulated for a few days with just...